This spawned from a random idea that popped up in my head. It's a Death Note/Ouran crossover. Let's pretend Light's still in High School, and oh yeah, this is NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. KKZ? KK.

Thanks go to my proofreader, Tsunade. )


Light frowned as he navigated his way through his new school, Ouran Academy. Searching for a room to study in, he pushed open the door of a music room, where he was attacked by a swarm of rose petals.


Light stepped into the room, and was greeted by a group of handsome students. He gaped at them. What the hell?

"Welcome to the Host Club, Yagami Light," a tall, black haired, bespectacled guy said, with no hint of emotion whatsoever.

"Whaaat? A guy? Are we so good looking that we are actually getting male designators now?" One of the twins exclaimed.

"Well, his last name backwards is 'I'm A Gay'…" The other replied, snickering.

"I'm in the wrong room. Excuse me," Light regained his composure and turned back towards the door.

"Wait!" A twin yelled.

"Play a game with us!"

The two closed the door and blocked the exit, smiling evilly at the newcomer.

"We're the Hitachiin twins, and we'll let you out if you can guess…"

"…which one is Hikaru!"

Light smirked. "Hikaru, huh?"

The twins nodded, and Light reached into his bag for a scrap of paper.

"Whatcha doing?" The two chorused.

"Writing things down helps me think," he replied simply, as he scribbled something down.

One twin suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed.

"That one's Hikaru."


A/N: Yeah, all you Hikaru fans probably want to kill me now huh?