Harry Potter and the Power of the Past

Disclaimer: All JKR's, not mine.

Summary: This is a complete AU- Harry Potter is a 21-year-old wizard, who's on top of the world. He's rich, in love, and loved by all, but his life is turned upside down as a spiral of events leads to the ultimate battle between good and evil. Can Harry lead the fight for the light, but yet manage to keep his life together?

A/N: This is simply a few extra scenes that would take place in the prologue of the sequel, if I were to ever write it. I wanted to get out the rest of the Christmas chapter, where Janus and Lucida answer everyone's questions (perhaps not honestly, though), but I simply ran out of time. As such, this will have to suffice!

S/N 2: In the sequel, wands were to have taken a surpreme importance, which is why I was going to show you all of the Potter boys getting their wands, and how each wand kind of showed what all three Potters were about.

Chapter 45: Prologue

August 31, 2014

It had been nearly a half an hour since the Potter family entered Ollivander's wand shop in order to get Janus his first wand. It was the day before the boy was to leave for Hogwarts, and as a treat to him, both Harry and Tonks had asked Sirius and Emmeline to take Arcturus and Emery to play with their cousins, while they took Janus to gather his school things. It was a pleasant day, where they bought everything he needed for the school year, had lunch, gorged themselves on sweets, and purchased a majestic greater sooty owl, before they made their last stop at Ollivander's to get his wand.

Ollivander stood in front of one of his shelves lined with wands, trying to find the perfect match for Janus. As his eyes moved over the assortment, he bent down and grabbed a box on the very bottom, a ponderous expression on his face. "Try this; it's a 13 ½', ply, yew wand with a dragon heart string core." The old wandmaker said as he walked back over to the family, handing over the long wand to the eleven year old wizard. Immediately, there was a bright light and a rush of air that came about the tiny store, before subsiding a moment later, leaving everything as it was.

"We have a winner!" Harry exclaimed with a broad, happy smile, knowing the signs of a wand choosing a wizard. It was a mystical connection, a wizard and his wand, which was forged the moment the respective wizard touched his hand upon the wood—it wsa a rush of wisdom and power, and filled a portion of your soul that you didn't know was absent before then.

"This is my wand?" Janus questioned, looking over to Harry, asking him with his eyes whether the wand was his or not. He wasn't confused, no, instead he was unexcited by what had happened, having expected the small shop to blow up a bit more from the stories that his parents had told him.

"Of course," Harry nodded with a large grin, walking closer to the counter to pay for the wand. He pulled out his money bag and took a few galleons from the bottom, placing them down on the counter as Ollivander walked around back around behind the counter.

"Now that is fascinating," Ollivander whispered, watching as Janus brought the wand over for Tonks to see. Tonks proudly rubbed his messy black-haired head, giving Janus a giant grin as he animatedly explained his wand to her. "The world of magic and wandlore never cease to amaze me."

"What is?" Harry questioned, having heard the older wizard. He raised an eyebrow, wondering what was so special about Janus' wand, which looked relatively normal to him.

"That yew in his wand is from the same exact tree from which I procured Tom Riddle's wand. Mind you, it's not the only other wand made from that yew tree, but it is very exciting to see that one of them goes to the son of the very person that defeated the owner of its cousin." Ollivander recited, moving his moon-like gaze from Janus to Harry. "The dimensions between the pair are very similar, as well. I think it is clear that your son is destined to do great things, Harry Potter, great things indeed."

August 15, 2015

"Let's see, your father and older brother were especially difficult to find a wand for, while your mother was quick to sort out. Who will you take after, I wonder? Let's start with this one, a blackthorn wand," The old Garrick Ollivander said as he handed the wand over to Arcturus, but immediately took it out of the boy's hands before the younger wizard even had a chance to wave it, his reflexes just as quick as they used to be, even in his old age. "No, no, obviously not, that won't do. Let's see, hm, how about an alder?" He said, walking over to the other side of the shelf to get an alder wand, which was good for nonverbal spellwork and often times found itself happy in the hands of a person with an opposite nature to itself.

Arcturus looked over to his mother, who gave him a comforting smile, not wanting to think he was a failure for not having a wand yet. "That's normal, hunny, don't worry." She said, trying to ease his nervousness, giving him a smile as he nodded back to her.

Soon enough, Ollivander came back with the wand in his hand and passed it over to Arcturus, who took a swipe with it: nothing happened. "Ah, hornbeam maybe?" He said once more, walking over to the shelves and grabbing a small wand, which was good for wizards that had a passion for one particular form of magic. "Here you are."

Acrturus gave it a swing, and a soft breeze entered the room, before subsiding, leaving no damage. "Close," Ollivander nodded, seeing the reaction between the wand and the wizard. "That wand is very similar to mine, but it's not quite suited for you. Ah, I got it, 12', acacia, phoenix feather; it's a very subtle wand, one that is quite suited for a wizard like yourself. I only ever keep a few wands made of acacia in the store because they're so hard to match up with a wizard. It's quite a tricky substance that acacia, preferring to only work well for wizards of the most gifted kind." He walked into the back room, leaving Arcturus alone with his mother and father.

"How many wands did you go through, mum?" Arcturus questioned, wondering if it really was normal for a person to not be able to find a wand for themselves. He had been in the shop for quite sometime, trying different woods, cores, and lengths, but was still unable to find the one that would be his.

Before Tonks could answer, Ollivander returned with a tan wand in his hand and a jolly smile on his face. "Here you are, acacia, phoenix feather, 12', just as I said." Ollivander said confidently, handing it over to Arcturus to try. "I'm sure this will be it."

Sure enough, sparks flew out of the wandtip the instant Arcturus took its grasp and when he gave it a swipe, the sparks grew into bright blue lights. "That wand isn't meant for bangs and smash spells," Ollivander warned as he looked down at Arcturus, knowing that certain wizards could not bring out the best in the wand due to their flashy nature and style. "It's meant for subtlety, for only the most trained and powerful of wizards to use."

August 20, 2019

Emery Potter had received his Hogwarts letter two weeks prior, telling him all that he needed for his first year at the school. As was family tradition, both Harry and Tonks spent the entire day with Emery in Diagon Alley, showing him the wider wizarding world for the first time, something that he had not experienced before them. As they walked down the alley, Emery's eyes drifted over to the quidditch store, where he saw a brilliant broom hanging in the window.

"Can we get one, dad? Can we?" Emery questioned excitedly, rushing to the window to stare at it. It was the newest Firebolt, the fastest broom on the market, overtaking the older Nimbus 2010, which had ruled the air for nearly a decade.

"First years aren't allowed a broom, Emery," Harry replied, looking down at his son, wanting to impart that knowledge to him. "I promised you a birthday gift, so yes, we can get it. But, remember, you will not be able to take it to school this year, and will have to wait until next year to ride it."

"By doing that, you run the risk of having a newer model released next year be faster than the one you get today," Tonks added, bending down to be eye to eye with her son, knowing that he had a choice to make. "So you have to decide, because we will get you a new broom, whether it's right now or next year at this time: can you wait until you can actually use it at Hogwarts or do you want it so badly that you'll risk a newer, better broom coming out by the time you're a second year? We're only getting you one, you know."

Emery looked at both of his parents, and then back to the broom, before returning his gaze to his parents. "I guess I can wait," He said sadly, knowing that if a newer broom were to come out, he'd be able to get that one and if not, he'd still have the fastest broom on the market going into his second year. With that, he walked away from the window, continuing on down the alley. Harry and Tonks looked at each other with a smile, appreaciating Emery's decision as they followed their youngest son.

An hour later, the last stop of the day found the family in Ollivander's Wand Shop, searching for the tool that Emery would channel his magic with for the rest of his life. "Here, 11', unyielding, chestnut with a unicorn tail hair." Ollivander said, thrusting a wand into Emery's small hands. It was only his second wand, his first having been a yew that nearly destroyed the shop before it even entered Emery's hands—a clear sign that Emery was the direct opposite of a yew wand owner, which usually found its owner in a witch or wizard that was skilled in marshall magic. "Go on, give it a try."

As soon as Emery's fingers touched the brown wooded wand, golden sparks flew into the air, and both Harry and Tonks gave out an excited gasp. "That's it!" Harry exclaimed happily, surprised that Emery was so easy to sort out—it had taken Janus ten wands, while Arcturus had seen seven.

"This is my wand?" Emery grinned, happy that his parents were proud of him and that he would have a wand to use in Hogwarts.

"A curious fact about chestnut is that it is attracted to wizards who are naturally gifted fliers," Ollivander said, giving Emery a smile, who took great pride in his flying ability, even in his young age. He had long since decided that he would be a quidditch player when he grew up, a decision that he came to when he was six years old. "I believe that bodes well to your future quidditch career."

December 25, 2026

Megara Potter, the youngest child of Harry and Tonks sat peacefully on the couch as Harry brought her the final present of the day, the first Christmas she experienced with her oldest brother and his fiancee around. In Harry's hands, there was a gray and black kitten, barely the size of a squirrel. "Kneezle!" Megara yelled out excitedly, hugging the kitten closely to her as Harry handed it to her with a bow around its neck.

"Merry Christmas, sweetie," Tonks kissed her daughter's head, as everyone smiled at her excitement.

"So she never grew into metamorphmagus powers like you thought she would, huh, mum?" Janus questioned, looking over at his sister, who was playing with the small, grey and black kneezle, which seemed to be part snow leopard.

"Nope," Tonks shook her head, running a hand over Megara's back. Then, speaking lowly to Janus, she whispered, "She loves animals, though, so maybe she'll me another type of magus that runs in the family."

Janus looked over to his younger sister, who was throwing a ball of yarn at the kitten and watching as he ran after it. "Hello Megara," He hissed to his sister, wondering if she had inherited the parselmouth ability of their father just as he did.

"It won't work," Harry hissed back with a grin, staring over at his oldest boy. "You're the only one."

"Can we not speak parseltongue on Christmas? Okay, thanks." Phoebe Nott exclaimed, earning a round of laughter from everyone. "It freaks me out." Seeing Janus' large smile, she rolled her eyes, realizing that he was probably doing it on purpose "He knows that too—he used to say hello to me everyday when we were in Hogwarts through parseltongue."

"Dad's already tried that," Arcturus mentioned, having seen his father whispering to his sister in the language of the snakes in an effort to see if she could understand him. "He played a game with her a few years back, but she didn't respond."

"I had hoped she would be a metamorphmagus, but alas, maybe it'll show up in a grandchild or something." Tonks sighed in a sad tone, disappointed that she couldn't share her abilities with any one of her children, while Harry got to share his with Janus. "Either way, I'm hoping she's a Hufflepuff now so I can have a complete set." Tonks grinned happily; excited to see if the unlikely event of having each one of her children be in a different house actually came to pass.

"That's funny," Hermione smiled, realizing that if Megara was a Hufflepuff, the Potter children would have all been in a different house.

"Yes, the cunning and ambitious Slytherin," Tonks said, looking towards Janus, who was still watching his sister. Then, her eyes flicked over to Arcturus, who was talking with Phoebe Nott. "The beautiful and intelligent Ravenclaw," She said, and then moved her eyes over to Emery, who was grabbing a drink from the table and laughing with Viktor. "The brave and chivalrous Gryffindor," She smiled at Megara, who looked up at her mother with wide eyes, still so happy that she received a pet. "And the hardworking and loyal Hufflepuff." She cooed to her youngest daughter, hoping that her daughter would be in her house, the house represented by the badger.

"Did you hear about that new magi-zoo that the Finch guy is opening on the Isle of Mann?" Emese Nigel, mother of Lucida questioned Tonks, wondering if she had heard about it. "Are you going to take Megara there?"

"We are, actually," Tonks answered with a smile, looking over to her son's future mother in law. "That was part of her Christmas gift today: tickets to the zoo on the first day. She's in love with animals; I wouldn't be surprised if she became a magizoologist."

"I always thought the sorting hat was an old-fashioned way of sorting the students." Harmony Davies said conversationally on the opposite side of the room, having always felt that there should be another way to separate the students. "I mean, all it does is create enemies between the houses, doesn't it?"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, raising a questioning eyebrow as he looked over to the daughter of his deceased best friend, Roger Davies.

"Well," Harmony said, expressing her opinion eloquently, just like her father. "Kids focus on the negative aspects of the houses, not the positive ones."

"What people don't understand is that the sorting hat sorts the most prominent of a person's features at that time of their life, not the only ones." Remus interjected, having had the debate once before with Minerva McGonagall one night in the headmistress's office back when she was still the headmistress. "Take Kylie for example, he was a Slytherin, but he and Severus were the bravest men I know by doing what they did. They should have been in Gryffindor."

"As if," Theodore smiled from his seat opposite of Remus, giving the werewolf a large grin. "I'll take my dungeons over the Gryffindor tower any day of the week."

"It is changing, though," Hermione said, noticing that ever since Voldemort had been defeated, Slytherin wasn't the pureblood bastion it once was. "Compared to how it was when we went to Hogwarts, or when Remus and Sirius went to Hogwarts, its much, much different. Much, much better, I think."

A/N: There it is! Merry Christmas, everyone. I threw in that final scene since Megara hadn't had any scenes and since she isn't old enough for a wand, it had to be a Christmas scene; I figured it would be nice. She would be in Hufflepuff, and she would probably be an animagus, but you wouldn't see that in the sequel since the sequel would only span about three or four months.