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Chapter 1: Odium

She walked the familiar route almost mechanically, her leather floor-length jacket pulled closely to her lithe body. She resented her monthly duty, but then again, most did—why else would they have each of them take the job once a month instead of assigning it to one permanently? The walls were splattered with what looked like hardened dirt. Selene smirked—only humans would think it dirt. It looked brown, and it was hard, like the mud, trailed in during a storm but never cleaned, drying on the walls. Yet, despite all this, she knew very well what it was. It was not dirt in the least—in fact, it wasn't even supposed to be there. It was the very essence of life, the red stream that all living beings depended on to live, that people so cherished.


The human police would surely investigate thoroughly if they found it. Yet, Selene wasn't worried in the least. For she knew, no human would ever suspect for blood to stain the walls of the subway of Budapest—that is, unless they saw some sort of fighting there. No worries there, thought Selene with a snort. Pitiful vampires wouldn't be in the subway tunnels in the day time, and as for the night, even if a train did happen to interrupt, humans were too few in number, and too tired to notice a thing. Worthless…

Fifty yards later, the stains covered much less of the walls. When she kicked some of the gravel that covered the ground, however, she was not surprised to see more stains. Selene continued to walk, willing night to come, and to have something to do on her patrol.

Selene's sensitive ears caught a slight noise, and she flew to the wall on instinct, pressing herself against it, her head turned to the side. Not ten seconds later the headlights of a train reflected on the wall, before the silver train turned the curve and rushed towards her at a tremendous speed. At least, a would-be tremendous speed. She had long since become accustomed to the speed of the trains rushing passed her during the years she had been what she was, she was thinking as the never-ending train continued to pass half an inch from her body.

Impatience welled up within her, and it took all her self-control not to just pass over, under, or even through the endless train. She was sure that she could easily dart under a wheel, and once under the train she could run in the opposite direction as the train, coming out before long. Going over the train, she contemplated, would do nothing. She would be squished between the train and the ceiling, and she would accomplish nothing but going along with the train. It was the same with going through it, she observed. Only I'd have the bonus of frightening the humans, alert them of something, have the police roaming all over in here, and be stuck in the hideout for a while before they leave. Besides, would Lucian even let me live if I did that?

She ended her imaginary escapes, and returned her attention to the train. It was still continuing, and from what she could see from her position, it was not going to end any time soon. She desperately wanted to stomp her foot, and she considered the consequences of going under the train. However, from her experience, Lucian's wrath was not worth facing because of her impatience. The train still continued. What, have they started the Many-Train-Cars Revolution? Thought the irritated immortal. In addition to her hard-controlled impatience, she was picking up a scent—a scent that she loathed, despised, and yet could not kill. At least it'll give me something to do, she assured herself, glaring at the still unending train out of the corner of her eye. Once this 100-car train decides to finally end!!

Right on cue, as though the train had heard her irritated thoughts, felt her menace, or seen her sharp glare, the train's last car rushed passed her. Selene jumped down from the ledge on which she had been standing, not hesitating for even a millisecond, as soon as the record length train had passed.

Selene sensed her enemy before she saw her. Or her, she corrected herself as she whirled around, sending a kick the bloodsucker's way. The quick female dodged her kick with ease, despite her thick denim attire. Selene felt like wrinkling her nose. Yellow denim? Where the hell does she get her clothes?!

"That the best you can do?" smirked the vampire. Her words had no effect on her opponent. Selene knew that she was slightly stiff, and would need to warm up before she could take the vampire on properly. She formulated a plan, though vague, as she pulled out her gun from her black leather coat.

If I can just keep her from getting near me at first… Selene fired, expecting the female to dodge it as simply as she had the kick. Then again, that works too, Selene thought sarcastically as the vampire crumpled on the ground, leaving new stains on the walls in addition to the already large puddle in which the female was lying. Right in the heart too—she didn't even move an inch, observed Selene. A newborn, by the looks of her. Poor thing, on her first hunt too, was her sarcastic thought as she tried not to think what Lucian would say when he heard that she had killed yet another one. 'It was an accident' surely wasn't going to work four times.

She abruptly cut her thoughts short and spun around from where she had been looking at the body when she sensed another. No, that was plural. Selene cursed multiple times in her head as she found herself surrounded entirely by ten—no, eleven bloodsuckers. On the one side where there were no vampires, her way was blocked by a wall. First the train, now the wall—I wonder, would Lucian agree to exterminate all the humans instead of these guys? At least they don't build obstacles! Selene rolled her eyes mentally as she added to that thought. They are the obstacles.

The bloodsuckers surrounding her all wore the same things—tight T-shirts and tight pants. Selene could recognize that uniform in her sleep. Kraven's group. She let loose another string of curses in her head.

"So… killed another vamp, Selene?" came a sly voice from behind the rest of the group. Selene's eyes narrowed at the direction from which the voice had come.

"Kraven," she growled. Her biting tone and eyes in which a fire of loathing burnt made her feelings for this particular vampire quite clear. Kraven visibly cringed for a second before regaining his composure, then proceeded with his well-planned speech.

"I wonder what Lucian will say when he hears…" continued the target of Selene's loathing. The beauty's eyes narrowed, the fire of menace growing dramatically. Knowing that he had struck a nerve, Kraven smirked, encouraged. Selene resisted the urge to simply lift her gun and kill him. Although she wouldn't care what Lucian did as long as she succeeded in killing the one thing on Earth the she hated more than Amelia, she knew that with as many bloodsuckers around as there were, she would not be able to kill their leader and get away alive. Selene wasn't one to be proud of a short-lived victory. Who knew if she would even live long enough to kill the vamp once she had raised the gun to point at him? Her hand holding the gun shifted ever so slightly, giving her a firmer grip as her pointer finger returned to the trigger. Her other hand clenched, her nailed digging into her palm and drawing warm, sticky blood to keep her self-control.

"I can make a deal with you," said Kraven. Selene's eyes narrowed even more, now no more than slits. However, even then the fire of menace and loathing was just as evident. "You have four choices." Looking at Kraven's raised 3 fingers, Selene rolled her eyes at his stupidity before she tossed her head, throwing her long, black mane of hair behind her shoulders. Listening couldn't hurt her. Whether she wanted to or not, she was smart enough to know that she had no choice unless she wanted a couple silver bullets in her. She had seen the effect of those bullets—the silver was immediately picked up by a lycan's bloodstream, killing it in a matter of seconds when the silver reached the heart along with the now poisonous blood.

"Well then, let's hear them, shall we?" Her voice was ice cold, biting like the wind of a snowstorm. Her voice held just as much, if not more, hate than her eyes, and if anyone had doubted that Selene wanted desperately to kill Kraven before then, there was no more doubt about it. The passion that flowed from Selene's body was so evident, it almost seemed palpable. Kraven's smirk widened as he began to speak—he recognized the fact that Selene's passion was directed towards him. However, he alone was oblivious to the type of passion being displayed by the raven-haired beauty.

"Number one: you go back to your precious Lucian and see how merciful he is to you a forth time. Personally, I somehow don't think you'll escape some physical torture." He paused to study Selene's reaction. However, having grasped her self-control firmly, her face remained unchanging. The fact that her grip on the gun tightened very slightly went unnoticed by all present. "Number two: I let you escape the torture, and order my men to kill you here and now. I assure you—eleven of these new silver bullets in your heart; you won't suffer." Selene, once again, resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Kraven frowned slightly at her lack of response. He continued in spite of everything. It was common knowledge that Kraven was stubborn, and when he wanted something, he would not pause until he got it. "Number three: you could ignore everything I say and attempt to escape, killing my men. However, I assure you—these are Amelia's best and strongest men. Perhaps you could defeat them if it were you against one or two—your strength is not unheard of. However, you against the best eleven plus me? Something tells me you would lose." When Selene failed to contradict him, Kraven smirked, sensing victory. He walked up to her confidently. Her grip tightened, but she still refused to raise the gun. Kraven came up close to her, too close for comfort, and whispered into her ear. "Then there's number four: you could always come and run away with me and be my life partner."

Selene finally lashed out in calm disagreement. Her elbow slammed into his face, and a sickening crack was heard along with the blood that flowed freely from the vampire's nose. Disgusted, the lycan wiped the sticky liquid from her elbow. Her hated foe raised his head again to meet her eyes. While Selene's remained to be calm and cold, Kraven's burned in fury.

"So, that's your choice, is it? Well then, you might as well get down on your knees and pray that you go to heaven!" The words were hissed through teeth clenched in fury. As Kraven's limp right hand signaled to the others to attack her, having replaced her gun in her coat, Selene's body was already shaking, hair—or, more like fur—growing at an extreme rate from her body.

The bloodsuckers all extracted their guns with ease as they got into fighting stance. However, Kraven had been late in signaling to them—during the couple seconds that it had taken for them to get ready, their foe had transformed.

The snarling beast leapt onto one of the group, sinking its claws into her neck. The vampire continued its attempts to shoot the lycan that was on top of it, but its arms and legs were being restrained painfully, making fighting an unthinkable action.

"What do you all think you're doing? Get her!!!" Kraven's shrill shriek was ear-splitting, and most of the vampires winced as their sensitive ears were attacked by their leader's fury.

Selene, her ears more sensitive than usual, flinched for a split second, making herself vulnerable. One vampire seized the opportunity, shooting a bullet at her. The snarling animal ducked, but not without the bullet grazing its shoulder. The wolf's eyes narrowed to slits, revealing its anger. It dug its claws into the head of the vampire it was restraining. The moment Selene's claws hit the skull, there was a sickening crunch before the vampire went limp. The knocked-out vampire was given no second thought as it was dropped to the ground, and Selene whirled around to face the rest. The vampires shot at her, but centuries of training allowed her to dash towards them, all the while avoiding all the shots sent her way.

She pounced on one, slashing its chest open. Before its cold red essence had a chance to even appear at the surface of the wound, the lycan was on its next pray. She slashed, kicked, lashed out, and used every method of attack that she knew except for one—biting. Her hind legs' claws dug into a vampire's stomach at the same time as her front legs hit another extremely hard in the head. She rushed towards another, increasing her speed to her maximum, and ramming into the immortal with her head. She knew that it would fly towards the wall and hit it painfully, knocking out hopefully more than one of its companions on the way.

She pounced onto another, and its gun fell. Looking down at it briefly, she hit its face hard with her head. Losing no time, she whirled around, only to find no one there. There were five left, she knew, sniffing the air. Turning to the ceiling, she just registered where the rest were, when something fell painfully onto her back, restraining her. She snarled, and attempted to shake it off, but it only responded by digging a silver knife into her back. Selene noted that he had missed his target, if only by a few inches. She moved again to throw him off, but he sprang up off of her, and she threw herself onto the floor. Her back, which should have been him, cracked, and she knew that she needed to get the fight over with as soon as she could.

This time, when one of them flew at her from the wall, she charged at it instead, knocking it out of the air. Oh, to hell with those useless rules, she thought as she bit off the heads of two bloodsuckers as she pounced on them. The only thing is, I seem to be doing all the blood sucking, she noted, slightly amused, as she went to tackle another. She threw herself at it, and it stepped out of the way. Growling, she charged at it, her claws bared and her eyes menacing, only to receive a cold, bored look in response.

She snarled in frustration, lashing out at him. He stepped out of the way again, but Selene had been expecting this. Her claws took a swerve and caught him in the eye, emitting a strangled cry from the dismayed vampire. She once again threw herself at him, knowing that he wouldn't step away this time. Sure enough, too busy attempting to stop the cold, oozing liquid that flowed from his eye, Selene's enemy fell to the ground. She turned, facing the last. At the back of her mind, she noted that it was the same one that had jumped onto her back. She charged at him, becoming aware once more of the wound in her shoulder as it began to register in her mind again. Not yet; first I have to finish this one off, she told herself firmly, pressing the burning pain down, trying to make herself unconscious of it, knowing it would only serve as a distraction. As she turned up to look her foe in the eye, she caught sight of Kraven, tripping and stumbling over the bodies in his haste, escaping from the scene. Just the fact that he was gone was enough to make her feel strong enough to stand straight for a while longer.

As she charged, the brown-headed vampire leaped over her head, landing on the other side of her. Selene threw a kick behind herself where she knew that he would be. Feeling her claws contact with something hard, she turned quickly as soon as her foot was back on the ground, only to find that she had merely kicked the gun out of his hands. She once again attacked without wasting a second, this time throwing him off of his feet as she crouched low. Turning she saw him flip in the air, allowing him to land on his feet.

Needless to say, the female lycan was impressed, enemy or not. No one had ever been able to compete with her in her transformed form. However, just as she was about to send another attack his way, her eyelids seemed to increase greatly in weight. Ignoring this fact, she transformed back into human state, pulling out her alternate gun as she did so. Holding the exceptionally heavy gun in her right hand, and steadying it with her left, she shot well-aimed shots at the vampire. However, he flipped, ducked, jumped, and stood in ways that she could find no pattern or predict. She was beginning to feel weak in her arms and legs as well, and was having trouble concentrating on the fight. Pulling the trigger once more at the lightly panting vampire, she found to her dismay that the gun was now empty. Feeling as though her strength was being sucked out of her with the knowledge that her last resort was gone, she dropped to the ground, unable to do anything to prevent it. On her hands and knees, she sensed the vampire approaching her. Raising her head, she snarled at the bloodsucker that was to be her end.

"Why don't you just get out your gun and shoot? I'd like that a lot better than a slow and painful death. Besides, shooting's actually quite common, and I believe that there are multiple countries on Earth where cruel and unusual punishments are illegal." The vampire ignored her, walking up right next to her before crouching there. When she threw a punch his way, she was not surprised when he caught her fist, and she could not muster the strength to throw a kick at him. To her surprise, he gently placed her fist back by her side as his hands reached out to her wound.

"What the-" Her exclamation started when she discovered that she did not have the strength to push him away any longer was cut off by the vampire's firm but calm voice.

"Stay still. The bullet may have only grazed you, but it could still kill you. In addition to that, I got a knife in your back… Sorry about that, but luckily it was steel…" As he talked, the vampire pulled the knife out of her back, pressing the wound with his hand as he lay her down on the ground. As her consciousness slipped away from her, Selene registered that he was still panting very slightly. She felt him slip her jacket off of her shoulder, ripping open her leather shirt from the hole made by the bullet. Her eyes grew heavier and heavier, until she knew nothing but darkness.

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