Author's Note: Yes, I'm well aware that all three elders cannot be awake at once in the original. However, it suited the purpose of my story, so just imagine that they all wake up in times of extreme crisis or something.

Chapter 5: Atra Rosa

Daughter? thought Selene, feeling very faint. But this wasn't the time to feel faint, so she shook her head of the blurriness and tried to make sense of the situation. Okay, say I'm Lucian's daughter. What does Viktor have to do with anything?

As if he heard her thought, her question was answered immediately.

"My daughter," growled Viktor. "Allowed you to disgrace her. My granddaughter apparently knew nothing until just now," he said, smirking at Selene. "And she can do nothing about her heritage. I am willing to accept her if she agrees to turn her back to you lycans."

Lucian laughed triumphantly.

"I guess I win, then. If I know her as well as I think I do, Selene isn't going to simply turn her back on us and walk away." Viktor smirked at this.

"No, you lose. If she doesn't come to my side, she shall be my enemy, and I shall kill her without any hesitation at all." Lucian smirked right back.

"You forget—you'll have to get through me first," said Lucian, as he stood, leaving his hands on Selene's shoulders. "Get out of here, Selene," he whispered as he proceeded to stand. Too confused to do anything else, Selene stood as well, backing out of the way of the two mortal enemies.

"So be it," replied Viktor, drawing two guns, no doubt packed full of silver bullets. In response, Lucian drew two of the newest type of gun as well.

Michael, grabbing the immobile Selene, dragged her out into the hallway. The second he closed the lab door, a knife flew passed him, missing by a hair's width, before it embedded itself in the door. A female vampire, another elder, walked up to the pair, holding an astonishing number of knives.

"I was looking for you, Michael," the vampire told him. "I was hoping that you might help me take down a couple tough ones. However," she eyed Selene in Michael's arms. "Seems like you've decided to go traitor on us all."

At the word 'traitor', Selene's mind went blank. She knew nothing anymore—only that she wanted this woman dead for using such a word. If befriending or loving one of another species was being a traitor, then the world should have had only one species.

Her leg flew out at the female vampire—the only female elder.

"You're supposed to be old and wise, Amelia. Then realize this—the world isn't worth being in if you're unable to befriend anyone but those of your own species." Amelia laughed. It looked as though she was opening her mouth to say something, but Selene knew what Amelia thought at the point that she had laughed off Selene's outburst. Selene didn't need to hear the words.

She threw another kick at Amelia, who caught her foot in an iron grip. Using her gripped foot as support, she lashed out with a kick at Amelia's head, which was ducked and a punch at the arm that was holding her foot, in response to which her foot was dropped. Landing on her feet, Selene wasted no time in resuming her fighting stance. She threw another punch, and when it was avoided, another one. However, the elder seemed to be able to read her moves before she made them, and she could not inflict one scratch on the other woman. Suddenly, Amelia drew a knife, lashing out with it. Selene attempted to duck, but it caught her cheek, which burned and sizzled.

Jumping back, Selene tried to think of something. She looked around for Michael, but could not find him. Feeling deserted, Selene turned back to her opponent, who was now attacking with two knives. She ducked when they were high, jumped when they were low, and when they headed for anywhere else, she moved to the side. However, Amelia proved to be not only fast in speed, but in wit as well. It was as though she could read what Selene's next move was going to be, and attack her based on that. Selene couldn't escape Amelia's knives without at least a scratch, she knew as one of the knives cut through her leather jacket, leaving a scratch on the skin as well.

Finally, Selene willed herself to transform. Her limbs were stronger, and the animal instincts made her swifter. She threw herself at Amelia, but the elder just held a knife out in front of herself, causing Selene's recently healed shoulder to be inflicted with the pain of silver once more as she jumped back, yanking the knife from her body.

Suddenly, a thought struck her, and she closed her eyes. If her mother had been a vampire and her father was a lycan, didn't that then mean that she was some of each? Concentrating, she searched herself for something with her mind. Just as she was beginning to think that she had been wrong, she felt it—a pulse similar to the one that she reached out to when transforming into a werewolf, but slightly different. When she opened her eyes, she was no longer in the form of a human, or that of a werewolf. She smirked at the shocked Amelia.

"You're good at fighting werewolves and humans—but how about your own kind?" she asked with a smirk. Smirking back, but without a reply, Amelia attacked.

Selene jumped, and with a flip, landed on Amelia's other side, holding one of her guns. She fired at the vampire, who ducked. However, as she continued to fire, jumping over Amelia anytime she decided to attack, and each time landing on a different side, two bullets hit Amelia right in the chest. As soon as they contacted with her skin, they let loose a blinding light, and the next second Amelia and Selene were on the ground.

I forgot—it affects me, too, when I'm in this form, thought Selene as she attempted to stand.

With a loud sizzling sound, she transformed back into her human form, her burning skin making the process incredibly painful, along with the pain in her shoulder. She wanted to collapse and faint, but she knew very well that that wouldn't work, as she was currently stuck in the middle of a giant war, where it would most likely be incredibly hard to get out without being killed. Therefore, she settled upon sitting there silently, hoping that no one would notice.

She noticed Michael approaching, shooting any lycan or vampire that got in his way. After shooting the last one, he darted towards her, seeing her skin.

"God, Selene—what did they do to you? Put you in a silver box that was in contact with every part of your body?" he asked in shock.

Selene laughed at this.

"No, actually—I did it myself. I transformed into a vampire, figuring that she wouldn't know so well how to fight her own kind, but then it backfired when I used the sunlight gun."

Michael looked as though he didn't know whether to laugh or to sympathize with her.

"God, what did they do to her?" The male vampire who asked strongly resembled Michael, and was clearly another elder.

"Selene, this is Marcus, my grandfather by exactly twenty generations."

Selene raised an eyebrow at this but smiled weakly at Marcus.

"Hi, I'm Selene, the daughter of Lucian and the granddaughter of Viktor," she introduced herself sarcastically.

Marcus laughed, and Michael frowned.

"She's serious, Marcus," he said, a serious expression shielding his face of any emotion he may have felt.

Marcus looked from one to the other, and slowly his smile faded.

"You're serious," he said.

"That's what you're grandson just said," replied Selene.

"I WANT KRAVEN!!!" The shrill, shrieking voice was back. "FIND KRAVEN!!"

Selene rolled her eyes.

"I wonder who that might be? She's been screaming like that since we got here. In fact, I think that she was the one that came to us and showed Viktor where this place was."

Selene and Michael exchanged a glance at the actions of the over-obsessed girl, before replying to Marcus' question in unison.

"She's the Kraven-obsessed Erika," they said. Looking at one another as they heard the other say the very same thing, they smiled.

"So, where is Kraven, anyway?" asked Marcus.

"I accidentally killed him," shrugged Selene. Marcus frowned in disapproval and opened his mouth to say something, but Michael was quicker.

"Speaking of Kraven, I think we should go check on Viktor and Lucian now," he said, picking the weakened Selene up with ease.

"Put me down!" hissed the lycan (and vampire, as she had now discovered), glaring. However, Michael remained unfazed. "Let me go, I can walk on my own!"

"I'm the doctor here, and I say that you can't. Even if you did, you would only make your condition worse."

When she glared her hardest glare and still the vampire remained unfazed, she knew that he had decided what he was going to do, and nothing was going to change that decision. However, she continued to glare, wanting to prove that if she weren't so injured, she would not let him remain standing after carrying her.

Michael opened the door to the lab, only to find three crumpled, bloody bodies collapsed on the floor. On the right side was the bloody body of Kraven, his wound still bubbling occasionally, face contorted in obvious pain, but covered in the cold liquid—never-clotting blood. On the left was the body of something that must have had human form before. It looked as though rage had been taken out heavily upon it, not ending even after it had died. Its stomach was punched and clawed until the skin was scattered around the room, on the walls, floor and ceiling, little bloody pieces that looked almost like blood-drenched cloth that refused to absorb the red essence. Its small intestine was pulled out, the blood collecting in some parts, while leaving the tan-color showing through a thinner coating of blood in other parts. It extended from its stomach, collected in a coil about half a yard from the body. The eyes were clawed out, one thrown at the wall and the backside smashed, causing it to stick to the walls, the pupil still intact, staring at the bodies in the room in sorrow. The other had simply rolled away and was not far from the body. There were four claw marks on each of the body's cheeks, and blood was still leaking out. The third and final body was a gray ball of fur in the pool of blood that stained his fur, making it seem more brownish red than gray. There were many bullet wounds, one could see. Inside some of the wounds, something would flash silver when observed at the right light.

"Lucian!" gasped Selene, ignoring the otherwise unbearable pain as she pushed herself out of Michael's arms and stumbled towards her father, her own pain numbing. As though he had heard his daughter call out to him, he reassumed his human form.

Crouching next to the body of her newly found-and-lost father, she checked for pulse. It was faint, but there.

"Michael, you're a doctor, do something!" she commanded the vampire only a few feet away. However, he shook his head. "What do you mean?" she screamed at him, losing her cool exterior. "He isn't dead yet, do something!" However, even as she said that, she felt his pulse grow slower and slower, and then even slower.

He whispered something. She couldn't hear it, and stared at his face, hoping to read it when and if he repeated it. 'Selene', his mouth formed. A small smile crossed the suffering lycan's face as his mouth formed another word that Selene found hard to make out. Had it been 'Sonja'? Her hand on Lucian's neck ceased to pick up the steady, faint beating of his heart.

Humans had something called CPR for these situations… How did they do it again? She couldn't remember and Michael refused to help. Her father's pulse refused to return, and she felt empty and lost. She had just found her father, and then before she could even register that one fact, he had had to go and die.

Who's Sonja? She wanted to know. He hadn't had an affair after her mother, had he? The thought made her blood boil.

"Who's Sonja?" asked Selene bluntly. Marcus, who had entered and now stood behind Michael, replied.

"Sounds familiar… I think that at about the time when Viktor and Amelia and I had just become elders—about five centuries ago—Viktor had a daughter by that name. Don't know what happened to her, she disappeared about a century after that, I think. We all suspected that Viktor killed her. There had been a rumor going around for about a year at that point that Sonja had been mixing with people that Viktor disapproved of…"

Selene drowned Marcus' voice out as he began to describe the rumors. My mother, she realized. Looking to the ruin that was Viktor, she suddenly understood why he had been put through so much pain. He had killed his own daughter for falling in love.

She hated him. Had it not already been done, she would have forced him to die a very painful death.

Turning to the body of her father, she was suddenly happy for him. He was with Sonja, where he belonged. During the four centuries that he had lived without her, he had expressed his affection for Selene in roundabout ways. When she thought back now, she realized that he had always been her father throughout the years—she simply had not seen it. She took the pendant that hung around his neck. She had never questioned it, or even particularly noticed it, but she wanted a keepsake to remember her father. But when she turned it over, her heart caught in her throat. Carved beautifully into the golden pendant were their three names, interlaced. For a fleeting moment, she wondered what life would have been like had Viktor never killed Sonja. They would probably be living happily together, all three of them. Not as lycans or as vampires, or even as humans. Maybe they would have started their own group, where all were welcome—vampire, lycan, and human alike. Maybe there wouldn't have been so many deaths among all the species. Maybe they could have started a new and peaceful era.

But she knew better than to dwell on the past, and shook the regretful thoughts from her mind. She stood, her eyes still dry.

"Fire!" someone screamed in the hallway. Michael picked Selene up once more, and this time she didn't protest. Standing up had hurt enough. Darting to the door with a firm but gentle hold on Selene, he threw open the door. The white hall was no longer a battlefield; nor, for that matter, was it white any longer. Blood now stained the walls and bodies covered the ground.

However, there was a fire, approaching quickly from the right, Jumping over bodies, Michael ran down the hall, turning left at the corner, Marcus at his heels. There was a large hole in the ceiling next to the elevator, which was, for some reason, open. Just as he was about to jump up, he didn't notice a body by his feet, and he stumbled, falling—Selene and all—into the elevator, the force causing the doors to close as it began to ascend. Selene sat up, rubbing her head.

"Ever heard that you're not supposed to use an elevator during a fire?" she asked.

In response, Michael could only smile sheepishly.

The elevator reached the top with no problems other than a few jerks, and at the top, Selene pressed her palm to the door. To her and Michael's surprise, when the wall opened, they were greeted by the sight of a train rushing by not ten inches from where the wall had been.

They waited, Selene calmly and Michael anxiously. Taking one more look at the pendant still clutched in her hand, she clasped it around her neck, making sure that she made the minimal amount of moves so as not to hurt her already painful skin any more.

"Why does it take so long for the train to pass? We need to get out of here before the elevator falls!" said Michael impatiently after they had been waiting for what seemed to be more than enough time for a train to pass.

"They started the Many-Train-Cars Revolution," explained Selene monotonously, now inspecting her many torn nails.

When the train had finally passed, Michael lifted Selene again, and ran down the tunnel. Selene just closed her eyes, tired, finding it extremely hard to believe that a war had both started and ended that very night.

Reaching a station, Michael jumped up onto the platform, still holding Selene. He ceased to run, and walked, not wanting to attract too much attention, although he knew that it was impossible to attract none, what with the ripped clothes, the blood, and Selene's scorched body.

Once up the stairs and away from the majority of prying eyes, Selene opened her eyes. Marcus was not far away, apparently figuring that they would come this way.

"There were two lycans and three vampires that got away. But, as you probably can guess, the vampires didn't get very far." There was a silence that lasted for a while.

"So are we going to wait here until the night, then go back to the fort?" asked Michael, still holding Selene.

"That's what I was planning; the two lycans are already headed that way—I gave them directions." Feeling he had to explain just in case one of them objected, he hastened to continue. "I mean, since there're only two lycans, two vampires, and one cross between the two left that's alive, I figured that the five of us might as well stick together…" Trailing off, Marcus awaited their reaction, bracing himself for the worst.

"You don't need to explain, Marcus. We understand; we're not like Viktor." Marcus smiled at Selene, relieved, and Michael nodded in agreement. No one spoke after that presently, each too lost in his or her own thoughts. Just a few minutes ago, Selene realized, she had been thinking that had her mother lived, there may have been peace between the two species, and possibly the humans as well. Now, though at a great price, their two species were unifying.

"Well, considering we have an entire day on our hands, during which two of the three of us can't go outside, why don't we actually get to know each other?" grinned Marcus. Briefly looking at each other, Michael and Selene smiled widely before agreeing readily to Marcus.

In that one second, the same thought had run through both their minds—they had only really met earlier that night.

Author's Notes: Well, then. What do you think? I think it must have been about three years ago that I wrote this… Like I said in the first chapter, it was at the request of a friend, who said that she'd once seen a fan fiction with a summary like this, only once she opened it, it was (for some strange reason that neither of us could comprehend) a Kim Possible story. So this was my attempt to write a story like that for her. Rereading it, there actually were a bunch of mistakes that I had to fix (and I probably missed some, too) and there're aspects of this writing style that I don't use anymore.

So, tell me what you thought! I'm desperate for feedback!

Translations of Titles from the Latin:

OdiumHatred or Enmity.


FerreusUnfeeling or Cruel. Literally means 'of iron' or 'hard', but can be used to express that state of mind or heart as well.

MendumError or Blunder.

Atra Rosa – (A) Black Rose.