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A/N2: Oh yes, and if you hadn't noticed; there is a time lapse between this and the previous chapter, because this is an epilogue kind of thing. /i

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Four soft pops went unheard under the cover of the howling winds. Only the soft crunch of snow on rubber announced the arrival of the four unseen wizards and witches. Wordlessly, the quad set off from the apparation point, moving against the wind as they started for a large cliff nearby. With painful slowness, they reached the shelter of the cliffside, leaning against it thankfully as they regained their breath. After a few moments of rest, they set off once more; this time hugging the cliff so that it would take the brunt of the wind for them. Moving much quicker this time, it was still quite a long time before they had neared their destination, a massive structure lying about three hundred meters from their new position. With seemingly choreographed coordination, two of the invisible teens stepped forward, raising their wands as they did so.

i /i Ginny? i Harry thought, reaching out to clasp her bare hand.

/i Yes, Harry? i she replied, reveling in the contrasting quiet of their sanctuary compared to the howling blizzard which their bodies were currently in.

/i Do you remember what to do? i he asked, turning to look her in the face.

/i I do. Let's begin, then... i Ginny answered, moving a little so that they stood toe to toe. She lifted her head, chocolate eyes boring into his emerald ones. As their thoughts fused, they carefully concentrated on setting apart themselves so that they would be able to return later. Smoothly, they both raised their unjoined hands, palms forward and fingers splayed as they had practiced many times since the fateful day when their soul bond had been completed. With practiced ease, their eyes closed, and their breathing synchronized; as they fell into the trace-like state in which they could each access their magical cores.

They sped along, side by side, two wisps of consciousness in an infinity of nothingness. Like tiny butterflies, they gracefully wound their way around the memories and dreams of the past, heading towards their center. As if upon this thought, two tiny motes of light flickered into existence just ahead of them, growing brighter and larger by the second. On they flew, faster and faster, as they watched the rippling colours dance beneath the white surface of the glowing orbs. Almost reluctantly, the two wisps flew apart, paths crossing in mid-flight as they sped towards the other's core. The size of each was incomparable, as the wisps approached; it was akin to a speck of dust approaching the earth. Nearer and nearer... the delicate swirls now vast stretches of colour across the ocean of magic beneath. Each flare expanding till they seemed like mystical rivers dancing in the darkness of space. Closer.



There. Once again, Harry felt the boundless rapture as Ginny's magic ripped through his entire body. The multitude of feelings threatened to drown him as he spread his arms wide, embracing her magic; embracing her soul; embracing her... /i his Ginny i ...

In their minds, their hands clasped and they became one... /i

" i Tenus occulto confero... /i " a muttered incantation crossed their lips as they swept their wands in symmetrical arcs, before slashing them down quickly to meet just in front of their linked hands. As their wand tips touched, silent thunder rocked the area around them; knocking the other two back against the cliff with its force. As the echoes of the thunder faded, an azure-tinted film began spreading outwards through the air from the point their wands met. As the film grew into a bubble surrounding them, the wind seemed to calm around them and the deafening noise of the blizzard died down till they were left in silence. Harry and Ginny turned to face the others. As they released their hands, they did not pull their power back within themselves; instead, they left it near the surface of their mind, to facilitate their sharing of power later.

" i C-C-Calefacto... /i " Ron whispered through chattering teeth, which soon stopped as the air in the enclosure suddenly rose to something a little more bearable. With that done, each of the quad raised their own wands, removing their disillusionment charms, now that they were hidden by the Occlusion Shield. There was a minutes or so of relative silence as everyone did not speak, busying themselves as they removed some of the more bulky clothing. That done, everyone straightened up, ready to plan their next course of action. Brushing some snow from his hair, Harry began speaking, his voice a little hoarse from the cold and the wind.

"W-Well... I think this is as close as we can get before we risk the possibility of unwittingly triggering a perimeter charm. So, I think we should do a quick survey of the compound before we make our next move... Hermione?" Harry watched as his best friend nodded, scurrying to the edge of the Shield closest to their target before removing a backpack filled with equipment, he turned back to the two Weasleys, "Well, till we know what exactly we are facing, I think we should start placing some temporary warming charms on the bare minimum of our clothing. I don't think the bulky things are going to be mobile enough for us to fight in, and we all know we're going to fight today." With their words of assent, the three of them began charming the necessary clothing. Soon, they were done, and they watched in silence as Hermione peered at the structure with a modified muggle telescope. After a few minutes of whispered charms and adjustments to the machine, Hermione stood up, brushed the ice off her knees, and turned to her waiting friends.

"It looks like something is up... Voldemort has about a score of Death Eaters around the compound, what we have already determined is probably all he has left, together with the remaining Dementors guarding the main doors. Also, he seems to have created some kind of shield around the compound, much like the Occlusion Shield we are using, except it looks like it is maintained by monoliths at five points of a star... a pentagon," a sliver of her old self seemed to shine through as Hermione huffed in disgust, rolling her eyes at their lack of knowledge, "The pentagon is a symbol of Dark Magic, you dolts... but more importantly, it is used in Dark Magic as a focus of power. It looks like he is doing something very powerfully Dark inside the building if he requires such a shield." Frowning slightly, Harry seemed to think about something before he spoke.

"I think I remember Kingsley once telling me that all other magic is suppressed if cast inside a Dark shield... if it's true, don't you think we should get those Death Eaters outside the boundaries of the shield? I don't think we can take on both a score of them and the Dementors at once..." At Hermione's nod that that was indeed correct, all four teens fell silent as they tried to think of ways to get around this problem. As usual, Ron the strategist came up with a plan first.

"Well, we can lure most of the Death Eaters out by using some kind of light spell to attract their attention, then when they arrive..." Ron paused as he worked up the nerve to say what they all knew was coming, "when they arrive... we blast up the rocks on the cliff and take them all down." The others nodded solemnly, knowing that they could not risk merely incapacitating them as this could jeopardize the whole mission should even one of them escape. They had tracked Voldemort and his Death Eaters for more than a fortnight now, after they had gotten rid of the last of the Horcruxes. All it had taken that day was for Lucius Malfoy to escape, and Voldemort had suddenly become aware that all his Horcruxes had been destroyed. From that time, he had moved extremely quickly, never staying in one spot for more than two days... until now. From what they could tell, he had established this base nearly a week ago, sending a few Death Eaters off each time to construct it while the bulk of his remaining followers fled with him. Just two days ago, he had suddenly stopped running, retreating to the seclusion and safety of the Artic circle, where they had discovered this installation. With so much on the line, and after slowly grinding his army down to shreds, the quad did not want to give him the opportunity to escape again.

"How about... we use a parabolic mirror?" confusion met Hermione's words once more; sighing, she continued, "It's a muggle invention... they taught us about it in grade school. It consists of a mirror which is bent so that all the light cast of it is focused on one point."

"How can we use something like that? Are we going to blast the shield?" Harry asked, his curiosity peaked.

"Well, I think this particular one is too powerful for that... Voldemort has invested quite a bit into erecting it. However, I feel that there is a chance we can kill two birds with one stone..." her voice trailed off as she looked imploringly at the other three. Ginny was the first to understand, and moved forward suddenly, pulling Hermione into a quick hug.

"That's brilliant, 'mione!" turning to the boys, she explained, "We combine Ron's suggestion with a parabolic mirror. We can focus our light spells on the Dementors who are guarding the door, which will definitely hurt them a lot, perhaps even kill them... remember Little Hangleton?" The Battle of Little Hangleton was a now world-renowned battle in which the Aurors had finally been given orders to work in tandem with the Order. The old Riddle house had, under Voldemort's orders no doubt, become a breeding ground for both Dementors and Lethifolds, and over a period of just a few days. the entire town surrounding it had been destroyed or evacuated. Knowing the danger this posed to the hope of anyone at all surviving the war, the Ministry had finally tasked spell-weavers to create a simple spell which could conjure an intense light, which, under the right circumstances, was even more deadly than the Patronus Charm. With the use of this charm, the combined forces of the Light had destroyed nearly all the Dementors and Lethifolds by simulcasting it from a distance.

"But we don't have even close to the number of wizards we need to take down that many Dementors..." Ron protested, "we can't possibly cast it fast enough for it to be effective..." Hermione had a rebuttal to this as well.

"That's the genius of it all! By using the parabolic mirror, we can multiply the intensity of the light by nearly threefold... Not only will we take out the Dementors, but the Death Eaters will think they are under attack by a large group and will rush out to engage us! We could lure them out and, in their confusion, spring the trap!" Hermione virtually screamed, "It. Will. Work!" Seeing how worked up she had become, Harry and Ron quickly voiced their agreement as they inconspicuously backed away.

Sniggering slightly despite the seriousness of the situation, Ginny pulled Harry aside to give Ron some time to calm his wife down. Just before they stepped out of the invisibility field provided by their earlier charm, Harry and Ginny quickly disillusioned themselves. Moving out of the protection provided by the Occlusion Shield, Ginny was very grateful that Harry had made them replace the extra layers with spells. The warming charms worked much better than the bulky layers, while allowing them to move freely as they set the boundaries where they would cast an Anti-apparation jinx. Just as they finished placing the limits on the spell, the Occlusion Shield disappeared and a two disillusioned shapes emerged from within. Seeing what they had done, Hermione spoke.

"You two just continue with the spell; Ron and I are going to start conjuring the mirror." After just a few more minutes of fine-tuning, Harry and Ginny had figured out how to cast a joint Anti-apparation jinx. As Harry's larger hand closed upon hers, Ginny felt the rush of his magic flooding throughout her body. She shivered slightly as tingles ran up her spine, and something stirred in her center. i Keep your mind on the task, girl! /i she told herself, willing her mind to forget the feel of his calloused hands against her smooth skin... and how warm he felt... and... i Stop it! /i Shaking her head, she raised her wand.

center /center

Soon, everything was set up and the quad was hidden behind a stand of rocks near to the giant parabolic mirror which Hermione and Ron has conjured.

"Ready?" Harry asked, turning to the three people he was closest to in the world, at their nods, he said, "Right. Aim your spells and close your eyes. Light Spell on three... 1...2...3!"

" i Illustro! /i " four voices shouted, sending for blinding jets of light at the parabolic mirror. The beam of light which emerged from the mirror was astounding. As it sped towards the dome, the screams of Death Eaters could be heard above the howl of the wind as they were permanently blinded by the brilliance of the spells. With a hiss, the beam passed through the shield, flying directly into the band of Dementors by the door. Unearthly screeches pierced the air as a dozen Dementors dissipated into energy motes in an instant. The last few continued to wail in agony as their limbs were vaporized right off them, their light-shielding cloaks left in tatters. As the survivors floated blindly about, a throng of lost souls burst forth from the remains, howling with joy as they raced through the air and into the skies above. With the destruction of the Dementors complete, the blizzard suddenly stopped, allowing the sound of a score of rampaging Death Eaters to permeate the now calm air.

Taking this as their signal, the quad opened their eyes, readying their wands as the Death Eaters approached their location, pre-emptive spells flying. Harry tensed as the Death Eaters neared the Anti-apparation wards. As he raised his wand in readiness to blast the cliff face, a sudden shout of command stopped the Death Eaters in their tracks.

"Stop! It's a trap! It isn't Au-argh!" Lucius Malfoy's warning was cut off as a thick beam of yellow light hit him in the chest, coming from above Harry's shoulder. Looking around in confusion, they soon spotted the mirror and continued their run towards it, thinking that the Aurors were hiding there. As the first of the Death Eaters cleared the ward, Harry took the opportunity.

"NOW!" he shouted, raising his wand.

" i DISSOLUTIO! /i " the teens shouted. Some of the Death Eaters turned in surprise at the cry, while others did not, sending the majority of them into a pile just within the spell radius. As the purple bolts connected with the mountain rock, cries of pain were heard as the unfortunate few who attempted to apparate away found themselves splinched. There was a deafening 'crack' as an enormous chunk of the mountainside was shattered off and began its journey to the ground.

i Screams of terror were but off as, one by one, the Death Eaters were slaughtered.

A cloud of snow and rock dust rose as gravity did its job.

A chip of rock skidded to a rest as it hit Harry's foot.

The dust settled and the rocks were covered.

And there was silence.


Why? /i

Feeling Ginny shudder by his side, Harry raised an arm and wrapped it comfortingly around her shoulder. i It had to be done... /i He pulled her close as the quad emerged from their hiding place and began the slow walk down towards the gigantic structure. Now that the blizzard had cleared, they could finally see it clearly. Although large, the structure was by no means ornate. Its walls were primarily constructed of large blocks of coarse, low-grade granite; its entrance guarded by large, but roughly hewn wooden doors. As they neared the shield, they couldn't help but be awed by it. It was massive. Stretching nearly a full hundred meters into the air, it was nearly as tall as Hogwarts Castle itself. The air surrounding it fairly crackled with energy and bolts of power sped to and fro within it.

Stopping just before the shield, the rest looked to Hermione for direction.

"I don't think it will harm us if we enter, but remember to use only the simplest of spells because the field will drain the magic of other spells away. Well, let's do this, I guess." Taking a deep breath, the quad linked hands and stepped forward into the darkness.

i Cold. So cold and dark. Someone was screaming. Screaming his name... A flash of green light... Screams; screams of torture... Coming closer, growing louder... Louder. As the screams grew into a pulse around him, his scar flared, ripping him apart.

Harry shut his eyes and screamed.

b "Bella, do you want to serve your lord?" his voice was cold, chilling. Frost blossomed in front of him, but he barely noticed the cold.

"Yes, my lord. I will do anything..." the woman in question murmured her answer reverently as she prostrated herself before him on the icy ground. Harry smiled, wrapped his thin fingers around his wand hilt, and pulled it out. With a barely a flick of his wand, Bellatrix Lestrange was lifted up and bound to the crucifix. As he levitated the crucifix into its slot on the stone monolith, there was a crackle as it joined with the other four placed about the boundaries of the field.

"Good..." he hissed as a bolt of blackness hit her in the chest. Bellatrix Lestrange screamed. /b

And it was over. /i

"Harry!" the worry was clear in Ginny's voice as she pulled up and into her embrace. Relaxing in the warmth and love of her hug, Harry's mind finally processed that he was on the ground. Letting go of Ginny, he pulled himself up to see his two best friends looking worriedly at him.

"What happened?" he asked.

"We're not sure, but when you emerged, you were screaming and your face was white, then you just collapsed..." Ron mumbled, obviously relieved that Harry was okay.

"It was a vision... I was him... Voldemort... I think he was making this shield... He killed Bellatrix to make it..." Harry explained, looking around for the monoliths he knew would be there. Indeed, Harry could see three large stone structures at regular intervals along the edge of the shield. Large crucifixes were planted like staves on top of them, each holding the headless and frozen corpse of what Harry assumed were Death Eaters who had been sacrificed to power the defense. Turning back to the rest, Harry indicated that they should approach the main structure.

As they neared the building, a slight glare caught Hermione's eye. Looking up, she spotted the offending object almost immediately. A sliver of silver was inlaid about halfway up the side of the building, which bisected another curved line made of silver. As she traced the pattern in her mind, she gasped with realization. As her friends turned towards her, she quickly explained her discovery.

"They're runes! This whole building is covered in runes!" examining the structure once more, she squealed, "This is why Voldemort hasn't come out yet; this is the reason he's here in the first place! He probably doesn't even know we're here. Look, runes of protection, silence, power... oh my god..." Hermione's eyes widened as she noticed the intricate pattern which had been carved into the stone directly above the door. It was a pentagon with its inside points joined with a circle.

"What is it, Hermione?" Ginny asked, a note of nervousness in her voice.

"It's a rune of Focus..." her voice was nearly a whisper, "This whole compound was built for a Dark Ritual. This entire shield was made to focus Dark energy on a certain point within this building, and I'll bet you that's where you're going to find Tom Riddle..."

"He's making another set of Horcruxes..." as Harry said it, he suddenly knew it was true.

"That means..." Ron's eyes widened at the possibility that all their effort so far would have been for nothing.

"Yes, so we got to take him down soon. One extra minute could make the difference between whether we get him or not; and it's time to end it." a note of determination had entered Harry's voice, and everyone knew that he was right, he continued, turning to Hermione, "He'll be too powerful if he has this shield to focus power for him. I want you and Ron to stay out here and destroy each of the monoliths. Find some way to destroy the crucifixes; they are what's maintaining the field..." Harry watched as Ron and Hermione ran off to follow his instructions, before he turned to Ginny. Without a word, she took his hand and felt the familiar rush of their power fusing together. They faced the giant doors and raised their wands.

" i Dissolutio Confero! /i " they cried in unison, sending one thick beam of purple flying towards the doors. With a massive crash, the doors exploded into a million tiny fragments of wood. As the dust cleared, they stepped forward into the dark interior of the building. The entire interior of the building had been left bare, creating the impression of a large cave. In the centre, they saw him.

Harry and Ginny cautiously approached Voldemort, who had not moved in the slightest since they had arrived. As they neared him, they noticed that he was sitting in some kind of pattern, with five lit candles on the ground around him, casting eerily flickering shadows across the walls.

i Another pentagon... /i Harry thought, as they continued to advance.

i Its drawn in.. blood... /i Ginny shivered slightly as she said it, but quickly calmed down as Harry sent some reassurance through the bond.

i What are those things in front of him? /i Harry asked. Ginny squinted, and noticed that there were indeed four indistinct shapes in front of him. She gasped in shock as she realised what they were.

i They're heads! He's making Horcruxes out of the Death Eaters' heads! /i she screamed in his mind. As Harry winced, Ginny had the good grace to blush, but further play was cut off as the seriousness of the situation got back to them. As if reading her thoughts, Harry squeezed her hand reassuringly, sending love through the bond. They were now just twenty meters from the darkest wizard in the world.

i He looks like he's in a trance... /i Harry's thought was cut off as a deafening explosion shattered the calm of the building. Almost immediately, Harry and Ginny raised their wands, ready to defend themselves.

b One of the five candles went out...

A pair of red, snake-like eyes flew open...

And Tom Marvolo Riddle rejoined the world of the living... /b

"You!" he screamed, unfolding suddenly till he was standing tall. With a quick flick of his wand, he sent a bolt of red light towards them. Remembering Hermione's words, Harry just pulled Ginny along as he dodged to one side. The red bolt hit the spot where they had been standing the moment before, sending chips of stone flying in all directions.

"YOU'VE DESTROYED EVERYTHING!" he screamed again, blasting another bolt of red which they easily dodged, "ALL MY EFFORT, IT'S GONE! All I worked for, i worthless /i ..." Hissing the last word, he flicked his wand, sending the four heads speeding towards a wall. With a sickening squelch, they splattered against the wall. Realising that could just as easily have been them; Harry quickly grabbed Ginny's hand once more.

i Stall. /i He thought, causing her to nod nearly unnoticeably.

"What's the matter, i Tom /i ? Didn't your magic trick work out?" Ginny shouted across the room in a sing-song voice. Harry just had to admire Ginny for her nerve as Voldemort visibly tensed at the use of his old name. His eyes seemed to light up with a fire as he screamed.

"DO NOT CALL ME THAT NAME! i Avada Kedavra! /i " Harry's eyes widened as the green light sped towards his beloved. With a desperate wave, he wandlessly summoned a chunk of stone debris which Voldemort's earlier spell had created. With a crunch, the Killing Curse collided with the stone, turning it into a mass of rubble which fell to the floor.

"So, you've learned something from that lover of muggles, then?" Voldemort shouted across the distance, seemingly having regained his composure. With a complicated twirl of his wand, he sent a silvery blast of light towards them, grinning evilly as he did so. Knowing that the blast was too wide to dodge, Harry grabbed Ginny's hand and felt their magic merge. Quick as thought, a golden shield sprang into existence before them.

'BOOM!' there was a mighty crash and Harry and Ginny were thrown off their feet. Lying on the ground, Harry realised his hand was still clasped in Ginny's smaller one.

i Did the shield fail? /i he sent.

i I-I-I don't think so... /i she replied, sitting up. By the time the dust had cleared, Harry and Ginny had picked themselves up and were ready for Voldemort's next spell. Harry suddenly smiled.

b The second of five candles was out...

Tom Marvolo Riddle gasped as he stood up... /b

"Is something wrong, i Tom /i ?" Ginny taunted, "Feeling weak?" As her words hung in the air, Harry realised that what she said was true. Somehow, he was linked to the shield, i and he was getting weaker /i ...

" i Falarica! /i " he screeched, not being able to concentrate enough to do non-verbal magic. Without a thought, Harry instinctively raised his wand and conjured a reflective shield. i ...will drain the magic of other spells away... /i As the spell hit his shield, it dissipated, but Harry was still thrown back with the force of it. As he quickly leapt to his feet, Ginny frowned at him, blocking another spell with a summoned rock as she did so. He closed his hand upon hers.

i I know... I just did that reflexively, but we have to do something to speed this up... Even with the power he's losing, we're still weaker as long as we're inside this darned shield... /i Harry took Ginny's squeeze of his hand as forgiveness for nearly getting himself killed.

i Aim for the candles... /i Harry grinned evilly at Tom, who, for the first time, looked wary of him. Remembering to maintain contact with Ginny, Harry raised his wand and send a barrage of low-power Reductor curses at one of the candles. Narrowing his eyes in anger, Voldemort conjured a large shield and blocked the curses that got too close. As Harry continued to send a stream of curses at Voldemort, Ginny tried to think of a way they could work this out quickly. Just then, all three was thrown to their knees as the ground shifted violently beneath their feet.

b The third candle flickered and died... /b

"It's going to over soon, i Tom /i ... so why don't you just give up?" Harry shouted across the room. Grunting with primal rage, Voldemort stood up, a bit of madness in his eyes.

" i Inanisss /i ..." he hissed, thrusting his wand at them. A bolt of pure blackness exploded from his wand tip, sucking in the light and warmth of the room as it swept, nearly gracefully, towards Harry and Ginny. Their eyes widened in terror, watching helplessly as the Void spell raced towards them... It was nearly over... Ginny grasped Harry's hand tightly in hers, and opened up her mind to him.

i I love you. /i she whispered, sinking into his mind.

i I love you, too. /i he replied, losing himself in the feel of Ginny...

i Rapture... so close... He could see the water of their stream rushing past them as they spiraled into each other, losing their sense of self, opening themselves... becoming one...

/i b IT IS DONE. YOU ARE ONE. /b i the voice tore through the haze of joy, echoing around in their mind. With that, they were thrown back into their bodies, with their minds still linked. /i

With sudden clarity of mind, both Harry and Ginny raised their hands, fingers curled forward as they felt the power of their joining coursing through their veins. Gold sparks of the Old Magic raced along their skin, collecting at their fingertips. Unnoticed, there was a sudden boom as the last of the crucifix-powered monoliths crumbled in upon itself, not being strong enough to withstand the magnitude of power being built up within it.

b The fourth flame flickered and fell. /b

With unearthly roars, Harry and Ginny spread their fingers, throwing the Golden web into the air before them. With a hiss, the Void spell dissipated, causing Voldemort to cry out with despair. As the bonded pair advanced towards him, Tom Riddle cowered in fear, throwing spell after useless spell at them. He could feel the power literally flowing out of his bones as the Dark shield he had invested most of his remaining power in crumbled before his eyes. In a last desperate bid for freedom, Tom Riddle began to spin around, attempting to apparate.

" b Not so fast, Tom. /b " Harry's voice seemed to come from a distance as he made a sweeping gesture, throwing the once-omnipotent Dark Lord to his knees, " b Do you remember how it felt to have a soul? /b " At those words, Tom Riddle's gaze was inexplicably drawn to Harry's eyes. i This is the end... /i

Voldemort screamed.

i The golden light of their bonded souls raced through the abyss of Tom Marvolo Riddle's mind, searing his very core...

Ripping through the spells. Through the potions. Through his lifetime of work... he would never be immortal...

The light rushes on, unheeding of the death and destruction this mind has undergone... caused...

There is almost nothing left... but the scraps of his soul are enough to invoke... a conscience...

They can sense the guilt; they urge it on, watch as his lasts moments are consumed...

With the weight of a thousand deaths on his shoulders... and the fire melts the ice...

Around his heart... which screams... as it is consumed by the majesty...

And his soul... cowers... broken... In the darkest corner...

Where he has hidden it... forever... no more...

Such is the power of an untouched soul...

...Searing as their bonded souls...

Race through the abyss...

Of Tom Riddle's...

Soul... /i

And he stopped. As the life fled from his limbs, a resounding boom sounded across the area, and the Golden light left Harry and Ginny's eyes. But they were still joined.

b And the last candle died. /b

Turning, Harry watched as, in the doorway of the building, Ron grabbed Hermione's hand and disapparated. There was another 'crack' as the unstable Magical Energy in the area dissipated itself. It was over. Taking Ginny's hand in his own, he smiled, leaned down, and kissed her soft lips.

And they were gone.

center /center

"It's a girl," the Mediwitch told the beaming couple as she passed the tiny bundle to them.

"We know," they replied together, placing the fiery-haired, emerald-eyed Diana Potter next to her newly born Pixie.

As the Mediwitch left the room, she smiled to herself as she watched the young father wrap his arms around his wife. i Young love... /i

The door shut with a click.

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i A/N: Sigh... as usual, overshot by around 2000 words due to my long-windedness. So ends What's In a Robe, my second series-fic. I'm sorry about the not-up-to-standard writing just before they take Tom down, but I was a bit distracted then... may go and fix it up some day. Anyway, many thanks to all of you who have read this story. Hehe... and I couldn't resist adding in the bit about the Dementor's cloaks and the souls xD Thanks for reading, now review :) /i

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