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"Alright Titans…When I open the door you know what to do," Robin whispered softly as he crept towards the door to the security room while the other Titans followed Robin from behind.

Robin reached his hand towards the door when suddenly Beast Boy interrupted, "Uh…Robin, before you push the door open, what are we suppose to do AFTER you pushed the door opened?" he asked, highlighting the"AFTER" word by saying it a little louder.

"Remember the plan we planned on the way to the Science Museum?" Robin reminded Beast Boy who was thinking what the plan was.

"Ring any bells?" Robin asked.

"Uh…" Beast Boy paused for a while, "Uh- um… no…" he shook his head with a please-don't-be-mad expression plastered on his green face. He would be dead if he told Robin he was sleeping away when Robin was working out a plan with the rest of the Titans in the T-car. Groaning, Robin slapped his hand on his forehead while the other Titans rolled their eyes.

"Cyborg, tell him the plan," Robin snapped at Cyborg who was standing beside a very lost Beast Boy. Cyborg whispered something into Beast Boy's ear who nodded excitingly. After done explaining, Beast Boy laughed with an evil grin on his face, "Ha! Ha! Sweet plan! Very very sweet and evil!"

Raven, who was standing beside Robin strecthed her arm and covered Beast Boy's mouth, "SHUT UP, you idiot," Raven hissed in a low voice, "The villain might hear us!"

"Or you mean the theft?" Beast Boy corrected her, taking Raven's hand away from his mouth, "A dangerous and clever one. He managed to knock out a few security guards, shut the alarms and hecked into the highly secured security system!" Beast Boy said in a strange voice, "Don't forget, he's a theft because he's here to steal some expensive computer chip, not to destroy the city or hurt some innocents."

Raven rolled her eyes, annoyed by his stupid remarks. "Honestly, aren't all thefts villains?"

"Alright! Enough of this!" Robin turned to face the Titans, "Okay, on the count of three. One…" Raven raised her hand, Starfire eyes turned bright green, Beast Boy turned into a green tiger and Cyborg raised his canon gun. "Two…" Robin raised his hand with two fingers shooting up while the other hand on the door.

"Three!" a voice continued the counting for Robin. Robin did not push the door but turned his head back and forth to see whose voice was that. The Titans did the same but they could not see anyone in the dark room but dim light shinning through the small windows of the museum. Starfire brighten the dark room raising her star bolt on her hand but still they could not see anyone but themselves.

"Whoever is out there, better show yourself before we track you down!" Robin shouted. Echoes of his voice filled the room. "And you wouldn't like it one bit!" Robin added. "Not one bit."

"Alright then, Wonder Boy," the Titans looked around, ready to take down the theft. The voice sounded familiar. Very familiar. "Perhaps you guys need some light…" the voice paused for a while, "…to see me better."

CLICK! The room suddenly brightened, "Well, well, isn't it the Teen Titans?" The Titans saw the theft standing beside the switch which was a few feets away from the place they were standing, "We meet again."

Robin gasped, "Red X!" Red X smiled evilly behind his mask, "Looking for this?" helding up the computer chip in his hand.

"Titans Go!" Robin shouted as the Titans ran towards Red X. "Alrighty then. Let's party!" Red X said in a cool voice, pocketing the chip.

"Hm…who shall I pick to attack first?" Red X thought boredly watching the Titans ran towards him in different direction. Red X pressed the "X" button on his belt and disappeared. "Where's Red X?" Starfire slowed down and flew a little higher to watch every angle of the room better. Starfire felt someone tapping her shoulder, "Behind you," Before Starfire could turned around to attack Red X with her star bolts, Red X gave her a hard punch in the face which sent her falling to the ground and threw a huge "X" which pinned Starfire on the ground. "Well, this just isn't your lucky day, babe!" Red X said with a smile as he watched Starfire struggling to break free.

"Your luck is just about to run out!" Cyborg yelled, aiming his canon gun at Red X. "Oh really? We'll just have to see about that," Red X said and disappeared again. He reappeared behind Cyborg and gave him a hard kick, causing Cyborg to fall over and knock down the machines in the museum.

"Looks like you're the one who ran out of luck," Red X grinned and turned to face the green tiger. "Beast Boy, I got a surprise for you and I know you love surprises," Red X opened him palm and a huge "X" flew out of his hand and hit Beast Boy.

"Oh man!" Beast Boy groaned looking at his body covered with red slimmy strong glue, "Did Red X have to use this weapon on me?"

He turned into various types of animal of different sizes but he could not get the glue off his body, "He could at least used some other weapon!" Beast Boy wailed and touched his hair, "I'm going to have a BAD HAIR DAY!"

"Man, this is just too easy," Red X chuckled.

"This isn't over yet!" Robin gave Red X a kick on the back which caused him to fall to the ground but he quickly recovered from his fall and turned to look at Robin and Raven.

"I have better plans for the both of you," Red X smirked at them, "Especially you, baby," he looked at Raven and dashed out of the door. Robin and Raven followed Red X from behind and opened the door but could only see two more doors in front of them.

"Which one did he go?" Raven asked looking at the two doors.

"Split up! You take the one on the right, I take the one on the left!" Robin gave his order.

Robin dashed down the flight of stairs until he reached another door and kicked it open. "Well, Wonder Boy…" Robin heard Red X's robotic voice as he stepped into an empty room which was filled with empty boxes.

"Impressive. That was fast. Very fast," Red X raised his voice. Robin turned everywhere but there was no sight of Red X. Red X appeared behind Robin and gave him a hard pushed on the back and Robin fell to the ground and Red X disappeared.

Robin got up to his feet, wiping the dirt of his cape, "Come on, Red X. If you keep on disappearing and reappearing, does that mean you're afraid to fight?"

Red X made a weird voice. "Puh-leasee," he snorted, "X is never afraid of a fight and the word "afraid" is not in my dictionary."

Robin took out an electronic disc out of his belt, "Then why aren't you fighting me like a man? Don't you wanna end the fight…quickly?"

Red X laughed, "Oh yeah sounds good. I'm just having too much fun with my amazing gadgets you created and…"

Then, without any warning, X reappeared in front of Robin, aiming a spray can right in front of Robin's face and hit the button as red coloured gas surrounded Robin's face. Robin coughed and tried to wave the gas away from his face but in only a few second Robin fainted and fell to the ground.

"I have other plans in mind instead of a man to man fight," Red X chuckled. "Leader of the Titans? More like the loser of the Titans."

X pushed the door opened, "And now for the sexy demon girl…" and shut the door behind him.

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