blood on ice.
for zanisha.

The eyebrow ring didn't suit, somehow, and the flesh around it an angry red; the same with the tender skin on her nose. The nose stud looked great, and the blue hair still seemed cool even while it faded – a shadow of its former self, but still part of the original thing, still containing a flicker of that first shock of magic.

She ran a finger over and down her cheek, watching closely in the mirror as the creamy white skin, tiny specks and flecks of dirt ingrained in the pores but not noticeable from a distance, seemed to fold and given in under the pressure, and pop back up after the weight had passed. Her hair was nearly impossibly tangled now; probably time to wash it again. She didn't want dreadlocks like Dave had. That would be stupid on her. She wanted to be pretty. Magical.

She smoothed down her tight white tank, so filthy that it was no longer white; instead, it was a hodgepodge of browns. Maybe she should steal some crayons, decorate it some. The skirt wasn't faring much better. She couldn't even remember what colour it had started off – probably grey anyway.

"Lolli!" Dave yelled from outside the café's toilet. She swung the door open and poked her tongue out at him, grinning. Her thick silver eyeshadow smiled with her, the tiny glittering particles dancing in the overhead streetlight. She told him she'd be there in a minute. The sign on the door said Out Of Order.

Ducking back inside the cramped space, she leaned back into the mirror, puckering those pale lips at her reflection. Dragging a nail over the opposite cheek she had touched before, she watched as the white skin turned red. Fading quickly but still there. Like blood on ice. Curious, Lolli fingered the ring in her eyebrow, then gave a sharp jerk and yanked it out. A thin line of blood trickled down her light skin. Like blood on ice.

"Lolli!" Came the shout, again. White boots slipped a little on whiter tiles as Lolli gave a crazy little twirl, moving her torso and bending her head to the side, arms up and hands running through that cascade of molten sky. It helped to touch yourself sometimes, touch your arms and your legs and your face and sometimes it even helped to touch the bruises and the cuts and scrapes. Just so you knew you were still there, still sane, still living, still alive.

She spun when she got outside the small brick-walled room, too. Spun and danced and jumped and grabbed Dave's hands and made him do it too; then she stopped, so suddenly that Dave was still going around and they were both panting and the night sky seemed to be further and closer and everywhere at once and the stars had never shone so brightly.

She gazed up at the infinite complex of celestial bodies, raising her fine hand and admiring the crimson nails. Like blood on ice. The blood beside her eye was starting to dry, pulling the skin.

Dave came and took her hand, and she followed him, the heels of her high boots squeaking on the cold concrete. They started back home, some time near morning, and not knowing where the night had gone. Going back to the place where they lived, the place that no one knew was occupied, the place that no one knew even existed, except for them. Some early walkers made a wide berth around the pair swinging their arms high. They simply made faces at them until they looked away, if they hadn't already.

It's not homeless if you live where you want.

Well, even if I haven't finished that axelxkairi fic or even started that ohshc fic, I've still done something. Apart from toy around with rikuxdemyx, that is. I just started rereading Valiant, and as soon as Lolli and Dave were introduced I got the writing bug bad. So I figured I'd do something about it. It's little and really weird and nonsensical, but it's still fun, I hope. For everyone, mainly zanisha. I need to write more Tithe!fic though.