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Possibly Perverted!Amefuto Rivals

Fine Lines

Chapter One
Deimon High Festival Fun

By BlueRedemption

Saturday. It was Deimon Koukou's Gakkou-sai, the school's festival. It was that time of the year that the students all looked forward to. Everyone had his or her own responsibilities in making sure that their class stall was running smoothly since it was such a big event.

Students, parents and teachers from different schools often came along; and people from the district would also come to participate. The school grounds were crowded with various attended stands that sold anything from food, to accessories for the people that walked around looking at everything.

The purpose of the stalls were to raise money for the school, and at the same time promote the high school to potential prospective students that were going to enrol after their middle school graduation. Not only did it kill two birds with one stone, but it also inadvertently allowed the students to take a break from their studies and have some fun.

This particular year, the class that earned the most money for this day would be treated to a day field trip to Tokyo Disney Sea on a school day. Seeing as the stakes were so high, everyone was fired up and raring to go - promoting their stall with posters and signs throughout the school.

Sena's class was running a teahouse this year. Unfortunately, it was also a popular choice amongst a lot of other classes too, and so their little teahouse had to compete against the many others that was set up.

"Kobayakawa-san?" A dark-haired girl called out to him. She was the class president, and hence, the one who was in charge of organizing and running their stand. "Your shift is not until twelve thirty, so you have a bit of time to go around. But, please make sure that you are back at least ten minutes before your shift." She advised, holding a clipboard that contained the list of the people in his homeroom as well as their shifts.

He nodded politely in acknowledgement and shot a brief glance at his watch. It was already twenty minutes past eleven. He contemplated for a moment about what he should do to occupy his time. Perhaps it would be a good idea to see if he could find Mamori-neesan or Monta to come hang out with him for a while. Assuming, of course, that they weren't already busy with their own responsibilities. Deciding on that, the small brunette looked up from his watch and proudly glanced around his classroom. He had helped with the arrangement and setting up.

Their class desks were pushed together to make large, roomy tables; aesthetically pleasing printed tableclothes covered them stylishly. Each of the tables were nicely set out much like a restaurant's, with condiments and menus sitting diligently in the middle of it. Up at the front of the classroom was a long line of tables that were set up buffet-style, covered with a white tablecloth; and displayed atop its surface were cakes, pastries and light lunches, all with pricings in front of it. Written on their blackboard was the exact same a la carte menu that they had detailed on the smaller menus on the tables. It was a good thing that their classroom was close to one of the 'Home Economics' cooking rooms - that meant that they could actually make simple hot food orders, and also keep the drinks cool in the refrigerators.

"Kobayakawa-san, your shift is with Juumonji-san, Kuroki-san and Toganou-san." The class president added after a brief afterthought as she perused the timetable attached to her clipboard. She adjusted the cute light blue apron that went with the rest of her blue-schemed maid outfit. She decided not to mention that the reason that she stuck him with those three was because no one wanted to be stuck in a shift with them, and besides, they were in the same club. So she figured that it shouldn't be a problem.

Sena nodded again, "Okay, that's fine." He agreed. He was too polite to refuse, and he didn't have a choice in the matter anyway. He just hoped that the three linemen would actually help him out with the customers. Surely twelve thirty would be a busy time. Everyone usually had lunch around then.

"By the way, Kobayakawa-san - I haven't seen any of them yet, so could you possibly be a darling, and remind them of their shift? I won't have the time to do so; I've still got a lot to do." She told him, dismissing him by turning her head to greet their new customers; a family of three that were eyeing the desserts hungrily on the long tables.

He waved goodbye to his other three classmates that were serving the customers already occupying the tables and left the classroom, in search for someone to accompany him.

His first stop was Mamori-neesan's classroom. Their class was showcasing a 'horror house'. Sena grinned as he approached the tall boy that was taking the entrance fees from the customers. "Anno, could you possibly tell me where Anezaki Mamori is?" He inquired politely, bowing, hoping that he wasn't being too much of a bother.

The boy looked thoughtful, glancing sticking his head inside the classroom. "Oh, it looks like Anezaki-san is still organizing some things. I'd say that she should be done in about half an hour. Would you like me to pass on a message for you?" He asked the short brunette.

Sena deflated a little. He had forgotten that she was also a class president. "No, no, that's okay, thank you. I'll probably be back later." He thanked. He glanced at his watch idly again; he may as well do what his class president had bid him to do and look for the three linemen in his class to inform them of their shift.

Leaving the school building, he started to walk around the long line of stalls, every once and a while stopping to look at what they had to offer.

Hmm... choco-banana-?

"Oo! Kakei! Look, it's Sena-kun!" A loud voice suddenly exclaimed in excitement, interrupting his thoughts. "Sena-kun! Over here! Over here!"

Sena turned to the cheerful voice that was trying to capture his attention. He spotted wild, blonde hair towering over most of the people a little ways away and he grinned and waved as a familiar face popped into his view. "Mizumachi-san." He greeted ever-so-politely, bright smile in place, "You came?"

The tall teenager clapped a friendly hand on his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze as a greeting. "Of course! I love school festivals!" Mizumachi Kengo gushed, exuberant as ever. Emerald eyes catching and holding Sena's chocolate brown ones, almost twinkling.

The dark-haired Kyoshin Poseidon's de facto team captain, Kakei Shun, appeared behind his enthusiastic friend and gave Sena a small, but friendly smile, effectively switching the short boy's attention to him. "We came with our team, actually." Kakei informed, scanning the crowd around them as if he could spot the rest of his team mates somewhere nearby. "They've all scattered, though."

Sena nodded and was about to reply when Mizumachi interrupted, making Kakei frown slightly. "Ne, ne, Sena-kun, what's your class doing for your school festival?"

"Umm, well, we're just doing a teahouse." The brunette admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head as he stared up at them with his big brown eyes, unaware of the adorable impression he was making.

Kakei looked like he was about to say something again. "Ehhh! Teahouse? That sounds cool! Where is it? I'll come when you're working!" Mizumachi babbled on eagerly, bending down slightly so that he was eye to eye with Sena. The azure-eyed linebacker scowled.

"O-o-okay." Sena stuttered, cheeks pinking under scrutiny. Despite having revealed himself as Deimon's mysterious Eyeshield 21 back in the game against Bando, and becoming highly sought after for sports clubs, he still wasn't used to receiving attention from others. He fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out one of their class flyers that gave the instruction as to where to find their teahouse. "I'll be working at twelve-thirty." He told them shyly, handing the piece of paper out towards the keen green-eyed boy that looked like he was just itching to get his hands on it. Sena sweatdropped. Mizumachi got excited over everything…

"So, what will you be wearing?" He suddenly asked, his grin widening.

"Excuse me?" Sena blinked, suddenly caught off guard by the bold question. The way Mizumachi had asked seemed innocent enough. But, the way his eyes were gleaming strangely as the words popped out of his mouth made him feel a little anxious, and nervous… like... that feeling he got when he was preparing to run from Cerberos? No, no, surely that couldn't possibly be right... What was this feeling then?

Kakei shoved his tactless friend away from a relieved Sena rather roughly and quickly changed the subject, an irritated expression darkening his face momentarily, "Ignore him - he's an idiot. Why are you walking around alone, anyway? If you'd like, you can join us." He offered, his blue-green orbs averting from Sena's direct eye-contact in a way that Sena would've probably described as shy if he didn't know better. Kakei simply didn't do 'shy', so that was completely out of the question. "You can show us around." He added quickly in an afterthought.

About to accept the Kyoshin student's well-meaning offer wholeheartedly, he suddenly remembered something and pasted an apologetic smile on his face. "Ah, Kakei-kun, I'm really sorry but I have to find Juumonji-kun and the others!" Sena bowed, almost forgetting what he was supposed to do. "I'd like to come along with you, but I can't. Maybe after my shift instead?" He suggested, before turning pink at how brash he sounded. Rejecting an offer and making his own almost as if he was under the assumption that they'd agree! He hurriedly tried to make amends to his bold statement. "Uh, that is, if you stay that long! Of course you don't have you, I was just suggesting ...! And ummm…"

Kakei didn't bother to stop the amused smile that tugged at the corners of his lips as his rival started getting flustered. It was surprising how easily the running back for Deimon could make him smile. "That's fine. We will still be here. Until then, we-"

"Yeah! Remember, we're going to eat there!" Mizumachi piped up, interrupting Kakei once again.

Sena laughed, feeling more at ease again, "Okay, I'll see you both soon." He sent them a bright smile and waved goodbye, before melding in with the crowd.

"What exactly are you trying to do?" Kakei suddenly asked the slightly taller boy, unable to contain the small feeling of jealousy because his rival had ended up paying more attention to Mizumachi than him.

Mizumachi gave him a blank look, "Huh?"

Kakei shook his head and decided to let it go. For now.

Walking past the grounds where they trained for their games and held their homeground matches, Sena was surprised to find a large mass of people cheering. His interested piqued, he pushed through the crowd with several comments of 'sorry' and 'please excuse me' over and over again. At the front of the mass of spectators, the short, slender teen found himself staring at the stall set up by Musashi's class. A kicking competition. Apparently there was a prize if you kicked the furthest. The prize was funded, by yours truly, Hiruma Youichi.

The running back sweatdropped as he read the sign. Where Hiruma got his endless flow of money from, he had no idea; and frankly, he wasn't sure whether he wanted to know, or not.

"Take this, Musashi!" A boisterous voice drowned out the idle chatter of on-lookers and participants alike. A football went straight into the posts; it's accuracy so perfect that it was directly in between the two metal columns. Cheers and awed gasps were drawn effectively from the audience at the sidelines. However, the mature-looking Deimon kicker behind the booth looked completely bored as he watched the red ball tumble on the other side. Clearly, he was unimpressed.

"Yeah! See that! That was smart!" The same voice hooted.

Sena sweatdropped, immediately recognizing the kicker of the Bando Spiders. "Kotarou-kun…" He sighed, shoulders hunching.

"Come on, Musashi! Try and beat that! I challenge you!" The blue-haired teen flicked out his ever-present silver comb, running it through his bangs while pointing at Musashi with his free hand - whose slouched body language indicated that he had absolutely no intention of getting up from his seat behind the stall anytime soon.

"Fuu, the moron's still challenging Musashi."

Sena jumped in surprise and spun on his heel, his eyes meeting beautiful twin pools of wine-red orbs peering down at him from behind partly see-through blue lens. "A-Akaba-san!" He gasped, astonished at the unexpected appearance of last year's Tokyo MVP winner at their school festival. "Eeeeh~! What are you doing here?"

The red-haired boy pushed his shades up a little, "Fuu, am I not welcome here?" He asked, a small trace of amusement lacing his voice.

Sena immediately started to wave his hands around in panic that he had offended the slightly older teen, "N-no! I didn't mean it like that! Of course you're welcome, you're welcome anytime!"

"Anytime, hm?" He reiterated absent-mindedly, shifting the guitar case he had slung over his shoulder. Akaba Hayato gave a small side smirk at the small boy he had deemed worthy of the Eyeshield title. So the rumours really were true that little Kobayakawa Sena didn't have much of a backbone when it was outside of the football field? That revelation certainly was highly surprising for the magnificent football player who had enough courage to take him on. But as is, Akaba definitely noticed that his rival's usual rhythm wasn't the same as it was on the field.

The brunette's shoulders slumped slightly as he sighed in mild relief, glad that Akaba wasn't insulted by his offhanded words.

"Sena-kun, what's your class doing for the gakkou-sai?" The guitar player enquired as they both watched Kotarou continue to kick multiple footballs through the goal posts with loud exclamations of 'Orrryaa~', and 'Ha!'.

"Etto… we're running a teahouse in our classroom." Sena uncomfortably shifted his weight onto his other foot. It was hard for him to make small talk.

"Is that so?"

The Deimon running back sweatdropped awkwardly and reached into his pocket to produce an advertisement flyer, "Um, if you have time, you can uh, come have a look. Ah, that um, that is, if you'd like..." Meekly handing the piece of paper to the taller male, he wondered if he would reject it.

Akaba grasped the leaflet without a pause, noting that the slight tension that seemed to seep out of his rival immediately upon his acceptance of it. "Have you finished your shift?" He asked, pocketing the handout after giving it a once over.

"Oh no, not yet, mine's at twelve-thirty." Sena looked at his watched and flailed around, "Hiiiee! I haven't found Juumonji-kun and the others yet and it's already twelve! I'll see you later, Akaba-san!" True to the Eyeshield 21 name, he disappeared from sight as he weaved expertly through the crowds.

Akaba pulled out the leaflet once more, "Twelve-thirty, huh?" He muttered to himself, gazing intently at the map at the bottom of the page.

"Yeah! See that kick! It's smart!"

Hm, maybe coming along with his annoying teammate to Deimon's festival had his perks after all.

Unable to find Juumonji, Kuroki and Toganou, and it was already ten minutes to his shift, he decided to simply send them a message on the mobile...

Only to get a reply of, 'We're already here, brat.'

"Eeeeh? They could've at least told me…" He sighed mournfully as he gingerly ran towards his classroom.

"Wha-what do you mean!" Sena gasped, horrified.

"Well, it's your fault for arriving later than Juumonji-san, Toganou-san and Kuroki-san. I did warn you to come at least ten minutes before your shift." The class president chastised, her hands on her hips. Apparently, there were only three waiter uniforms. And since Sena had arrived later than the three linemen, he was being told that he had no other choice but to wear the waitress uniform. She didn't mention the fact that if she tried to make the three delinquents wear waitress uniforms that they'd be out for her blood. Luckily for her, it was a well-known fact that Kobayakawa Sena could be easily pushed around.

"B-But…! Can't I just wear what I'm wearing now?" He pleaded desperately, white-knuckled hands clasped in front of him, begging.

"No. The customers won't know that you're a waiter. It's only for an hour."

Sena's blood ran cold.

It was one thing having your own classmates and some random people see him in a waitress uniform, but it was an entirely different thing altogether if he had to show up serving the people who held him in high regard in a dress - a maid dress, at that! He'd surely lose their respect. He frantically tried again, "Can't I swap with a girl?"

"No, I don't have the contact list for everyone, you know. Kobayakawa-san, please? Just this once. I'm very busy and it would be hard for me to change so many things around." To emphasis this, she shoved the clipboard full of scribbles, names, and various others in front of his face.

He knew his pride was torn to shreds the moment that he submitted to her request.

Hopefully... Kakei, Mizumachi and Akaba won't turn up…

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