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Fine Lines

Chapter Three
Amidst Chaos

By BlueRedemption

"Takami-san, what are you having?" Sakuraba peered to his left and at the quarterback's menu despite the fact that he had his own, exact copy in his hands. For some reason, someone else' menu always seemed to be more interesting.

Ootawara abruptly pounded his large fists onto the top of the desk, drowning out Takami's possible reply as he generated loud booming noises. "Bahahah, I want everything from here-" He jabbed his finger somewhere at the middle of the page, and ran it all the way down to the bottom, "To here!" He proclaimed aloud, standing and putting his hands on his hips as he let out a rowdy laugh.

"Ootawara! Before you order any of that..." Oujo's captain pushed his glasses up, a vein throbbing on his forehead as he tried to stop himself from face-palming, "Pull your pants up!"

"Nahahahaha, don't worry about the insignificant details!" Ootawara shoved his finger up his noise, but proceeded to do as he was told, tuning out Takami who was scolding him like a nagging mother hen.

The wide receiver laughed awkwardly at his teammate's dynamics, frivolously checking around them to make sure no one had fallen witness to what had just happened. As bad luck with have it, several students' faces were a little green as they stared at their table in a zombie-like state. Sakuraba bowed his head towards their directions apologetically before turning to face forward, ears burning pink in mortification. His brown eyes suddenly took note of the deeply intense expression of Shin, who was practically burning holes into the laminated paper in front of him. He sweatdropped. What now?

"…" A small bead of sweat rolled down the side of the line-backer's face, concentration apparent on his normally blank face.

"Errr, Shin, why are you staring so hard at the menu for?"

Shin grunted shortly before deigning them a mumbled response. "So far I have only consumed half of my required calories for today. I have yet to consume another thirty grams of protein, which I should split into the three other meals to make it nutritionally balanc…" His lips were still moving as his murmuring continued more so to himself than to the others.

Unsure of how to respond, he turned back to his own menu, mentally willing for the Deimon's ace running back to make his appearance and possibly end some of this madness.

"Fuu… the tone of this teahouse is to my liking; it is like a composition played wonderfully legato in major key." Crimson orbs skimmed approvingly around the classroom, scrutinizing the barest of details from the lovely printed tablecloths, to the tasteful, cheerful decorations. "As expected of Sena-kun's class."

"What the hell is that supposed to even mean? Music has nothing to do with this!" Kotarou screeched, aggravated that he had been dragged away from his competition with Musashi. Musashi was just about to accept his challenge as well! He didn't get out of the seat - but he had moved his leg!

"Hmpf, your rhythm does not mix well in this teahouse." Akaba intoned flatly, crossing his leg over the other one as he sat back comfortably in his chair, opening the menu.

"Like I said, I don't understand! Speak like a smart human being! … Don't ignore me!"

"Kotarou, try to keep your voice an octave lower; its crescendo is displeasing to my ears."


After being shouted at by his class president inside the home economics room that they were borrowing, Sena sighed and ambled back towards the classroom. He had barely set a foot in through the doorway when he could make out an ostentatious voice that was unmistakably Kuroki's rising over the chatter of the customers inside.

"Haaaaah! Why don't you order already!"

The lineman sounded exceptionally outraged. And if one of the three delinquent brothers were wound up, trouble was sure to follow.

Worried, the Deimon ace hurried into the suddenly hushed classroom only to gasp as his eyes took in the commotion. Juumonji, Toganou and Kuroki were surrounding a middle-school boy - who wasn't even from their school! Kuroki picked the boy up by the collar and started shaking him to the point where the teen's head was lolling around uncontrollably. Sena could hear him demanding that he start ordering; or face his wrath.

"K-Kuroki-san! Stop that!" He called in panic, flailing his arms and he sprinted towards the line-backers, diving in between them.

The manga-loving high schooler beside Kuroki jerked back in surprise when small hands wrapped around one of Kuroki's wrists that were gripping tightly onto the annoying non-ordering kid. Big, doe-brown eyes of a waitress stared at them pleadingly, silently begging them to stop. He said the first thing that popped into his head, "Hah?"


Kuroki dropped the kid unsympathetically. "Haaaaah!"

The three delinquents squeezed up close into the short newcomer's personal space bubble, glaring down at the intruder who had interrupted them.

Their faces were a little squashed together as they took up pretty much all of Sena's vision, taking advantage of their height to intimidate him.

"Who the hell are you?" They bellowed in synchronization.

Sena sweatdropped and cowered beneath their shadow. "Hiiiee! I-it's me, Sena!"

They all lurched back a few steps, their palpable shock in plain sight. "Sena-!"

"What the hell are you doing-"

"Dressed like that!"

Sena felt like crying as he tried to explain himself. "No, I-"

A cheer erupted throughout the classroom without warning, blocking out any words that escaped the Kantou MVP's mouth.

"Uwaaaa~~ It's the cute waitress!"

"Sena-chwaaaan~ please come serve me!"

"Waitress-san! Over here! Please look this way!"

"Eh!" Flustered, he glanced around as customers all over the room stared at him with shining, twinkling eyes, most of them beckoning him over in a rather creepy way. He felt an intense wave of chill, and he slowly turned to look back at Toganou, Juumonji and Toganou. They pinned him with murderous gazes. He instinctively raised his hands in surrender, "P-please wait! What did I do?"

"So, you're the cute waitress…"

"Who everyone was requesting…"

"So they wouldn't order from us, haaaaah?"

Sena's knees quivered in fear, having absolutely no understanding of what on earth was going on. All he knew was that it apparently was his fault. So he did what he normally did. "I-I'm very, very sorry!"

Toganou cracked his neck and took a slow deliberate step forward, "Seeing as you're so popular…"

Juumonji cracked his knuckles and shook it a little loose, "There's only one way…"

Kuroki rolled his shoulders, a grin spreading over his face. "To settle this."

Sena's eyes widened as he realized his fate.

He was going to die here.

In a dress.

A waitress' dress.

How humiliating.

The three linemen suddenly threw their pen and paper on the floor in front of Sena, before walking off in a line, casually waving their hand without turning to look behind them and at the running back. "We will leave everything to you, Sena-chan. See ya later!"

"E-Eeeeeh?" Sena gaped.

A crowd of males suddenly surrounded him from all sides, making it impossible for him to even push through.

"Seeeena-chaaaan, I'm ready to ordeeeer!"

"Me too, me too! Waitress-chan~"

"Sena-chaaan, please give me your number!"


"… Anezaki-san, are you alright?" The boy assisting with the collection of entrance fees into their horror house meekly questioned, wondering why his class president literally came 'flying' out of the classroom to stare blankly into wall of the hallway.

He was about to tap her shoulder when her head suddenly snapped over to the left, towards the direction of the C-block of the school, her expression brutal and not quite suited to her face.

The entrance-fee boy took a few steps back, fearful. Her eyes suddenly changed!

Her normally sweet, large angel-blue eyes had turned a steely, stormy, unforgiving cobalt. She suddenly took off.


Urgent pitter-patter of feet through the semi-crowded hallway made the short, white-blonde running back look towards the intersection just ahead of him in mild curiosity.

Kid had obviously heard the fast-approaching person too, "Tetsuma, stop!" He ordered.

The Seibu receiver halted immediately inches from the corner and stood rigid and straight just as someone veered into the hallway, almost colliding into them.

The blur of familiar, rose-coloured hair mixed with the familiar green Deimon uniform that had come charging around the corner and nearly smashing into the receiver, had he not been stopped just to the side, made the running back blink owlishly. "Mamori-neesan?"

"Nh? Deimon's manager?" Kid frowned in slight unease at the desperate expression imprinted on the manager's face. Something was up. And he was - more than likely - going to end up getting tangled into this mess. How troublesome.

If she was surprised to see some of the players from Seibu at the Deimon Gakkou-sai she didn't show it; instead, she grasped at Kaitani Riku's sleeve like a lifeline, "Rik-kun! It's Sena!" She gasped out, "I think Sena's in trouble!"

Riku's aqua-green eyes widened before hardening, glimmering ominously. "Which way?" He hissed.

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