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Chapter 1: A new threat

It was a nice day. Perhaps one of the nicest that the Mushroom Kingdom had seen in a long time. The sky was clear; a small breeze ran through the air rustling the leaves on the trees. A man lay on a hammock tied between two trees. He wore a red shirt, with overalls. On his face was a cap shielding his eyes from the bright sun. This man was known as Mario Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. A loud flapping sound slowly came closer. "Must be the mail!" Mario muttered getting up off of the hammock.

Slowly he walked over to the mailbox. There putting letters into the mailbox was a flying koopa. This koopa was known as Parakarry. He was a rather clumsy fellow who often lost several of his letters while delivering them. "Hi Parakarry!" Mario said rather happily. Parakarry just glanced at Mario, and then continued to put the mail into the Mailbox. "Hey what's wrong?"

"I'd rather not talk about it..." Parakarry turned away and began to fly off. Mario just grabbed the mail and began to look through the several different letters.

"Bills, bills, taxes..." Mario sighed, tossing every envelope to the ground "hey what's this?" Mario's eyes had looked at a envelope with the royal mushroom crest on it. However something was different. Instead of being addressed to Mario it was addressed to Luigi, which was strange because Luigi lived at his mansion. And to make it even more intriguing across it in big red letters was Confidential. His hands slowly went to open it when he stopped suddenly. His eyes glanced around and he dashed into his house, and locked the door.

Mario ripped open the letter and began to read. "Dear Luigi:" it began "This is just to inform you that Mario's surprise party is on scheduled for tonight!" Mario looked at the paper again and again making sure he read it right. After he was positive he had read it right he sent it up in a burst of red flames. Mario then once again began to search though the mail trying to see if there was some random town that needed saving. There was another letter for Luigi, this time from the Waffle Kingdom. He began to read the letter over.

"Sir! My name is Pancake. I am the new cabinet minister in the far-off Waffle Kingdom, replacing the devious Crepe. Our land has been attacked and captured by the devious villain known as Master Hand. Most people have all ready given up hope, however I heard of a brave warrior from our elders and sent this message in hopes that it would reach you. I ask, no, BEG for your assistance! The Waffle Kingdom needs your ability to liberate it from the fiend. I humbly request your prompt response, sir. Sincerely, Pancake"

Mario smacked his head on the table and looked once again at the letter. He then read over the one line mentioning Master Hand. "Impossible..." Mario muttered knowing as a fact that Master Hand had been dead for the past three years. Nonetheless it was worth investigating. Mario quickly grabbed the note and ran out to the warp pipe in front of his house. The warp pipe took him immediately to the central part of the Mushroom Kingdom. Quickly making sure that he still had the letter in his hand Mario ran towards the castle.

Mario barged into the throne room. "Princess Peach!" He shouted. Several toads who were decorating for the party that night quickly hid the decorations behind them. Peach turned around from talking with the chef about the cake.

"Hi Mario!" Peach said shocked.

"Peach I need to borrow the Rainbow Cruise!" Mario said. Mario ran past Peach and towards the dock where the Rainbow Cruise was. Peach then clapped her hands when she was sure that Mario was gone. Through the door came 10 Toads.

"Yes princess?" the leader asked.

"I need you to keep an eye on Mario! Make sure he is here for his party tonight!" She ordered sternly.


The Rainbow Cruise was a giant wooden ship, that was able to float in the sky. It didn't look like much on the outside but the inside... that was a whole different story. The wood was just a mere shell for the battle ship, below it the ship was put together with pure adamantium and to top it all off it had state of the art technology. It was made at Coneria base in the Lylat system. After the first smash wars the 12 returned to their home planets. And this opened trade routes for various planets. Corneria having the most advanced technology was able to gain lots of profit through this trade. Although it was really just the country and world leaders who could afford it. Princess Peach, like everyone else spared no expense. Of course Princess Peach was rather old fashioned so it kept the exterior while the interior was upgraded.

Mario got on board the Rainbow Cruise and it slowly left the docking bay. "WAIT!" the Toads shouted running as fast as they could to the ship. "Princess Peach ordered us to help you!"

Mario glanced at the Toads. Each of them rather small, and could hardly be any older than 25. "Fine" Mario responded calmly. "However, there is the chance that we will get into battle!"

Each of the 10 Toads laughed. "But sir please you must have heard, we are finally at piece with the Koopa Clan! And in the middle of negotiations! They wouldn't dare attack the Princess's flag ship!"

Mario just shifted his cap down to stop the sun from getting in his eyes, as now they were flying above the clouds. "No! I'm not talking about the Koopa Clan!" Mario said.

"Then who sir? We have alliances with all of the surrounding countries!" The Toad asked. Mario just walked away.

"If trouble happens wake me!" Mario walked away into the captain's room. Mario knew this ship quite well as he had installed the plumbing in it. He didn't want to worry the toads about someone they might meet up with. After all it was just unnecessary fear, 'after all it would just trouble the toads!' Mario thought to himself. He walked over to a window. Down below was a small island, known as DK Isle. 'If Master Hand has returned I will need a lot more than 10 weak Toads... DK should at least help in the brute strength department. I would need the 12 back together again to be able to defeat Master Hand but the only way would be to go back to Peach's castle.' Mario looked down at the island. "Might as well…" he muttered to himself and left the room.

"Is anything wrong?" One of the Toads asked.

"No nothing is wrong!" Mario said calmly. "I just want to make two stops before we arrive at our intended destination!"

"Where sir?" Another toad asked.

"DK Isles!" Mario replied. It didn't take long before the Rainbow cruise landed off of the shore of DK isles. By the time that Mario reached the beach waiting there for him was Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

"Why are you here?" All three asked at the same time. With that Mario began to explain the situation.

To be continued…

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Pancake's letter was modeled after Crepe's letter that Luigi received in Paper Mario TTYD.