Epilogue: Beginning again

Mario was once again relaxing on his hammock wondering when he would go on another adventure. Only a month had passed since Giga Bowser had been sealed away. Mario jumped up and walked to the mailbox. To his surprise there was a letter there addressed to him. "That's odd Parakarry doesn't come this early..." He opened it up and noted that it was neatly folded.

On the top of the letter was "Dear Mario Mario, please make sure that no one else sees this letter and once you are done reading it, burn it." He opened up the letter and began to read. "Greetings Mario, this is from Master Hand." Mario flinched. Quickly Mario rushed into his house.

"In an attempt to redeem myself I have decided to gather all 26 of you warriors together to protect the universe from those who wish to do it harm. This is an open invitation to join us. Together Crazy Hand and I will train you on the Smash Planet in the Smash Mansion. However in return you must do a few things for us such as monthly tournaments." Mario took a second to think about this.

"Enclosed with this letter is a Smash Shard" Mario looked in the envelope and saw the Smash Shard.

"Even if you don't accept this invitation please hide this Smash Shard safely. All ready I have made amends to Sui, Tei, and Rai. I have explained that people will now come after the Smash Crystal and that it would be safer to shatter it into several shards and give one to each of the Smashers."

Mario bit his lip quickly realizing that even if he refused he would still be drawn into the web just because he possessed a Smash Shard. The reality of the situation was Master Hand wasn't giving them a choice and no matter what they would all eventually come back.

"I will be by later to hear your decision. Sincerely, Master Hand"

Mario just smiled as a response and began to burn the letter in his hands. Outside he heard a light thump. He stood up and began to walk towards the door outside. "It seems that you want to make amends." He said to the shadows.

"Yes," Master Hand replied. "And your decision?"

"I'm going!"

Somewhere far away there was a shaded figure sitting on a throne. "So they have all failed me," his raspy voice echoed through out the empty room. "Smashers I eagerly await the day we meet. I know my former colleagues will make you all worthy opponents!"

The end... for now

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