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S. Meyer: I did say I didn't want to give them to you!

Kay: well you didn't have to be so abrupt about it! I have feelings too!

S. Meyer: sorry, why don't you post your fanfic? It always makes you happy when people leave reviews.

Kay: I guess…but I want twilight! Come on at lease Edward! PLEASE!

S. Meyer: no

Kay: fine. Be that way. –posts fic- there I posted it. Are you happy?

S. Meyer: yes.

-people be afraid. I am talking to myself. So not crazy!

Edward: yes she is.

Kay: I heard that Edward!

Edward: take me out of these chains please!

Kay: no! I will not give you back! You are mine muhahahhaha!

Edward: cough crazy cough

Kay: I am not crazy!!!!!!!!!! You know what I am talking to myself again. Hmmmm…I need to fix that. Note to self: no more talking to myself. Hope you enjoy the fic. Even though it was written by a crazy Edward addicted person! Ta ta!


It irritated me how I couldn't get him out of my mind. His bronze hair, golden eyes, and angelic face. I had an image of him in my mind and it wouldn't go away. I started pacing around my room. I hated it when Edward went hunting. Just the fact that I had no way to see him made my heart ache. I think it was around eleven o' clock on a Saturday night. He had left earlier that day and, he promised me that he would be back the next day. I made a silent promise to myself not to fall asleep. Usually Edward would come straight to me after hunting; I didn't want to take the chance of him coming to my room to find me asleep. I needed to see him.

The very first time I had a civil conversation with Edward I knew I was in love with him. He was just so…perfect. I had no idea what I did to deserve his love. I sat down on my bed and began tracing the pattern on my quilt with my finger. Edward was all I could think about. Edward...Edward… "EDWARD?!?" I had been so deep in thought about him when suddenly he was sitting in my rocking chair, staring at me with a grin on his face. He extended his arms out toward me. Quickly I hopped off my bed and into his arms. He wrapped his arms around me and sat in complete bliss for what seemed like hours. After a while I felt myself drifting to sleep. Trying to fight it, I looked up at my angel's face, "Edward?" he looked into my eyes, "Yes my Bella?" "I missed you…terribly." He grinned, " I know." That was the last thing I saw before I let sleep take over my body.

--I originally thought I should make this a one-shot but now I think I want to make a second chapter where Bella finds out that he didn't really go hunting. I dunno…maybe…tell me what you think and maybe I will. I have no confidence about this story.