Disclaimer: I don't own twilight, new moon, or any of its character. The wonderful genius S. Meyer does. I am trying to bribe her with anything I can to get Edward.

S. Meyer: I do not want to get into this again with you. YOU ARE NOT GETTING EDWARD!

Kay: jeez Stephenie I am so sorry total sarcasm

S. Meyer: what ever just post the fic…oh this is in Edward's pov. And how did he feel about you writing in his pov?

Kay: he was fine with it.

Edward: help Stephenie! You beautiful genius! Help! She has me chained up in the basement.

S. Meyer: raises eyebrow

Kay: heh heh…On with the fic…


I was curious about something. What did Bella do when I went hunting? During a wet Saturday morning I told Bella I had to leave her to hunt. Her beautiful face clouded over with disappointment. I almost decided to cancel my "hunting trip" and stay with her but, my curiosity won out. At noon I left her house in my Volvo. I sped a/n: is it speeded or sped…I feel spedspecial Ed home and got there in less than five minutes, I chuckled to myself, Emmett would be mad about my new record. His fastest time from Bella's house was six minutes. Victory over Emmett was always sweet. With no intention of going inside the house I parked my car and turned around to run back to Bella's house. Ten minutes later I was sitting in a tree right outside her window. She was sitting on her bed reading one of her favorite books, Pride and the Prejudice. She read the whole book in about two hours. I had never watched her read before. It was absolutely breathtaking. The way her eyes flicked over the pages, her eyes lighting up when she came to one of her favorite parts, and my favorite part when she started crying at the end. Her face looked absolutely beautiful when she cried. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss away her tears but yet again my curiosity got the better of me when she went to sit at her desk. Something had caught her attention. Someone had sent her and instant message on her ancient computera/n: I love picking on her computer for one reason only…it sounds slower than mine is ;). I looked to see who it was. When I read the name I sighed in disgust, Mike. She talked to him for a little while. Then she heard Charlie pull up. I hadn't noticed how late it was until I saw how dark it was around me. I looked at my watch, 10:30 PM. Bella ran downstairs to greet Charlie and ask him if he had eaten. He hadn't so she fixed him something. It was a little after eleven when she got back up to her room. She started pacing her room with an irritated look on her face. Even though I couldn't read her mind I could tell she was thinking about me. I watched her flop down on her bed and trace the pattern on her quilt. I couldn't help it anymore. I climbed through her window with inhuman speed and sat in her rocking chair. It was five full minutes before she noticed me. "EDWARD?!?" I extended my arms, yearning for her touch. She immediately jumped onto my lap. I hugged her for what seemed like forever. After a while she lifted her head to look at me. "Edward?" "Yes my Bella?" "I missed you…terribly." I grinned knowing that it had been me she had been thinking about earlier, "I know." I replied simply. Suddenly her breathing became slower. I carried her to the bed and laid her down. I kissed her forehead, "I missed you too." With that I went to sit in her rocking chair to watch my most precious angel sleep.

--Ahhhh…so fluffy! Floating in fluffiness! Didn't that make you feel all warm inside? It did me! N e who. As you can see I like writing in epov more than Bella. Nothing against Bella, I am just a little irritated that she stole my man. I don't feel like writing in her pov. J/k I love Bella. Like I said before, no confidence that this story will live up to anything expectation anyone has for twilight fanfics but I tried. A for effort…right? Tell me what you think!

P.s. if I write a second chapter then I will write more in bpov. I think. Peace!