Miss Waiching Liu


General/ Romance

Series: 4 add-on/5 (?)

Chapters: 5

Published: July 2007

Summary: When a planned visit to Remos with Caroline backfires for Richard, he feels all is lost. To makes matters worse, he finds out that the tenant of the apartment block he lives in has kicked him out. Homeless, he then seeks refuge in Caroline's loft and the couple with Stefano spend the evening together and as they do our couple reflect back on the past and as they do it leads to the consummation of their relationship. When the two bring up the letter and phone message in one conversation, this in itself draws the couple closer together

Additional Author's Notes: This was a long fic to write, as you can probably tell, but you'd be astonished to know it took me 2 days to do this. We all know that as the show changed writers later on during CITC, we had noticed that Richard's love letter, which was talked about during the second season of the show, was never mentioned again during the remainder of the series. One of the number of inconsistencies pointed out by fans, this is yet another fic which seeks to address this problem. Yes, yes, I did vow that I wouldn't pen another a season finale add- on, but I have just about run out of ideas and thus, this is the last one that I have written, I swear! And no more afterwards

Chapter 1:

Hmmm, let's see now; Annie and Del were on very friendly terms with each other- too friendly to be exact that they ended up putting their hands all over each other, Charlie was last seen globetrotting in Europe, Scandinavia on a dollar it was, although he did stop halfway through Italy and caught sight of Richard bonding with his son Stefano in a café. Thank god for Charlie though- if he hadn't informed Richard about Caroline, then no way in hell would have Richard been able to get to the church where she was going to marrying so called childhood friend, Randy. As for Richard, he then flew all the way to Caroline's hometown of Pesthigo, Wisconsin in the West and to the wedding ceremony to witness his sincere amore marry that loser, Randy

(as it was in the series finale)

Priest: We are gathered here today to join Caroline and Randy in the bounds of holy matrimony. If there is anyone here who knows why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace

(In the background: baby Stefano is crying. Caroline and everyone in the church turn around to see Richard on the balcony, trying to hush Stefano as he sneaks in. Caroline steps away from the altar, looking up at him in disbelief. Richard locks eyes with her and waves sheepishly, somewhat embarrassed for interrupting. Caroline still gazing up at Richard with a gentile smile on her face is interrupted by her mother)

Margaret (Caroline's mum): Honey? Your quickest way out is right over there (points to a nearby exit sign, then Caroline looks back up to Richard, then it ends)


Del: Oh my God, what is Richard doing here?

Randy: What the hell is HE doing here?

Caroline: Richard, what are you doing here?

Richard: (approaches Caroline) Caroline…

Priest: Is something the matter?

Randy: No! Nothing is the matter. Just let us say our vows father and get us married- and fast

Richard: I don't think so Randy. It's ME that ought to be standing in that very position that you are in- not YOU. Caroline loves me, not you

Randy: Why don't you do all of us a favour and leave us all in peace? I cannot believe that you had the nerve to show your face round here

Richard: Well you know what? You have got a nerve to steal my girlfriend, my sincere amore away from me

Randy: Sincere a what?

Del: It is translated as 'the love you never have to question', dumbass!

Richard: Thanks Del!

Reg: (then turns to Charlie to find out what was happening) What's going on here?

Charlie: Richard's back

Reg: He is? Thank God!

Charlie: Why do you know, Randy?

Reg: No- and still don't want to know, nor do I care because I know for sure that Caroline and Richard should be together, not Caroline and Randy

Charlie: Man, I am with you on that one! (high fives Reg)

Caroline: I cannot do this right now

Randy: Caroline, what are you talking about?

Caroline: I mean, I cannot marry you, not right now

Randy: Don't tell me that it's because of Richard's appearance that you have had second thoughts?

Caroline: Of course not

Richard: Well, one thing's for sure and that is she won't be marrying you

Caroline: … and oh, and you'd think that I'd get back with you, after what you put me through, Richard, right? Well, you're wrong. I couldn't care less about us because there isn't an 'us' between us. Annie, can I talk to you and you only at the back?

Annie: Sure Care

The women make their way outside and talk for an hour. Afterwards, Caroline and Annie go back into the church and Annie goes up to the priest and whispers in his ear. As the priest nods his head, he immediately makes the next announcement

Priest: Um, how can I put this? Other than, this wedding ceremony…. is now officially called off

(there are now gasps from the guests)

Margaret: Oh my

Randy: What? This cannot be happening!! This is just…. stupid!!

Caroline: Randy, why don't we talk about this, just the two of us?

Randy: (flips out) No Care! This was supposed to be a special day, OUR special day… and yet you have decided not to marry me? I cannot accept this! It's over! Bye Caroline

Caroline: Randy, come back please?

(Randy storms off- only for Richard to approach Caroline)

Richard: Look, about what had just happened…. I am sorry; I didn't mean to cause a scene

Caroline: Leave me alone Richard!

Richard: Caroline, I think we need to talk, I have a lot of explaining to do to you

Caroline: Well, you can save it. I don't wanna hear what you have to say

Richard: Please Caroline?

Caroline: CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME IN PEACE?! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN THINGS?! I CANNOT STAND THE SIGHT OF YOU!! (bursts into tears and runs into the ladies room)

Annie: Now look what you have done Richard?

Richard: Me?! I have done nothing! Well, apart from telling Caroline I didn't want anymore kids, which was awful. But apart from that, I did nothing

Annie: Whatever you say Richie…

Richard: Excuse me, but since when have you ever cared about Caroline's interests?

Annie: I have cared enough to know that when my best friend is feeling as low as she is right now, she needs a shoulder to cry on- and you for one are hardly the type of person to offer that to her

Richard: and like, you are THE ideal person to offer that to Caroline? Don't kid yourself

Annie: You know you were such a jerk to tell Caroline you didn't want anymore kids with her, it's no wonder she almost ended up with Randy and I couldn't have blamed her

Richard: Wait a second- you knew that Caroline went to Randy, after I left for Italy on my own? How come?

Annie: You know, I don't have to keep answering your questions (is about to leave)

Richard: (stops Annie) Annie, I want the truth- and I want to know right now! Did you say anything to her? What did you do?

(there is brief silence)

Annie: Okay, okay- you win. When Caroline told me about you two splitting up, I called Randy and told him where Caroline was and I persuaded Caroline to get together with Randy

Del: Annie, you didn't

Richard: Oh but Del she did- and my word how stupid it was of you to do so as well. I just don't understand you Annie

(There is silence from Annie)

Richard: Though let's face it, you couldn't stand the fact that I was with a woman who I had loved dearly, and still do for that matter, that you had to jeopardize everything I and Caroline had together. You know what? I think I have heard enough. In future, stay out of our business, got it?

(Richard walks off; leaving just Annie and Del in the church; Richard then knocks on the door of the room Caroline is in)

Caroline: Go away Richard!

Richard: Caroline, I need to talk to you

Caroline: Now is not the time! Do you realize how humiliated I was out there; with all those people out there… my parents, Randy's parents, Del, Charlie, Annie, Angie staring at you?

Richard: I didn't mean to cause such a commotion, and I saw that you were smiling at me when you looked up and saw me

Caroline: (is despondent)

Richard: Just admit it; you were happy to see me again

Caroline: Well, if I was smiling, it was because I didn't want to get all angry and let the other guests watch me lose my temper. I am still angry though

Richard: I know you are, I don't blame you. Look, why don't we talk about this over coffee. And besides, I have a lot of explaining to do regarding my son, Stefano, if that's okay with you. Please Caroline; you haven't heard the real reasons why I did what I did. I'm not proud of what I said to you, but also I have never stopped loving you and you know that. Why don't we meet up over lunch this Saturday, back in New York and discuss this further?

Caroline: I really don't know

Richard: Caroline, please give me a chance to explain myself

Caroline: Fine, but still, I don't think it would be a good idea to get back together

Richard: (masks his disappointment) that'll be great. I'll be at your apartment at 12-ish. I'll see you on Saturday then

Caroline: Yes, I see you later

Richard: Bye Caroline

Richard: Bye Richard