Prolog: The Beginning

The cold rain fell down to Earth with unworldly force. The streets were quiet and the street lights overhead buzzed ominously as a black haired man silently walked down the sidewalk. He clutched his baby closely, in hopes of warming the poor child. His rough hands petted the baby carefully and he kissed it's soft head. The child looked up at the man in awe as he placed it on the step of an affluent family. "You shalt not forget, my dear son." the man whispered over the heavy rain. The poor man placed a letter on the baby's stomach and rang the door bell. He knelt down and whispered his final words of love to his son and disappeared into the stormy night.

The baby cooed and fretted with his blanket then the front door of the large home opened. A woman stood in the doorway, with long curly red hair and emerald green eyes. Her soft, elegant features could only barely be seen in the dark of the night. She knelt by the baby and cooed softly "Ooh ooh you poor thing, I've got you..shhh." The red haired woman brought the boy inside and sat on the soft leather couch. "Where'd you come from, hunny?" She asked the infant then she saw the letter nestled in his linens. She plucked it out and read it carefully.

Dear Family.

Plese take gud care of my son. He is very inportant to me. I wish him a good lif and gud food so he can gro strong. His nam is Roy Mustang and he is a yer old. His birthdate is 12th of June.


She carefully placed the letter on the coffee table and looked down at the baby with a smile "You're Roy aren't you, hunny." She petted his soft hair and bundled him up tight "I'm Jessica."

Jessica Hawkeye was her full name. She was married to the famous David Hawkeye and adopted a daughter 2 years later, she called Riza. Though her full name was Elizabeth. The years passed and they treated Roy as if he were their own son. David would carry him on his broad shoulders and Jessica would teach him to dance and Riza would be his first friend, one happy family they were. The Hawkeye's stored Roy's things in the closet. His letter and his blanket, Jessica would tell him in time but not too soon.