The Pagan Babies were at it again -

Bon Jovi had just yanked a fistful of curly, golden hair from Julia Roberts's head, causing her to bellow the longest and loudest wail Adriana could have ever believed would come out of such a tiny thing. Really - she only had stubs for arms or legs, not having had the opportunity to grow into a full fledged baby on Earth.

"Bon Jovi!" Adriana scolded "You know better than that!"

She cradled little Julia in her arms, rocking her back and forth til she was soothed - There were no pacifiers this side of Heaven, so Ade had to make do with giving Julia her thumb to suck. The babe took it with a gulp and a sigh, but not without cutting Bon Jovi a rather sharp look.

Adriana and the babies resided on a little puff cloud, just south of heaven. Adriana could have stayed in "true" heaven, but she didn't know that.

She had caught the eye of Mary Magdalene when she first arrived, before her consciousness could have recognized where she was. Mary had spied Ade looking over the babies with longing. At the very moment their eyes met, Mary realized this poor, newly arrived soul had not been able to have children on Earth and led her to Cloud 8 (as they liked to call it).

Bon Jovi was still trying to get attention, and going about it in a very naughty way. Having been denied the baby's tiny curls, he reached up for a handful of Ade's thick, dark brown hair.

"Ow! that does it you little rascal. I'm sending you to Inga.

Inga had been a Swedish nurse on Earth. She had resided on Cloud 8 for forty two years, but she was getting close to retirement.

"Bon Jovi again?" she asked with fake disbelief when Ade glided over. ("Disbelief" was one of the things Inga was working on here in purgatory)

Inga clucked and waved her index finger at Bon Jovi. Tears spilled out of his big brown eyes and his lower lip puckered out.

He was being sent to nap time and didn't like it one bit! For one, he didn't need it, not being what you would call "coproreal".

And for another, he was totally in love with Adriana.

He stomped his little chubby foot and glared at Inga, as if to say "There's no way you're gonna make me lie down old lady!"

Unfortunately, he had never learned how to speak more than a toddler patois of "No!" or "Gimme".

The only way he could begin to make the complicated criticism of his situation was to throw himself on the ground, pounding and crying

Once he did that, Inga scooped up his limp body and easily carried him into a gilded crib in the corner.

She tucked him in a downy sheet and gave him a little stuffed bear to hold.

Bon Jovi grabbed the bear with a ferocious scowl while Inga surpressed a chuckle and looked up at heaven (for the thousandth time, at least)

A cherub floated down from Cloud 9. He was holding a little viola, on which he began to play a soothing lullaby, which Bon Jovi could not resist.

Adriana breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks, Inga", she said and glided back to the other side of the cloud to watch over her brood of lost souls.