Maybe in Another Time

A/N: Don't know why I decided to do this…just wanted to.

Summary: Angst.' Post s7…Sara's dead, but Catherine's not ready to let go. Character Death.

Other A/N:…I'm not saying Sara's dead; SHE'S NOT! just works in this particular story.

Spoilers: Nope, based on the finale…damn cliffies. SARA CAN'T BE DEAD!!!


Cath's POV-

Natalie Dell finally told us where Sara was, Gil and I were the first two headed toward the scene. It was almost 5 in the morning and pouring rain like you wouldn't believe; behind us was an ambulance and what seemed like the whole Las Vegas police department, every one of their sirens blaring.

I skimmed the darkened roads while Grissom drove, hoping to catch a glimpse of the red car Sara was supposed to be trapped under…

My stomach did another flip. It hurt to think about it. None of us expected the Miniature Killer to get so personal as to actually kidnap a CSI…especially when that CSI is Sara.

I guess, in prospect, it makes sense. Gil took away the most important thing in the killer's life, her father, so she was just returning the favor…Sara apparently means the world to Gil. He finally told us they've been dating for awhile now. That stung. Sara and I have been getting along so well lately, she was actually starting to flirt back with me; after almost 2 years of trying.

Gil and Sara dating is the least of my problems. We have to make sure Sara makes it out of this alive.

'We're coming Sar, hold on. Please.'

I'm thrown out of my thoughts by a huge shadow just off the road. It looks like…

"Omigod! Gil stop! There she is!!! Stop!" I scream and point out the window.

Gil pulls over to the side of the road and screeches to a stop, everyone behind us follows suit.

I jump out of the car, Gil right behind me. We both have flashlights in our hands rushing to the up-turned car.

I get there first and that's when I see Sara's hand sticking out from underneath, covered in mud. I shine my light all around the area, and then back to Sara. How the hell did she get under there that far?

"SARA?!?" I call out, hoping she'll respond. Nothing. I scream her name again before trying to get to the car—to her, but Warrick comes out of nowhere and grabs onto my shoulders and pulls me back. I scream and try to get away. "Let go! Let me go dammit!"

"You can't touch her Catherine! She's part of the crime scene! If we ever want to convict this bitch it can't be compromised!"

I feel tears welling in my eyes. "Fuck the crime scene! She needs our help! She's hurt!"

I jerk harder this time and manage to break free, only to slip to the muddy ground in the process. I get up and run the last few feet before falling to ground again. I grab her hand then immediately check for a pulse, it's weak, but it's there.

I almost cry in relief. "We've got a pulse!"


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