Project Zero- Part 1

The sun beamed down on Tokyo Bay, some debris fell off a destroyed bridge, for now a temporary
sheet of iron served as a road. Cars passed by and some stared at the smoking, bright gold pile
of junk in the Pacific Ocean, it's hard to believe that this had once been the great Robo-Z Gold.
Ah yes, Robo-Z Gold, the three-story mechanical "hero" made by the Secret X Organization, no one
really knew their true intentions of creating it, until it challenged the president of Japan to
dance... for the fate of the country. Whoever won, gained control of Japan. That is until a
chopper carrying a dancer named Hiro-kun came along, and was shot down by Robo-Z Gold's heat-seeking
missile. Lucky for him the only thing bruised was his huge ego. This continued, dancer after
dancer, helicopter after helicopter, until one day, when a B-boy named Heat came along... Heat
did his best to beat the iron giant, busting flares, windmills, 1990s, and even headspins! The
20-year old former racer looked like he had the upper hand, until Robo-Z launched its missile!
Keeping his cool, Heat merely reflected the attack, sending it right back to the opponent! The
missile exploded in the golden mecha's torso, knocking him back, this was the right time for the
armed forces to strike! While Heat was keeping spectators awed with his phat moves, the army
fired 6 missiles at the robot's smoking head, each of them making contact, the golden machine
violently shook and convulsed as Heat was busting out a fever...

2 weeks later...
The news came on the television, Kitty-N looked up from her tuna dinner and watched. "James
Suneoka, the host of the family tv program "Dancing Heroes" is recovering well from the 2nd degree
burns and mouse bites he recieved from dancers on the show. Among those who have "accidentaly"
harmed the host, is Heat the winner of the Bust-A-Move 2 Tournament, who also saved Japan, and
possibly the whole world from the threat of Robo-Z Gold and the Secret X Organization, who is now
under investigation under charges of treason. Suneoka had this to say about his injuries "I hope
that hot Kelly chick comes to visit me... and she better bring her handcuffs!" Suneoka has had
many visitors so far, many celebrites and pop stars, like Namie Amuro, have visited him, but it
is his latest visitor who is stirring up quite a commotion." Kitty-N quickly ran to her favorite
couch, the one with the scratch marks on the post, and watched intently. "Michael Doi, the famed
choreographer of the dance and tv sensation Kitty-N, was seen visiting Suneoka, carrying a flower
bouquet and a box of chocolates." Kitty-N instantly fainted...

Meanwhile, Frida put her head on the coffee table again. "Uggh... I'm never gonna think of
somethin to show at the Tokyo Arts Expo... all my pieces are good, but for some reason none of
em really look like 'Tokyo Arts Expo material.' Ah well..." She grabbed a nearby picture frame
and stared at the a href=""picture/a
within it. "Sigh... you're so famous now Heat... I wonder if you'll ever see a starving artist like
me again... if only I hadn't chosen not to participate in the second Bust-A-Move tournament. Maybe
we'd still be together." Frida lightly banged her head against the table. "Ouch... this sucks...
not only is my boyfriend probably the most popular B-boy in the world, but I have absolutely NOTHING
to show at the expo that I cancelled the tournament for!! Grr... Maybe I'll go to the junkyard...
they've got a lot of useless crap lying around that I'm sure would make an awesome sculpture!"

A slender figure clad in black sat quietly at the end of the Secret X Organization's conference
table. "Hm... Ms. Kaname... this idea of yours... this... Project Zero... I like it." "Domo
arigato, Hanabishi-san. This will be a major improvement over the past two attempts at a dancing
weapon, it's weapon is not a conventional one, as it dances, it can take the rhythm of the music
and turn it into a sonic wave." "But Ms. Kaname, what are we to do if there is no music?"
"You forget, Hanabishi-san, that rhythm and music is all around us, whether it be people walking
on the ground or honking horns, they all have rhythm, in Japan, it is near impossible for the whole
country to be completely silent. Project Zero will take the Secret X Organization and Japan to
the level it was meant to be... at the top of the world!!" Instantly the conference room cheered.
The Secret X Organization had plans for world domination, now they only had one more problem...

Heat read the letter he had recieved over and over. "Show your skillz at the annual B-Boy Competition
in Newww Yorrk!! Compete against tha BEST B-Boy Crews in the world! Go against the RockSteady Crews
of New York and Tokyo, if you think you're good enough! Got tha skillz to pay tha billz? Show em off!!
Think you're 2BAD and too hot to handle? Then prove it! Special appearances by the father/son
team of Gas-O and Bi-O plus the mysterious Capoeira, the crew that's outta this world! Special
performance by Strike and his Notorious crew! Also, here's your chance to see if you're worthy to
join the "Natural Elementz Crew" think you deserve to control the element of fire? Hahahaha! We'll
see!" Instantly Heat rushed to get his stuff ready and brought the paper with him as he slammed his
door on the way to the airport, a fiery handprint left on the knob, he should have read the envelope.
In the upper left corner, the address and logo of the Secret X Organization were printed...