Project Zero- Part 4

Frida woke up, the surface she was on was cold like steel, the 4:30 sun made it shine bright,
she looked over the edge and gasped. The ground was a whole story under her. Then she remembered.
She saw herself falling from the shoulder of a giant structure, then hitting something hard,
then she balcked out. She stood up on the thing she was on, it looked like a hand. She looked up
and saw a robot, face mangled and head smoking. A yellow eye stared straight at her, the other
wasn't lit and cracked badly. Its torso was charred and broken, revealing wires and internal
systems, sparks flying here and there. Its legs were a little rusted with salt water. The silence
continued for about 5 minutes, yet they continued to stare at each other. Finally, the robot
broke the silence with a simple word. In a garbled, mechanized voice, it said "Hello."

Heat, Gas-O, and Bi-O proceeded on their way to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. "West
34th street, we're here." "Yeah, but don't blaze in there yet fireboy, we still got a practice
session til 2, then there's the Capoeira demo at 3:30, and the Natural Elements demo and search
for a new member at 4." "So, we're pretty much on a fixed scheudle then son?" "Yeah dad, so um,
after the Rocksteady Crew battles Tokyo Rocksteady we can go play catch in Central Park ok?"
"Sure thing son!" "Hey guys! Come on! You're wasting precious breaking time!" "Ok, ok, geez,
it's not like the world's gonna end if we don't hurry up!"

"IT'S FINIIIIIIIISHED!" "Hehehe, finally, Project Zero is complete!" "Contact Kaname-san and
Hanabishi-san, tell them that we are ready to unleash it in Tokyo! We shall attack where the most
respected citizens and nobles shall be, at the prestigious Tokyo Arts Exposition!" The Secret X's
factory roof opened, revealing a robot, similar to Robo-Z, except that it had a green paint job,
and a bright white "0" was painted on the backs of its hands, its kneecaps, and in the middle of
its forehead. Its eyes suddenly switched on, emitting a red glow. It stretched its arms out to
its sides, then it began to perform arm waves, which makes it look like a wave is traveling from
one arm to the other. Music started playing from a car passing by, and instantly Robo-Zero
captured the rhythm and threw it back at the car in the form of a green laser beam. The car
exploded upon impact. Robo-Zero was now ready to be unleashed, it was 3 am in Japan. Most of the
people were asleep, but the Secret X Organization felt that they needed a rude awakening...

Frida couldn't believe her eyes, she was staring straight at Robo-Z. Even if it was busted up, it
was still Robo-Z. She was speechless, she had no idea what to do. So she just replied, "H...h..
hi." The towering, golden giant stared back at her "What is your designation?" "Designation? Oh!
You must mean my name! I'm Frida!" "Hello... Friiiiidaaaa. I am...?...?" "You... don't know who
you are?" "No... but I feel weak... so... weak..." "Can you walk?" "Not... very... far..."
"Just follow me, I know a place we can go!" "Ackknowledged..." Frida ran to her car and drove off,
with Robo-Z following behind her.

Kelly sat at her desk, waiting for the chief to hand out assignments... "Any news sir?" "Hmmm,
not much except that the number of people calling in zombie sightings has decreased tremendously,
has the Notorious gang been up to anything lately?" "Other than concerts, CDs, and gun shows? I
don't think so." "Good Officer Kelly, maybe this time they can go for a week without one felony."
"We can hope sir... we can only hope."

"BLAM!" "HA! HA! Yo Strike! We did it! We blew up the back wall man! Look at all dat cash!"
Strike stared at him coldly through his Med Flyz sunglasses. "Empty your pocket." The gangster
emptied one pocket, and three wads of 500 dollar bills fell out, he emptied the other one, and
out came six wads of 100 dollar bills. "Man, we get more money in a DAY than these suckas get in
a year! We don't need to rob money! We just rob banks for the hell of it!" "Oh yeah huh? Well
um... we best be gettin outta here, or da popo'll bust our a-" "Just drive outta here, before I
have to get M. As in M-16." "Sure thing Strike, whatever you say!" The van sped out of the bank,
just as soon as the cops pulled in.

Back in NYC, things were much hotter, Heat was busting out flares, windmills, 1990s, and
headspins as the stunned crowd watched. He had easily beaten 5 crews, each with 17 members.
Now he was just getting warmed up. "Hey Heat! Me and my dad are gonna go sightseeing! He wants
to know if the plastic surgery here is any good." "Aight Gas-O, when will you back?" "In like
a few hours, hey there's a rave tonight? Wanna go?" "I'll think about it, that coo?" "Aight,
whatever you want, later!" Gas-O grabbed two baseball gloves and a ball and left with his undead
father. "Aight y'all, you ready for me to set the roof on fire?" Heat went crazy and let out a
combo of footwork to a headspin to flares to a windmill back to a headspin to a 1990, and the
crowd cheered all throughout, the DJ kept the music pumpin, and Heat wiped the sweat off himself
with a towel, which he threw to some lucky girl. "AHHH!!" she screamed. "IT SMELLS LIKE HIM!
I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW!" "Uh... you're welcome kid." "Heat!" Heat looked around, yet so no one.
"Heat!" Heat looked at his watch, it was almost time for the tryouts for the Natural Elementz
crew. "Heat! Please report to the Natural Elementz booth immediately!" "Woo-hoo! Looks like I'm a
priority! Better stop that line now, cuz I'm gonna make it in!"