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A/N: This is like the summary says an AU story. Maybe future fic would be the more appropriate term because I intend to keep all the events from the anime the same, just have it take place six years in the future, when Echizen would finish high school and move on to college. So in case anyone is wondering- yes all three will know each other quite well right from the beginning whether they like it or not.

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Beecher Hall Room 4112

Echizen Ryoma

Fuji Syusuke

Tezuka Kunimitsu

Tezuka glanced down at his rooming assignment letter for a long moment before politely thanking the student volunteer behind the desk. The younger man misinterpreted his expression and immediately started apologizing.

"I know it's unusual to have two roommates but your room is on the corner of the dorm building which means more space," he babbled before Tezuka cut him off.

"It's fine." The volunteer looked relieved and passed over the dorm key while he continued the standard welcome speech. The boy finished up with a reminder of a floor meeting tomorrow night and Tezuka nodded in understanding. For a moment the former tennis captain paused, feeling the edges of the metal key cut into his palm before clearing his throat and catching the attention of the volunteer one more time. "Is it common for freshmen to be matched up with juniors as roommates?"

"I've never heard of it before," the volunteer responded, shaking his head until a thought struck him, "Unless the freshman was requested by his roommates, was that the case Tezuka-san?"

"Perhaps," Tezuka acknowledged as the volunteer confirmed his worse fears. Reaching down, he collected the beginning of his belongings, a duffle bag stuffed with clothes and a couple plastic bags filled with this semester's textbooks. With an inward sigh he turned towards the stairs and his new room.

He had been the first one there. The student volunteers were still wrestling open the fold-out welcome desk when he dragged Yuuta into the dorm, ladling him down with suitcases and directing him in front of the elevator so he could take yet another candid picture. While his brother grumbled about waking up too early and being treated like a packmule, Fuji enjoyed some of the last quality time together they would have for a while.

This had been one of the reasons he had not gone immediately to university after he graduated high school. Yuuta and he were still trying to form a better relationship and he felt that a weekly phone call was not going to cut it.

"So which room is yours aniki?" Yuuta asked as they stepped off the elevator on the top floor.

"4112. Of course it's not just mine. I'm going to share the room with two roommates." Syusuke explained while he guided his brother down the hallway.

"Two roommates? Are you sure that's alright aniki? Wouldn't a single room be better for your personality?" Yuuta asked nervously, as he awkwardly hefted the top suitcase on the pile in his arms up closer to his shoulders.

Fuji chuckled. "You worry too much Yuuta. I'm certain that this will work out well. Afterall, isn't it part of the college experience to learn to live with different types of people?"

Yuuta attempted to smile back but ended up grimacing instead. "Just keep in mind in case things don't work out you can always switch to a single."

"Always so pessimistic ototo. I'm sure that this is one room I won't get bored with easily."

They came to a stop at the end of the corridor with only a large wooden door with the number 4112 etched into it. Yuuta glanced curiously over at his brother as the elder Fuji tried his key for the first time in the door.

"What would make you say that brother?" Yuuta asked before his gaze flickered over the door and he caught a glimpse of his brother's name printed on a small slip of paper taped on the door. "Oh," he gasped when the other two names on the slip of paper registered in his head, "Never mind."

Fuji smiled at his little brother's shock and pushed the door wide open. "Come in Yuuta, isn't this exciting? I finally have my own place to invite my little brother to spend the night. We should have a sleepover."


Echizen Ryoma was running late. It was by far a new concept to the 18 year old tennis prodigy but usually the blame lay with him.

"So you're taking your only son to college for the first time? You hardly look old enough to have a college son Nanjiroh." the sales girl giggled and twirled a strand of her long brunette hair around her finger as she blatantly flirted with the old man.

"Maa how kind of you miss. Say you wouldn't have a break coming up soon? I could take you out for coffee and you could tell me all about your job," the idiot Ryoma refused to call father leaned closer to the girl across the counter, sliding his sunglasses down his nose so he could get a better look at her well endowed chest.

The brunette giggled again, and snuck a glance at Ryoma who was standing behind his father and glaring fiercely at both of them. "I would love to but weren't you on your way to take your son to school?"

Nanjiroh brushed aside the thought with a wave of his hand, "The boy's 18 now. He's old enough to travel on his own. I'm sure he'll survive moving in by himself. I, on the other hand, might not last if I had to leave without learning your name."

When Nanjiroh reached across to take the girl's hand and she let out another of those annoying giggles, Ryoma had just about enough.

"Let's go old man. I'm late." Ryoma spoke up.

"Your father's very busy right now son. Why don't you go on ahead?" Nanjiroh responded without looking up from his position.

"He's married," Nanjiroh's son stated bluntly, "The old man's married and all his lines come from some kind of pick-up book for women he's been reading lately." There was a pause while the store got very quiet. Echizen was relieved to hear the sales girl stop giggling. Then there was a loud slap.

"How dare you!" the brunette screeched while Nanjiroh whined and held his hand up to his cheek. Ryoma sighed in boredom and adjusted the strap on his dufflebag.

"Can we go now?"


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