Disclaimer: Not mine
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: KisaIta
Author's note: English is my second language so please don't kill me over grammar mistakes and all those things. Not betaed, if someone wants to I'll be really, really happy


"Awww… Come on Itachi-san, drink just a little bit!"

His dark haired partner spared him but a glance before ordering himself a glass of fresh water.

"That really wasn't what I intended… Would it hurt you to buy a bit of something not NO-alcohol for once?" pouted the blue skinned man, hurt written all over his face as if Itachi's repulsion to saké was the Original Sin

"I like to know what's in my drink, that's all. Who knows what they put in those things…"said the Uchiha heir taking little sips from his water glass

There was a short silence and then…

"Do you ever wonder how many colorants they put in the water to make it look transparent?"

Itachi choked.