Just as I said, this is a sequel. If you haven't read Everything Changed, you might want to swithc over to it before you continue with this...

Chapter One-

Alice's Point of View-

Jasper pushed me roughly against our bedroom door and then kissed me completely taking my breath away. Luckily for me, breathing hadn't been a concern of mine for many, many years. I found my hands wrapped in his dirty blonde hair as he lifted me into the air gripping me tightly on my ass.

"Jasper!" I squeaked.

He smiled before kissing me again and lying me on the bed. He began kissing my neck as a vision over came my mind.

"Bella is that you?" A very tall, tanned man asked.

She stepped forward and nodded. Michael went to grab his mother and pull her closer but she wouldn't have it.

Another figure, not as tall, morphed into his wolf form and tackled Bella in front of everyone.

She handled it rather well, shocking me. She was on her back with him on top of her but she flipped him over after kneeing him really hard, and held him down by choking him.

"I know you must hate me for what I did to your leader years ago but if I were you human I'd be dead right now!" She stood up and kicked the wolf in stomach which made him wimper. "I'm not a full vampire you idiot!" she screamed. "And even if I was, I think it was a fucking mistake coming her to try and find Jacob's daughter!"

The person slowly returned into human form just as Michael grabbed hold of his mother dragging her away from the La Push crowd. "We don't have to do this mom," he whispered.

She shook her head, "I owe them that much as least…"

In the far distance, unnoticed stood a man- not a man, a vampire- who looked familiar but he was very interested in what had just happened.

He flipped out his cell phone, "She's back."

Author's note- Sorry that this is very short, but I thought that this is a pretty sweet beginning, don't you think?