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"What are you doing?" Cloud leaned against the counter and watched Riku and Sora bicker over a floury mess.

"Riku, move." Sora bumped his best friend's arm in an effort to shove him over. "I need the mixer."

"Use your arms. It's only blending flour."

"You're such a pain." Sora whined, stirring up puffs of flour.

"Oh whatever." Riku glanced at Cloud. "If you know what's good for you, love, you'll go away. We already ran Leon out."

Cloud stared as Sora proceeded to douse Riku with flour. The brunette grinned proudly at his accomplishment until he saw Riku's answering expression. "Uh, Cloud? You better do what Riku says. Like now."

Cloud looked between the two and then glanced at the various food items spread around. It all added to a very messy picture. Especially with the way those two were behaving.

"Yeah. I'll be back later."

"Love you." Riku called before chucking an egg at Sora.

A soft crunch and a loud screech of "Riku!" were the last sounds from the house he heard.

He met up with Leon at the bailey and leaned against the opposite wall. "Why have we been kicked out of our own house?"

"I have no idea." Leon replied. "Sora said something about a war zone. All I saw was baking supplies."

"Any idea what they're making?"

Leon shook his head.

Cloud stared out at the vista. Well, whatever those two were supposed to be doing, it seemed to him that it wasn't going to be finished. The way those two were arguing, their supplies would be used up as ammunition.

"Let's get a drink." Leon moved away from the wall. "I got a feeling we're not going to like the mess we'll be coming home to."

Two hours later, sufficiently liquored up to deal with angry teenagers and a likely destroyed kitchen they returned home. On the step, Leon glanced at Cloud who gave him a brave look. Then they opened the door.

The delightful smell of fresh baked cookies greeted them.

The kitchen was back to it's immaculate self, everything put away and cleaned up. Riku and Sora sat on barstools at the high counter that divided kitchen and dinning area. Both seemed immensely pleased with themselves.

"Hi, guys!" Sora slid off his seat and bounded over. He grabbed Leon's hand and dragged him over. "Wait until you taste them! They came out perfect!"

Cloud tilted his head questioningly at Riku who was grinning. "They're probably the best batch we've ever made."

Curious, the blonde came over to the little group and his eyes widened. "Cookies?"

Leon was giving Sora an incredulous look also. "The two of you were baking cookies."

"Hey, these aren't just normal cookies!" Sora folded his arms and pouted.

"Yeah." Riku agreed. "These are our special, one of a kind, never to be replicated cookies. We only make them for special occasions."

"Oh?" Cloud smirked and what's the occasion.

"Well," Sora and Riku exchanged a quick look. "We just felt like it this time."

"I thought the two of you were going to kill each other."

"Oh, we're always like that when we bake these. It's part of what makes them special." Sora was practically bouncing. He took one off the plate and handed it to Riku before taking another. "Here, Leon try it."

He stopped just short of actually putting it in his mouth. Leon took it uncertainly. Meanwhile, Riku had reached out and dragged Cloud over to him. He grinned mischievously at the man. "Open up."

Some how the older two managed to bite at the same time.

Eyes narrowed for a moment and Leon glanced at Cloud. Cloud returned the look.


Riku and Sora were obviously pleased.

Leon studied the baked good in his hand. "This has to be the best damn cookie I've ever had."

Cloud didn't say anything but let Riku continue feeding him bits.

"What's in it?"

Riku and Sora laughed. "That's a secret."

Leon pursed his lips. Something about how they said that… Apparently, Cloud heard it too. "Seriously. What's in them?"

The two shared a secretive grin. Sora glanced at the two men. "You really want to know?"


Riku shrugged. He hopped off his stool and Sora followed him to the door, a sealed container of the cookies with him. He opened the door. "We call them blood, sweat, and tears cookies."

They left in laughter as Leon and Cloud looked disturbingly at the cookie in their hands.