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The colors clashed in a whirlwind of streaks and lines, spirals and circles. At first just chaos, the seemingly random markings slowly organized themselves into a coherent image, a picture of something forgotten. Or maybe remembered. In reality...what was reality?

If one person remembered, was it still true? What if that one person remembered a falsehood? Did that make the falsehood truth? Was truth a belief or fact? If the facts change, then the truth changes, right?

If no one remembered, did it ever happen? But what if there was evidence? Would that evidence go forever with no understanding, or would someone create their own understanding in the belief of being correct?

These questions were far too advanced for events. In that moment, the answers made no difference. They didn't change anything, only distracted from the task at hand. This was delicate work that demanded absolute attention to detail.

Multiple realities depended on these images, childishly drawn for a very adult purpose.