Perhaps Love
Author's Note: Here's a little peek of how Kyouya and Renge are a few months after the previous chapter; I'm proving that Kyouya too has hormones. Also, I have something up on the website: a mainstream, high living, pop culture website has published an article on our young couple, full of new pictures and some insight on the lives of these two. Check it out now at the bottom of the fanart section!

Kyouya looked up to his surroundings. The eggshell velvet upholstery was soft under his hand as he sat quietly, a stack of papers in hand.

Her living room was so different from his. He lived in a structure of glass and leather, geometric and straight. It was a completely different setting to her organic lines of wood and soft colors. It somewhat reminded him of Tamaki's place, with European 19th century inspired furniture, except there was a lack of photo albums filled with commoner's food wrappers on her coffee table.

Things were different now, he mused to himself as his sights returned to the folder on his lap. Japan had its first snow. Kyouya just turned twenty-one years old. Renge was happy now. He was happy now.

At least, as much as he could be. They had been engaged for about a year and even so, there were some things that drove him nuts. Like how she would randomly hum or burst into song. How she would insist Sophie needed a wardrobe as extensive as hers. How her attention often deterred to the other direction from the task at hand, with dreams in her eyes. The way she would get lost in her enthusiasm without really thinking things through.

It all drove him crazy. Sometimes, he wished she would be more... serious? He pulled the top sheet of the stack of papers to the bottom of the pile. Well, no point with wishful thinking...

Kyouya did not look up to the room entrance when he heard footsteps. Renge glided into the room, her nose buried in an orange folder. Sophie was a few steps ahead of her and took the liberty to hop on the couch beside him. Kyouya reached out and stroked the dog's ears without looking up from his work.

At the corner of his eye, he watched his fiancee sit on the couch, thumbing through papers in the folder on her lap. Whatever she was reading caused her to really focus; she was nibbling on her pink glossed lip... an act Kyouya caught himself staring at every time she did it. He hooked his finger on his collar and gently pulled, letting air to his neck.

Renge sank from the couch down to the rug. She opened the folder and spread out all the papers around her in a semi-circle. She would skim her eyes over one sheet, put it down, look over another, pick another up... She continued with this paper dance as Kyouya watched, still petting Sophie behind the ears.

Finally, curiosity killed him. Also, she was making quite a ruckus. "Renge."

Renge blinked, looking up from her work. "Yes?"

"What are you doing? Homework?"

She shook her head. "I'm looking over the Houshakuji quarterly reports."

He raised an eyebrow. Well, that was new. "You are?"

"Uh-huh. And look what I found!" Renge pulled out two groups of ten papers, each group paper-clipped together. "The production in the American division is far less than the European."

"That's typical," he responded.

"Yes, but if Otou-sama put some focus on this group," she said, pointing to the figures in the middle of one of the pages, "We could increase productivity and sales by at least 15%."

Kyouya's eyes widened. Was he going mad? Did she really...?

"And the West Coast division could--."

Papers flew in the air all around them. Before Kyouya knew it, he leaned forward and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her body towards him. Their lips touched and Kyouya leaned forward, arching her head back in response. He closed the air between them, drank in her scent, the taste of her lip gloss, the way her lips were so soft against his.

When Kyouya pulled back, he cracked his eyes open. Renge's lashes fluttered, revealing her amber irises staring straight up at him. "Kyouya..."

Kyouya quickly but gently let her go, placing her back down on the carpet. His glasses gleamed opaque and he adjusted them higher on the bridge of his nose. "I didn't mean for that to happen," he told her. He could not understand how he let that bit of weakness take over. It was crazy!

Renge sat still on the floor, fingertips brushing over her lips. Her eyes were wide from initial shock and her cheeks were painted pink.

And then, she began to laugh.

The situation did not make him comfortable, not in the slightest. "Why are you laughing?"

"It just makes sense," Renge responded between giggles. "We had our first kiss because we were talking business."

He coughed, turning away from her, trying to conceal the heat rising up his neck.

Her laughter eventually died, and the room was filled with her trying to even out her breath. Kyouya gathered his papers while she did the same. He sat up properly on the couch and began reading his work again, trying to regain the amount of dignity he lost with that stunt he pulled.

"Neh, Kyouya?"

He felt a warm hand on his knee. He peered up from his stack of papers, coming face to face with his fiancee's smile. His eyes momentarily darted to her lips, the pink gloss noticeably gone (his undoing, his mind teased). He raised an eyebrow at her.

"What will it take for us to kiss again?" Renge asked innocently. "Do I have to show our company's fiscal figures? Will that inspire you?" she stared up at him with bright, hopeful eyes, as they glimmered with curiosity.

The very proposal made him speechless, not because the idea was ludicrous, but that she was actually on to him! He knew if he opened his mouth, a stammer would fly out his lips. But he would not do that; he was not Tamaki, after all. He said nothing, only returning his eyes to his paper.

Renge had said nothing after that, however she did not let him forget his embarrassment. She sat back on the floor, humming a happy melody and occasionally giggling every few minutes.

Just because he was in love with her, did not mean he did not have a license to find her annoying. Damn, she drove him nuts. Kyouya peered past his papers to her the same instant she glanced over her shoulder. Their eyes met and she smiled at him. A soft smile formed on his lips and he returned to his work.