45 years ago

Installation alpha

"Red alert. Subjects have breeched 4th sensor perimeter. External contact is eminent."

The loudspeakers thundered the message over and over. In the armory, sergeant browning rallied his troops. "All right men! This is it! We have multiple hostiles approaching. Surveillance says that there armed to the teeth, and that they have armor support. What's worse is that these guys want something of ours, and they want it so bad that companies are fighting over who takes point." Suddenly he stopped pacing and got right up in the face of a squad leader. "But I don't care if its gods own anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant ice-cream cake! Were not gonna let'em have it! What we WILL let'em have is a belly full lead, and a pool of blood to drown in! DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR!!?!"

The solders responded in unison "SIR, YES SIR!"

"Then move out! Double time!"

All around the base, people ran to the gun turrets. Within moments, the trenches and fortifications were alive with activity. As soon as the enemy came within range, the base threw hellfire at them. MG nests let out a hail of tracers. Sniper emplacements cut down officers one by one. Recoilless rifles blew chunks of armor off enemy tanks. Massive naval guns in concrete pillboxes annihilated entire platoons with but one shell. Minutes later the battle was almost done, but before it could be finished, a tank launched one shell that impacted against the base. It seamed to have no effect, but the damage was unknown to the defenders.

Inside gun installation alpha:

"System check complete, all status normal" said a mechanized voice. The voice emanated from a glowing control panel attached to a glass cylinder. In a chair nearby sat

Dr. Stirling, a bioengineering genius. He grunted with content towards the information on the display in font of him. He got up and said to an assistant "I'm going for lunch, call me if anything happens." However, before he could leave, an explosion rocked the installation, sending the doctor tumbling to the ground. "Status report!" he bellowed, righting himself as he did. An attendant rushed towards the console. "Everything seems normal…wait." She did one more check, and then the color drained from her face. She turned to Dr. Stirling and said "one of the neural inhibitors has been blown!" all of a sudden, the screens went ballistic with warnings and new information. The attendant spoke franticly. "Power couplings 3 and 4 have overloaded! All neural inhibitors are offline! Temporal stasis is failing! Were losing the containment field! Subject is conscience! Repeat, subject is conscience!"

After that she scrambled from the room. Stirling looked up at his creation, the brainchild of the past 3 years work. Then the glass tube shattered, slaying the doctor. From the wrecked container stepped a small hedgehog. He had gold quills with stripes of white running along the top and a tuff of white fur on his chest. He nudged the doctor with his foot. He had a look of genuine sadness and confusion on his face, but then he moved on.

By the time security teams got there, the hedgehog was gone