Emerald beach. The most peaceful place on mobius. And amid the soft sands and gentle water is the home of sonic the hedgehog. Lying on a hammock and watching the clouds go by, sonic was living peacefully while he waited for another adventure. That adventure came sooner than he expected. Piercing the serenity, a low, mechanized whine began to sound. It was soon followed by a dull, repeating thump. As sonic looked to the source of the sound, he recoiled in shock. Running down the beach was a gold and white hedgehog. Trailing the hedgehog were 3 massive tilt-rotor gunships. After a few moments, the gunships fired the chainguns mounted in the chin of the aircraft. Bullets filled the area around the fleeing hedgehog, sending up geysers of sand and creating the thumping sound that woke sonic from his slumber. The attackers then opened up with rocket launchers slung under the wings. One of the missiles detonated of to the side of their target, throwing him to the ground. Apparently sick of running, the hedgehog sprung to his feet and leaped onto one of the planes. Hanging from one of its wings, he swung over the top, planting his feet on the aircraft's fuselage. Then, with strength far beyond his size, he plunged his fist into the body of the gunship. His strike ruptured a major hydraulics line, which sent the crippled gunship into a lazy dive headed straight to the beach below. He vaulted off of the dieing craft and shot towards its wing man. As he flew, he put himself into a forward flip while at the same time extending his right leg straight out in front of him. His axe kick cut through the thick armor like a knife through hot butter, severing the left wing from the body of the craft. By now the fight had drawn the attention of people from nearby knothole village, who crowded by the edge of the beach mystified by the event that was taking place. As the attacker sped out of control, the hedgehog launched himself in a curving arc aimed right towards the last plane. As he reached the peak of his jump, he jack-knifed his body and began to spin at enormous speeds. As he reached the speed of sound, he created a vacuum around his feet. Moments before he impacted with the plane, he straitened his body, extending the vacuum so that it eviscerated the craft. Split down the middle, the metal behemoth fell back to earth, while the victorious hedgehog landed deftly on the beach below. A single piece of armor landed next to him, and on its surface was the insignia of Dr. Eggman. It took a moment for the crowd to digest what they saw, but when they finished they erupted in cheers and applause. From the crowd stepped a group of people with Sonic at the front in an impressed and interested tone, he said "could we talk for a moment."