This Is It

Prompt: #010 Goodbye

Notes: Written for 10hugs.

"So this is it," Jack said, his voice filled with finality. "This is goodbye." He glanced around at the faces surrounding him: Daniel, Teal'c and finally Sam.

"Yep," Sam agreed. "This is it."

The start of a smile flickered over her face, so fast that Jack wondered if he'd imagined it. Quiet consideration took its place then, and for a moment there was silence.

"It's going to be strange without you," Daniel put in suddenly, glancing between his two friends with a wistful look. "Isn't it, Teal'c?"

Teal'c nodded solemnly and regarded them each in turn. "Indeed it will, Daniel Jackson. SG-1 will not be the same." He titled his head to the side.

"No. It won't," the archaeologist agreed.

Sam smiled at them and moved over to hug Teal'c. Daniel and Jack joined in when she shot them her do-it-or-you'll-be-sorry look. "It won't be the same, no, but we'll stay in contact. Won't we, Jack?" She smirked at him slightly.

Jack finally gave in to the tugging at his lips and squeezed Sam's arm, grinning. "Always."

SG-1 reluctantly pulled apart then and shared one last moment together, just the four of them.

It was Daniel who broke the silence first, before they all went their separate – or not so separate ways. His gaze flickered between Jack and Sam as he spoke.

"Have a great honeymoon, guys!"