Side Effects

Prompt: #044 Sick

Notes: Written for 50episodes. Also, a huge thanks to celtic sky for the beta help!

It was like having all of your internal organs put into a blender on the highest setting. Add in some queasiness and nausea, along with a bit of dizziness, and the recipe was complete, the resulting desire to vomit being nothing to laugh at. It was truly sick-to-the-stomach material.

It was fascinating!

Scientifically, it was the process of molecular deconstruction and reconstruction that caused the feeling. Having every single atom, every last fibre of your being, torn into miniscule pinpricks of matter and just as suddenly glued back together when you reached the other side…well, it definitely wasn't pleasant.

Sam knew all this. Hell, she had studied up on it for almost 2 years now and theorised on most – if not all – of the possibilities and side effects! Having firsthand experience though was another matter entirely.

Doubled over in agony with one hand clutching her stomach, all thoughts of scientific reasoning fled her mind as she felt what it was like to go through the Stargate for the very first time. In that moment, she had no doubt that she would be spending a few sleepless nights when they got back to Earth working on a way to rectify the problem.

Until that happened, a sign reading "Gate travel may be hazardous to your health" would have to do.