A Legend Untold

Summery/AU: They never thought that they'd meet again. They weren't prepared for any of the events that would take place and change their lives forever. No one believed that the legend would actually come true, after all it was just a myth of a demon and an angel…wasn't it?

A/N: okay, this is my first fanfic ever and I never was going to make an account and post this story if it wasn't for my cousin Tina who suggested I post it up. So, I decided to take her up on her suggestion since I read a lot of fanfic and it would be kinda cool to write my own. If it isn't very good or you don't like it and want to comment, then submit constructive criticism plz. The story will be told in different POV's, mainly Sasuke and Sakura and also normal pov, and I'll try to do my best to keep them in character, although some chars. will be kinda OOC, but not much.

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Character's Ages: (The sensei's are the same ages in Part II of the manga/anime.)

Sasuke: 16-17

Sakura: 16-17

Naruto: 16-17

Hinata: 16-17

Ino: 16-17

Yumi: 16-17

Shikamaru: 16-17

Gaara: 16-17

Kankuro: 17-18

Temari: 17-18

Neji: 17-18

Ten-Ten: 17-18

A/N: they are still ninjas, but they are gonna have modern communication devices.


Chapter 1: New Mission


It's been a little over a year since he came back to the Hidden Leaf Village. He doesn't even know why he came back, knowing that he'll get some harsh punishment or possibly even a death sentence…he just did. As if he was looking for something…or maybe someone. 'There is nobody I could possibly be looking for in Konoha. Everyone I know since I was a child is still here…everyone except her.' He frowned at the thought of her. 'No, I didn't come looking for her, she's the one that lef-'

"Hey teme," shouted Naruto Uzumaki as he came to a stop in front of Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto was wearing jean shorts, an orange shirt, and converse sneakers.

"Hn," Sasuke replied. 'You picked a perfect time to show up, dobe. No one can possibly find a peaceful place with this loudmouth shouting in your ear even though he's one foot away.' As Naruto kept rambling on about his training that morning with Sasuke, and that he almost beat him if Kakashi hadn't intervened, Sasuke went back to his thoughts, making sure to not stray to thoughts of her again.

As usual, the infamous Team 7 was waiting for their sensei at their normal spot, the bridge. Their sensei, Kakashi Hatake, didn't even tell them the reason for telling them to meet up at this late hour. Naruto was getting annoyed with his sensei's lateness. 'And today he's even later than usual!' thought the aggravated blonde as he sat down.

"Hey teme, what do you think Kakashi-sensei called us here for?" half shouted/half asked the hyperactive teen.

"Hn," came Sasuke's usual reply, much to Naruto's annoyance.


"Hey Sasuke-kun," interrupted their third team member, Yumi Takahashi, as she came bouncing over to the two boys, giving no heed to Naruto.

"Are you going to be training later Sasuke-kun? I can come along and be your sparring part-" Yumi started in a sultry voice before she was cut off by Sasuke's monotone "No." Sasuke wanted to literally tape her mouth shut, which is very uncharacteristic of him. Just hearing her talk was like nails on a chalk board to his ears.

"You can be my sparring partner Yumi," Naruto excitedly offered. Although he'd rather prefer to train with Hinata or one of the guys, he didn't mind having a new opponent once in a while. 'The more different opponents I have, the better it is since everyone has different techniques. I can become a better skilled ninja. Dattebayo!' Although he doesn't particularly like Yumi, which he doesn't seem to be the only one, he's willing to take the chance to spar with her since it meant it was a step closer to his ultimate dream, becoming the Hokage.

"No thanks, loser," harshly replied Yumi without sparing a second glance at him.

Yumi stared at Sasuke as he seemed to be in deep thought. He was leaning on the railing and staring at the setting sun over the far forest of Konoha. Sasuke was wearing beige khaki shorts, a navy blue shirt that fit his body perfectly, and a pair of converse sneakers.

"Hm…," Yumi sighed dreamily as she watched how the sun reflected on 'her' Sasuke-kun's face. She just didn't get it. Why isn't Sasuke falling for her? 'Unless he already has, but is just taking his time on how to tell me. When he does, it's probably going to be so romantic,' she thought as another dreamy sigh escaped her lips. 'Who wouldn't fall for me? Everyone adores me.' Just her name says it all, she's beautiful. She has beautiful dark, almost black, straight hair cascading down her back, mesmerizing dark blue eyes, flawless skin, and a curvaceous body girls would die for. Everywhere she goes, she turns heads. No one deserves her, only 'her' Sasuke-kun does. He's the only one worth her time, but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy her time with other guys. 'A girl can't wait for a guy forever without enjoying herself, until he comes around to asking her out, of course,' she thought. 'Only I am good enough for Sasuke-kun, after all, I am the leader of his fan clubs.'

As everyone heard a 'poof,' they looked up to the sound, only to see their sensei appear from the smoke, and greet them with a "Yo." But of course, Kakashi had his beloved "Icha Icha Paradise" book in his right hand.

"You're late, and even later than usually Kakashi-sensei," Naruto shouted angrily while pointing an accusing finger at him.

"I got lost on the road of lif-"

"Don't even give us that stupid lie, sensei," interrupted the seething Yumi. She's had enough of his annoying lies and constant lateness. Kakashi chuckled at his students reactions, well if you also count Sasuke's death glare directed at him.

"Al right, al right. The real reason why I'm late is because I was summoned by Hokage-sama on the way here. By the way, seems like our mission has changed," replied Kakashi, not once taking his eyes off of his yellow perverted book.

'Hn, so he had a mission to tell us about,' Sasuke thought.

"What? What mission? I didn't hear about any mission," said a confused Naruto. Yumi rolled her eyes at him, 'What an idiot,' she thought as she ran to Sasukes' side as they headed to the Hokage Tower.

Hokage Tower

Kakashi knocked on the door as they waited in the hall. A loud "come in" was heard and they entered the Hokage's office.

"Hey baa chan, why'd you call us so late?" Naruto asked when they had taken their places in front of the Hokage, Tsunade.

"For the last time you twerp, I am your superior, your Hokage, so show me some respect and who are you calling a baa chan?!?" Tsunade asked while pounding her fist on his head.

"Ye-yes baa ch- I mean Tsunade-sama," the dizzy Naruto hurridly caught himself, sporting a few not-so-pretty lumps on his head. Yumi scoffed at the scene that just took place before her.

"Anyways, you said you changed our mission Tsunade-sama. Why is that?" asked Kakashi before Sasuke had a chance to walk away, seeing as he's running out of patience.

"Ah…yes. Your new mission will be an A-class information gathering and assassination. You will be going with Asuma and Gai's teams. And yes, you will need their help since it's a bit far and you might encounter problems on your way there," answered Tsunade before Sasuke had a chance to ask why so many teams were needed for one assassination.

"Hn," grunted Sasuke, not liking to have to work with so many people as one team.

"The victim's name is Keiji Tamako and he was last seen in Mist country. Anything else you need to know is in this folder." Tsunade handed the folder to Kakashi as he flipped through it.

"What information are we trying to get out of him?" asked Sasuke.

"You have to try and get a scroll he has hidden somewhere. If you don't get the information, don't kill him. Got it?" They merely nodded their heads.

" I have already informed the other two teams about this. The scroll is very important and we can't let it fall to the wrong hands."

Yumi scoffed, "Too late for that," she whispered. Having heard that, Tsunade shot her a threatening look.

"Not exactly. Keiji doesn't know how to open the scroll…yet, so we must get it before he does. Understood?"




"Hm…" (still reading book--perverted smile..lol)

She scowled at the lack of 'respect' they were showing towards her. "Any questions?" she asked.

"How do you suggest we get the information out of Keiji if you don't want us to kill him in the process?" asked Sasuke in an uninterested tone.

"Right. He's mostly seen in clubs or bars so I suggest you get one of the girls to get his attention and lure the information out of him."

Yumi smirked, "I'll do that," she said. 'Just what I needed, all I need to do is work my magic on that Kenji guy or whatever and he'll be all over me.'

"Okay, you will head out tomorrow morning, dismissed." Tsunade waved them away as they went to pack, all thoughts of training forgotten. 'Ugh…I feel a migraine coming,' thought the overly stressed Hokage.

To be continued...

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