The Reign of Darkness

Written by: HoshiHikari

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. All characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Summary: Takes place after the OOTP. Voldemort had a son that he never knew about, until recently. Only problem is, his son is the cause of his downfall, Harry Potter. How will he react? How will Harry react when he finds out? On top of it all Dumbledore had been keeping secrets from Harry.

Author Notes: This story was first written directly after book 5 came out. I have revised and reposted it as a tribute to the Order of the Phoenix movie which will be coming out in about a month. I have tried to remain loyal to the original story line, but somethings will have changed, so I advice my readers to reread this for that purpose or just to familiarize yourself with the story again. As when this first came out, there was an overwhelming majority who hoped for a sequel, and depending on how well this second time around goes, I will consider doing one. In fact I already have an idea which includes a prequel "The VPMWPV" and a possible sequel. If I continue on with this, then this trilogy will be known as "Eternal Darkness trilogy". However that is merely a tentative plan, and so instead of focusing on that, I shall focus on my current task which is to revise this story. Do note that this fic will have spoilers form books 1-6. Oh yes, before I begin, this fic does not follow the timeline of the original book and so some events that may have occurred in Rowling's work either happened earlier or later (such as Voldemort being the same age as James Potter) then when it should have occurred.

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Chapter 1: Lord Voldemort's son: Thomas J. R. Riddle, a.k.a. Harry James Potter

Harry was standing in a dark corridor. Small bits of light could be seen in the room next store. Voices could be heard from the inside. Holding his breath, he tiptoed to the open door. He peeked in and let out a gasp at what he saw.

There, sitting on a large chair was a man with blood-red, snake like eyes. In front of him, curled up in a coil, was a gigantic serpent.

/Nagini, it is time/ the man hissed softly.

/Time? For what master?/ The large serpent hissed back.

/Time for my son, and my heir to return to me. I want you to retrieve him./

/Why not ask your Death Eaters?/

/Because Nagini, I do not want a commotion to occur./

/Ah, yes, he does not know./

/Nor, did I until a month ago./ The man's voice trailed off. /The point is Nagini, I do not want Dumbledore interfering, especially since he knew all along that I had a son, not to mention he's been feeding my son lies. And my boy's stupid enough to believe him./

/Master, if he does not know then how will I be able to retrieve him? He's bound to retaliate./

/Yes, that is bound to happen. Just get him to me unharmed and alive, otherwise…/ Nagini gave a shudder.

/Yes master, I shall bring him to you./ Nagini slithered out of the room.

Harry, who had been watching wide-eyed from the doorway, turned to run, but the snake slither up to his dream-self, only stopping when she was before him.

/Young master, I shall come for you./

To Harry's surprise, Nagini lowered her head and bowed to him, before slithering away. Then Voldemort came out and stood face to face with Harry's transparent image.

"After 16 long years, I have found you at last my son." He touched Harry's forehead, brushing away the hair, as he touched the scar. Harry panicked.

"We will soon meet again Potter. Soon I shall be reunited with my son, with you."

Harry woke up with a start. Sweat covered his thin body. He sat up on his bed and looked around, relieved that he was safe in his room at Number 4, Privet Drive. He stood up, padded across the room, and looked at his reflection, surprised at how little he had changed over the past month.

Looking back was a 16-year-old boy, his black hair as untidy as always. His emerald green eyes stared back from behind his glasses. The famous lighting-bolt scar ran down his forehead.

It had been a month since Sirius had died in the Department of Mysteries. Living with the Dursleys had improved a whole lot, which Harry supposed was because they were afraid of the threats that Moody, Tonks, the Weasleys and Lupin had thrown out at them.

He had written to the Order, thanking them for the "chat" with the Dursleys, but they never wrote back. In fact, the last month had been like the previously year, no news from the wizardry world. Once again he had lost complete contact with the other world, the world that he truly belonged to.

Man, I hate this. I hate Dumbledore. Why do I have to be the one left out from all the important stuff? Why do they do that to me? Why am I always the last to be informed at everything? Wait, that's not right.

Voldemort had been sending him dreams, no not dreams, for Harry knew it was real. Still, though he was not sure what it was, knew that something was wrong. All he knew was that Voldemort had been communicating with him through these dreams—his only link to the other world—and he supposed he was thankful to Voldemort for them.

Voldemort, what is it? What is it that you're trying to tell me? Where is it that you're trying to lead me?

The answer came quickly enough.

You want me dead, is that it? Still, I have some unanswered questions. Who is your son? Why do you wish to tell me about him? What good would that do?

Harry sighed. He knew something significant had happened and he wanted to turn to somebody, anybody, for comfort.

Sirius. Sirius, I miss you so much. I need you now. Sirius, so much has happened, so many unanswered questions. I'm so lonely.

Perhaps he should seek out Voldemort and have everything over with? No, what am I thinking, walking straight into death…

Harry sighed. He was lonely and completely lost.

Harry woke to the banging on his door. He groaned, hating to have to wake up when he had just fallen asleep.

"Get up now!" Aunt Petunia yelled.

"All right, I'm up, I'm up." He sat up with sleepy eyes. Letting out a yawn, he put on his glasses to start another dull day. Or at least…it was a dull day until around 3:00 in the afternoon, when a loud scream broke out.

Harry leapt up at Dudley's horrifying scream. He pocketed his wand and ran towards his cousin. He stopped abruptly, surprised at the scene in front of him.

Uncle Vernon was propped on the floor panting. Aunt Petunia and Arabella Doreen Figg, the squib who lived in his neighborhood, were struggling to pull a massive snake off Dudley. A snake that Harry recognized all too well.

/Nagini, get off of him./ Harry hissed. Everyone looked up at Harry who held out his wand.

"About time you got here boy!" Vernon yelled, still panting.

"Potter, leave now!" Mrs. Figg called out. Harry ignored her and focused on Nagini.

/Nagini! It's me that you want, let him go…/

To Harry's surprised, Nagini released Dudley.

/Yes, young master... as you wish./ The snake faced Harry, it's head lowered.

/Voldemort's sent you for me, he wants me…/

/Yes./ The snake interrupted.

/No, you won't be taking me alive…/

/I will, for it is in your best interest. Besides, Master knows, knows that you have been uninformed once again. He can provide you with answers to all of your questions, even the one's that Dumbledore has kept from you, young master…/

Hmm, He knows. So Voldemort knows. Harry thought.

/Besides, those dreams you have, it is the truth./

/Lies! He lied to me. Sirius Black is dead because of the dreams! I don't want anything to do with him!/

/Master, regrets Black's death./


/It's true. If you do not believe me, then come. All master wants now is his son./

/Yes, about his son…who is he?/

Nagini hesitated before answering.

/His name is Thomas J. R. Riddle/

Harry nodded. That name sounded awfully familiar for some reason. He felt that whoever it was, had a deep connection with him somehow.

/Thomas J. R. Riddle, the son and heir to Tom Marvolo Riddle./ Harry whispered, an evil grin spread across his face. However the grin soon faded.

/Then why does Voldemort want me, if all he searches for is Thomas? Oh yes, that's right I'm his mortal enemy./

This time it was Nagini who smiled, evilly.

/Come with me and find out. Find out the answers to all your questions. Find out the darkest secrets that Dumbledore has been keeping from you…/

/Dumbledore doesn't keep anything from me/ Harry retorted nervously.

/Then why else have you been left clueless during this summer as like the one before?/

/Because…because.../ Harry couldn't answer.

Why did Dumbledore break contact with me? Ron, Hermione, Lupn, Tonks and Mad-Eye did the same as well. Why didn't they send even a tiny note? Why am I once again here in the Muggle world, with no contact to the Wizardry world?

/You see, young master, there are many unanswered questions./ Nagini paused. /Besides,/ Nagini turned to face the Muggles and Squib. /Better in enemy hands, then living with them…/

Harry nodded, agreeing with Nagini for once. He walked over to Nagini.

"Harry, wait, where are you going?" Mrs. Figg asked.

He turned to face her.

/It is to your disadvantage if word leaks out about your visit to my Master./ Nagini whispered. /We don't want anyone to get the wrong impression…/

/Yeah, you're right, I don't want Dumbledore to know about this yet./

With a swift movement Harry raised his wand toward the Dursleys and Mrs. Figg, hissing a soft /Avada Kedavra./ A jet of green light flashed, before all four laid dead on the floor. Harry had a smile across his face.

/Hmm…young master will indeed turn into the darkest and most feared wizard of them all./ Nagini hissed approvingly.

/Thank you for the compliment Nagini./ Harry spoke without realizing it. Giving a sigh, he turned towards Nagini. /Let's go./

Nagini nodded.

/Grab hold of the portkey./ The snake instructed. Harry did so. Instantly he felt his legs lift off the ground. He shut his eyes, as he disappeared.

Harry landed with a thud. Inhaling a deep breath, he opened his eyes. He was in a huge room, decorated with green banners. On many of them was a snake.

Looking around, he saw that a man with blood-red, snake-like eyes was staring intently at him, sitting on a throne-like chair.

"Voldemort..." Harry mumbled. The man's lip curled up into a smile.

"Welcome home, Harry James Potter. Or shall I say Thomas J. R. Riddle, my son?"

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