Lifetime Changed
Chapter One

"Guess today's the day I'll finally see Ash, for the first time in a few months, or was it already a year, or maybe more? But no matter how long I haven't seen him, it'll be just great to see a very good friend, like Ash, that you haven't seen for quite awhile...," the gym leader of the beautiful city Cerulean said to herself as she had only one tear going down her face. She wiped that tear quickly as it came down her face so nobody would see her cry, and probably no one would believe that she, of all people, would cry. This tomboyish mermaid wouldn't cry in front of anybody.

Misty was sitting down on the pool; she had just finish from a Pokèmon battle, and it was a tough one in her eyes. She was awfully tired from it, too. When she sat by the pool, it made her feel refreshened from the hard Pokèmon battle. The reflection in the water usually cheers her up when she was down, which is in one of the reason why she found water beautiful, and water Pokèmon, of course made her love the water and everything in it even more.

She was about to stand up and go to the Pokèmon Center to heal her Pokèmon, her Pokèmon were tired, too. Especially her Marill, which had just evolved from her Azurill, who helped Misty win the battle. Misty stood up and took all of her Pokèballs. She was going to take them to the Pokèmon Center to heal, but before she had the chance to, Tracey shouted out, "Hurry up, Misty! We don't want to be late to get to Pallet Town, and everyone's going to be disappointed that we didn't come to Ash's birthday. And you don't want to miss your boyfriend's birthday do you?"

"I'm ready! All I need is to heal my Pokèmon, but we could do that later when we arrive at Professor Oak's lab!" Misty shouted back at Tracey as she looked at her things she would be bringing along with her. "And he's not my boyfriend!" she added quickly.

Tracey then walked toward the gym's pool, where Misty was at, and looked at her. "You don't look like you're ready." Tracey laughed. Normally, Tracey never teased Misty, but since he was staying at Misty's gym, he started teasing Misty about Ash regularly, and about other stuff, also.

"Well, it doesn't matter. Nobody should care about what I look like, so it'll be fine," she said. "Now let's go, but small simple question, how are we going to make it in time when my bo-, I mean, Ash's birthday is in about, six hours?" She and Tracey walked outside the Gym and put up a sign that said CLOSED on it.

"Well, you know I have a Dragonite, and it could fly, right? Well, we're both going to fly on it, and since my Dragonite is fast flyer, we're probably going to make it there in less than six hours!" Tracey got his Pokèmon ball out and threw it out, a big dragon like creature called a Dragonite came out. Tracey jumped on his Dragonite, and Misty did too. "Dragonite, fly us to Pallet Town." Dragonite did what its trainer commanded it to do.


"Wow, we're finally here, and as you said, it didn't take long…!" Misty said happily. She was wearing a dress and it twirl about when she jumped off Dragonite, she then had the urge to twirl her red-orange colored hair in hands. "I hope that Ash-" Misty started to say but she realized what she was saying and she shut her mouth before Tracey heard a word she had said.

Tracey got his Pokèball out, then a red light came out of it and took his Dragonite inside the of it. "What were you going to say Misty? I heard you mumble something… But never mind what you were going to say because we might be late! Now since it we're pretty close, let's walk to Ash's house as a surprise! I'll go in first and you'll wait a moment, then you come in, got it?" Tracey told her.

"Why can't I come in as the same time as you?" Misty asked.

"Because, I want everybody to be surprise to see you, and don't you want your boyfriend to be surprised that you showed on his birthday?" Tracey teased Misty once again.

Tracey started to walk to the Ketchums' door before Misty could make a comment about what Tracey said. She followed what Tracey had told her and she hid behind the bushes, though she didn't quite understand what was happening. She then listened to Ash's mom talk to Tracey, though she didn't hear all of it, since the bushes weren't that close to Ash's house.

I'll count to ten and then I'll come inside, Misty thought. She counted to ten and then she started to walk to the Ketchum's front door. She knocked but nobody answered. But even when she rang the door bell, nobody answered. So, she thought, why don't I just come in…? People are inside and I don't think anyone will get mad; I already knocked and rang the door bell. She turned the door knob and it was open. She walked inside and she heard voices scream, "Happy birthday, Misty!" at her.

Misty had a surprised smile on her face. She didn't know they were going to throw her a surprise birthday party. She didn't even know that it was her birthday! She was so wrapped up believing it was Ash's birthday that she didn't even know that it wasn't Ash's birthday, but it was hers! Ash came towards her and told her happy birthday like the others did. Misty smiled and blush only a little.

"It was great that you did come! I would have thought you would have came with Tracey and when I didn't see him with you, man, I was worried that you didn't come. But I'm glad ya did." Ash smiled. Suddenly the music came on; everyone thought that Ash's mom put the music on. "Wow, this reminds me when we were on Maiden's Peak, when the festive was held. Y'know, with the music and the dancing."

"It does, but we aren't dressed up, and before this happened, no ghost Pokèmon were scaring us." Misty laughed; when they were at Maiden's Peak, it was so fun at the festive. And with the 'ghost' before, it made her laugh they believed there really was a ghost there.

An awkward silence was between the friends. Ash looked at Misty; he had just noticed that Misty was wearing a dress. And he broke the silence by saying, "It looks like you knew that we were having a surprise birthday for you because you're wearing a dress, and I know you don't like wearing dresses, Misty."

Misty blushed. She almost forgot that she wearing a dress, she only wore today because she thought it was Ash's birthday. "Haven't you seen me in a dress before?" Misty asked. She had remembered she wore a dress before in front of Ash. "'Cause I know you have."

"'Guess I have." Ash tried to remember if he ever seen Misty wear a dress before. He remembered quickly because of what they were just talking about before the "dress conversation." At Maiden's Peak, Misty had worn a kimono which is like a dress. He looked at Misty once again. "You're letting hair down, Misty. That's so unlike you."

"Oh..., er, I didn't even notice that my hair was down. But you don't have a problem with that, do you?" Misty asked.

"No, I don't. It's just weird, with you being so much like a boy, I can't ever imagine you wearing a dress or putting your hair down," Ash said. "Still, it's just weird. You're not the type of girl that is like that, but since we didn't see each other for a few years, 'guess you can change."

"Yeah, I guess I can." Misty smiled. "You changed too, so don't say anything about me changing, 'kay?"

Ash gave a small chuckle. "Sure. The good thing about you changing over the years is that you probably don't have you temper anymore!"

"Well, if you weren't so stupid back then, I might 'of been nicer. It just shows how far you can go with your stupidity, Ash," Misty teased.

"Hey! I wasn't that stupid back then! If I was that stupid, I probably wouldn't have came in 16th place in the Indigo League, if I was that stupid I wouldn't win the Orange Cup, and if I was that stupid, how can I get all of the badges I've gotten?"

"Luck," Misty replied.

"Luck? I'm a Pokèmon Master! How can I be one because of luck?" Ash asked Misty. He was totally offended by fact that she called him stupid and he was a good trainer because of luck but, Misty was probably offended like him, when he called her a boy.

"Believe whatever you want to believe, Ash."

"Misty, then you're only a good Gym Leader because of the fact that it's just luck and-"

Before Ash sentence, May appeared all of a sudden. "I'm sorry that that me and Max are late,"-she kissed Ash-"and happy birthday, Misty. Sorry that I was late to the party on your special day." May had a small, innocent smile on her face.

Misty tried her best to look like she ignored the fact that May kissed Ash, but she couldn't. "That's OK. You didn't even have to come." Misty forced herself bitterly to smile. She did not want May to see she was upset that she kissed Ash. But why do I care, Misty questioned herself, it's not like a have feelings for Ash… well, at least, not anymore.

"You remember May and Max, don't you?"

"'Course I do. How can I forget?"

Walking slowly, Max appeared. "Sorry we're late. May took so long to put her make-up. She didn't want her boyfriend to see how she looks without make-up." Max sighed. "She looks really ugly without make-up, Ash," Max whispered to Ash. One red mark ran across May's face - she was blushing deeply.

Misty forced herself to laugh, but Ash could see that she was upset. "Hey, let's eat some of the cake," Misty suggested suddenly. She was hungry; it took at least more than two hours to get from Cerulean City to Pallet Town.

"Yes," everyone -Ash, May, and Max- said in unison. They quickly went towards the table where the cake was at. Ash sliced one for himself and Misty since she didn't even walk to the table.

"Here, I cut a slice for you since you didn't walk towards the table." Ash handed the slice of cake to Misty. "My mom made it for you. Enjoy it."

Misty took the plate which the cake slice was on and used to fork to get a piece of the cake. "Mm. It tastes great. Tell her that it was really a delicious cake and the best cake I ever ate!" All of Ms. Ketchum's food were delicious. Misty would know. She used eat a lot food at the Ketchum's in the past.

"Yeah, I'll tell her."

As Misty took another bite of her slice of cake, Misty thought of something. She wanted to know who planned this party for her. It was such a great party that she felt she didn't deserve it. She wanted to thank the person who was planning this wonderful party. "Ash, did you plan this party for me?"

Ash was surprised that Misty would actually find out. Misty wasn't the type of person that would figure that out, but maybe since the party was held at his house and her thinking it was his birthday made it obvious. "Yeah. How did you know?"

"Luck." Misty paused and looked at her surroundings. "Thank you, Ash… for planning this."

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