Everyone Deserves A Second Chance


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Chapter 1: Escape

A light breeze blew through her long, pink, silky hair. Her dull, jade eyes watched the ocean's waves go back and forth. She pulled her knee's closer to her chest and her white dress swayed back and forth and her bare feet played with the sand.

'Why is he doing this to me? What did I ever do?'

She glanced at her bruised arms and sore legs. Her 'master' always treated her like this. No mercy, she had to do what he said or he would beat her senseless. If she was lucky, all he would do was pleasure himself. No her master has never had sex with her before, but they have gotten close.

He said he would wait for the right time to break her, but he wanted all the fun with her he could have before he would dispose of her. She was a beautiful girl, 16 years old, had a petite and fragile body, worth holding on to. Her master lived in Konoha, on an abandoned area off the shore in a one story house. He had two viscous guard dogs so if she were ever to try and run away, they would get her. Though she hasn't tried.

Once she tried to fight back, the very first night he had with her. But ended horrible, she was beaten so badly that the only thing she remembers is her name and doing whatever anyone said. So after that she decided her life was practically over...but she still had hope...very little hope.

The sun was setting, orange rays bounced off the sea, shimmering.

'How did I get here? I don't even remember...I have to get out of here... If not I might kill myself..and I don't want to die..I want to get away from here! From him...'

She would be bawling her head off right now but she got used to it after 2 years with that man.

"Sakura." she heard a familiar voice behind her, feelings of hate and fear running throughout her body.

She said nothing.

The man smirked and yanked her head back.

She whimpered but barley.

"Heh, don't want to talk huh? I miss that pretty voice of yours...do I have to force you to say something?" he whispered in her ear, still keeping a firm grip on her hair.

"Or should I make you scream in pleasure?" he licked her ear.

"Neither." she barley said.

"Ah there's my little angel's voice." he smirked and let go of her hair." Now get inside."

Sakura's master was very handsome but in her eyes all she could see was a monster. He had messy red hair and yellow intimidating eyes. He had a built body, was very strong, and was around his twenties but she wasn't sure, he never talked about himself. She stood up and walked to the house, brushing past her master. When she got inside the little house, she was quickly pushed up against the wall.

Her face smacked the wall pretty hard and was dizzy.

"So my little whore...are you ready?" he purred into her neck.

"I'm not a whore." she choked out.

You can only treat someone like crap until they finally have enough.

He growled and pushed up against her, squishing her into the wall and making sure she could feel his harden penis.

"Did I give you permission to speak bitch?" he bit down onto her pale neck.

"No." his eyes opened in shock." I did!" After that her foot flew up and kicked him right in his jewels.

He fell down, groaning and grabbing his crotch.

She turned around too shocked at what she did, and then her brain screamed at her to RUN!

She nodded her head and ran, but before she got anywhere, her master grabbed her foot and caused her to fall.

"Let go of me!" she screamed, kicking.

He struggled and finally got on top of her.

"Stop squirming you little cunt!" he smacked her in the face.

He pinned her arms to the sides of her head.

"You asked for it bitch! Today I will break you!" he straddled the still squirming and screaming girl underneath him.

His lips came down on hers, hard, to shut her up.

All you could hear was her muffled cries.

'No! I can't give up this easy! I got so far! I can't let him break me!'

He started zipping down his zipper which caused Sakura to squirm, kick, and thrash around even more.

He lifted up her dress and ripped her panties off.


He positioned himself in between her inner thighs.

His penis touched her vagina.

"Scream loud and hard for me babe!" he was about to strike within her when she used all of her strength to free her grasp from his arms and punch him right in the face.

He fell completely back, the wind knock out of him.

Sakura took this time to get the hell out of there!

Even though all she was wearing was a white dress with no panties underneath, and barefoot.

She had no idea where the dogs were but she wasn't going to stick around and find out.

She was already a few blocks away from the house, running down a dark street.

"Sakura!!!" she heard her name being called by her master.

She ran even faster.

Before she new it, she could see lights.

'The city.' she thought with joy.

Then she heard her master calling out her name again, but this time he was angry!

She could tell he was running after her and not far behind too.

She could barley feel her feet anymore because the rough ground.

Now she saw a few mini stores and some alleys.

'I should hide in one.' she quickly thought and ran into the nearest and darkest one.

But before she got in, she bumped into a guy.

They both fell on top of each other.

"Ouch." he groaned.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" she got off of him.

She couldn't really tell his face since it was so dark outside.

"Yeah well watch out where you're fucking going next time!" he hollered.

"Shhh!" she covered his mouth." He can't know I'm here, please I'm begging you." she whispered.

"Sakura!" she heard her master again.

'Sakura? No it can't be. Probably someone else...but could it?' the teenager thought trying to look at the girl that was shivering.

"Oh no that's him!" she quickly pulled him and her into the alley.

"What the--"

Sakura covered his mouth again.

"Shhh." she had him pinned against the wall.

He could fell how bad she was shaking, and how she barley weighed anything.

'Doesn't this girl even eat? Who is she?'

"Sakura!" they heard the voice again but it was right outside the alley." I'll find you; remember I own your pretty ass!"

Her breath stopped.

'Please go away, please go away.' she begged.

"Damnit." they heard him whispered and he started walking away.

After a few minutes she sighed and pulled her hand away from the teenagers' mouth.

"Ok who the hell are you? And who was that guy?" he asked.

Sakura backed up a little bit so the moon light shone on her face.

"My names Sakura." she said. "That's all I know."

'It can't be.'

Sasuke Uchiha thought.

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