March 19, 2010

I have yet another message to all you wonderful people who read this story. Another fan, mehek18, contacted me with a very generous offer to create a banner for this story. She made two of them, both absolutely beautiful.

The links to them are at the bottom of my profile page, but here are the spaced-out ones. Remember to remove all spaces and (dot)s.

http:// bit(dot)ly/ buR54B

http:// bit(dot)ly/ 9FUQWP

Fan requests are always very exciting. I had no idea that any of my work would become so popular, and I'm constantly amazed at the kind reviews that all of you leave for me. I'm also always surprised by the kind readers who offer to share their artistic talents with the purpose of helping promote mine. If any of you have similar fanart or fan requests, don't hesitate to ask. I am so flattered by everyone who does something like this; I appreciate all of you so much!

Thank you all! Hearts and hugs!


March-April 2010

mehek18 created more! As usual, remove spaces and (dot) s.

http:// bit(dot)ly/ aKm98N

http:// bit(dot)ly/ aYY12J

April 9, 2010

mehek18 recently contacted me to let me know that the original place where these banners were located had been changed. The new links are right there in place of the old ones. :)