6/15/2017 Update: The author who plagiarized has since been removed from Wattpadd.

As always, fellow Fanfic writers, please keep your eyes open for each other. We are responsible to one another: our work together is what makes a fandom a welcoming place. It becomes unpleasant and unsafe for all of us when theft of ideas or misrepresentation of content are put into the space instead of integrity and honesty in your own transformative works.

2/15/2017 Update: My submission of a DCMA claim has resulted in my own story being removed (until or unless this author claims ownership of my material). Thank you to those who sent reviews of support!

Additional note: my story is NOT the only one that this writer has plagiarized. There are 8 more stories on their account, ALL OF WHICH are written by OTHER WRITERS.

Please direct your attention to further reports and complaints in support and solidarity, if you are so inclined.

Thank you kindly, dear readers.

Dear readers:

Although I am not in this fandom anymore, I do take pride in my work. The fact that I've been notified about plagiarism still bothers me. This old story of mine is still mine.

The plagiarized version is on Wattpadd, titled "Can you hear me?" by TwilightStoryNinja.

This has been posted without permission, consent from me, or acknowledgment.

Any further help politely expressing to this individual that their actions are not befitting to their own abilities would be appreciated.