Purging the grail

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Chapter 0 Prologue : A wish


Crimson fire engulfs everything in its path. Nearly one sixth of the entire city is burning down, turning to ashes houses and persons alike. In the middle of the fire a small kid walks, half conscious. Then falls.

Emiya Kiritsugu gives on chasing after the last remaining enemy servant and his master. Turns to his own Servant Saber, who now stands in front of the holy grail, the prize of this entire blodshed. Just by standing near it he can feel it, the grail is totally tainted. An inner dark force is housed on the artifact, and now of holy it only has the name. Cursing under his breath, he turns to saber and shows his holy mark: the last command Spell.

-Destroy it Saber, it is no good.

Saber stares at him like if wanting to destroy HIM instead, but can´t complain, nor dissobey, that´s the power of the command spell. A wind whirwind begins to engulf Saber´s sword, and she charges towards the grail. Kiritsugu closes his eyes, standing still close to the grail..

-If only the grail isn´t tainted... if only.

Then Saber releases her attack:


The grail shines briefly before the shockwave from the Excalibur reaches it, breaking it. Part of the unholy energy reaches Kiritsugu who remained too close to it and now suffers the pain as Saber dissapears without even say goodbye.

Kiritsugu walks away, too.Moments later he finds Shiro.

He didn´t know that his wish reached the grail, and a new entity was called to make it happen.

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