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Epilogue: Wish granted.

Arturia Pendragon is dying. In a dense forest of England on the dark Ages, the legend, King Arthur is about to expire. She closes her eyes as flower petals flow in the wind. Near her, her most faithfull knight watches her die in peace.

-"Are you seeing it, my King?. The continuation of your dream?"

And Arturia's soul leaves her body.

She floats. Far far away, beyond the bonders of time.

And then she arrives. The inmortal lands of Eirei. Heroic Spirits.

Marble gates, and Oricalcum walls surround a perfect valley. An interminable grass field extends in all directions, crashing with the dark, cloudless sky in the horizon. To the north, a Shogun castle can be spotted, it glows white with the light of three moons. The biggest glows silver, The middle one is crimson red.

Fresh winds bath the field, which is under an incredible star mantle, white horses run free in this sacred place, with a river coming to the field wildly form the nearby mountains. A band of birds fly swiftly in the sky before reaching their homes in the enchanted forest by the castle. A sacred valley, a place to escape.

In the wall, a maiden in armor looks at her incredously.

-"Whoa, Finally made it."

Arturia can only ask in wonder at the lady.

-"Come, Arturia. Once you get in, everything will be fine."

And acompanies Arturia inside. As Saber gets a step in, all her memories come back. She is now in Valhalla, or Elisean Field or Hall of Heroes among other names. Is the space where all Eireis gather and wait for their next assigment. All memories of the place vanishes as the souls leaves, just to come back when they return. Every grail war, the chosen Eireis live their life again, fight the war, die and return, in a eternal cicle. Everythin is now clear to Saber, even her escort.

-"No way... Alana ?!!!!"

The witchblade wielder smiles friendly and hits Saber softly.

-"Can't believe you forgot. After i sacrificed myself for you."

-"But how did you ended up here?"

-"Crap, Arturia. You made the same question before, and before that. Geez, is a pain to explain it over and over. I guess because you get summoned every two for three. Remember the wish you made.?"

Saber closes her eyes and concentrates hardly. With centuries of memories coming back by the second she needs to focus to get only one recolection. Finally Alana pokes her again.

-"Geez. Shirou's wish. If he couldn't get you to stay in his time. He would go to yours. Your wish was quite vague really. I wish my master's wish. You did that with Shirou in your mind, BUT i was your master in that moment. So the grail had to grant both wishes. Aren't you lucky?"

-"Shirou went to my time?"

Alana nods. Your time is here, grasshopper. Now Arturia begins to inspect her life step by step, looking desperately for Shirou. Alana laughs bitterly. Yuhu, he is here. Then a newcomer arrives.

-"Alana, did you call me?"

-"Yeah. Please, Aquilles. Escort this lady to the battlle arena 5. I need to watch the door. And don't let Persephone bother her."

The hero Aquilles watch an unfocussed Saber. He smiles and guides her.

-"So, Arturia. With this you tie me in championships, uh? Cmon, i guess you want to see the battle. Siegfried VS Eric the Red, nothing better since my match against Leonidas"

Alana watches them go. Geez, cocky demi-gods . Then she goes to her watch again. Some time later. Two new entities arrive. The first one is a stranger. But the second one is an old friend. My wish.

Well, really both Shirou and I wished for the same thing: To be with my partner.

Finally, Ryan Thompson A.K.A Kiritsugu Emiya arrives at the hall of heroes. As he steps in he smiles softly.

-"Just as i remembered it."

Beside him, is... Angra Manyu.

-" So, not even a Hello, Darling, long time no see?"

Ryan raises his eyebrows.

-"C'mon Alana stop the sugar. I'm getting diabetic."

-"Hush. I still don't believe you."

He smiles and kisses her, letting go a long time after.

-" Again, thank you for saving my soul. Dear."

Then she turns to Avenger.

-"So, how you doing?"

Avenger lets go a chuckle.

-"My soul has JUST been reconstructed from three separated portions: Ryan's, yours and True Assasin's. I guess i have had better days."

-" I Guess. Sorry, then."

Ryan grabs both of them and begin walking.

-"C'mon. We are the only Avenger class heroes here. You two should get along better."

Alana and Angra exchange a doubtfull look that crashes Ryan's dream.Alana then changes the conversation.

-"Arturia just arrived."

-"Remember him yet?"

-"Nope. I guess is the bad thing to have King Arthur as your wife. Poor Shirou. "

-"Nah. He'll be fine. After all, he's my son"

Meanwhile in Battle Arena 5, Siegfried bloodfests Eric the Red hell and back. Then, the next battle is announced, and she remembers.

A man with a red coat enters the Arena. A special hero. The only double wielder archer. As he enters the croud begins to cheer " SHIROU, SHIROU." Arturia joins the cheer. Recognizing her voice Shirou turns to her.

-"You're late."

-" Sorry, but i had some business to do after your ass was kicked."

A wicked smile by Shirou and a bow. Now Shirou's contendant for the friendly match arrives: Caster class hero Persephone. Saber, remembering all. Summons her Excalibur in full rage.

-" Not today, Persephone."

-" C'mon. Arturia, is just a.."


-"Just wai..."


As a fierce Atack wipes half the Arena, Aquilles watch with a "not again" look. Beside him Jason whispers.

-"And there they go. Persephone just gave Shirou a flower once..."

Aquilles nods.

-"I know. I guess is the bad thing to have King Arthur as your wife. Poor Shirou."

-" Agreed. As a hero she is top notch, but as a girl..."

-"Anyway, they may drag it up a week like the last time. How about we go to the Valkiryes place? I think Grumhilde is after me."

-"Sorry man. Atalanta would kill me."

-"Coward... you are supposed to be a Berserk one."

-"Well, whatever, see ya later. Maybe in the next grail war."

-" C ya".


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