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Love: To feel a passion, devotion, or tenderness for a person.

Odyssey: A long wandering marked by many changes of fortune as you attempt to reach a place.

LoveOdyssey: A long wandering relating to a person that you feel passion, devotion, and tenderness for and want to find your way back to.


Epilogue: Only Love Sets You Free : (Buffy and Angel's wedding)

About six months later…

"Are you nervous?" Willow smiled at Buffy as she finished adjusting her best friend's veil.

Buffy only smiled back serenely. "Not at all. It feels like I've been waiting my whole life for this moment. I'm just lucky you could make it possible."

Willow grinned, thinking of the hacking she'd had to do and favors she'd had to call in to get Angel a legal identity. But it had worked, and now Buffy was glowing like a candle as she put the finishing touches on her make-up. "You look like a princess."

I never believed in fairy tales

Though sometimes I wished I could

I never believed that golden slippers

Could ever find the perfect foot

I never believed in magic

Or that wishes came true

Buffy looked down at the layers of lace and satin. "I feel like one."

But your very first kiss

Changed all this

Joyce came into the room. "Are you…" She trailed off as she look in her beautiful daughter. "You look amazing, sweetie." She said as she hugged her only child tightly.

"Thanks mom." Buffy whispered. "Are you sure you're okay with Giles walking me down the aisle? Cause I know you said it's traditional that it should be a guy, but you're my actual parent, and it's not like everything else is perfectly traditional, and…"

"Don't babble, honey." Joyce smiled as she pulled back and smoothed her daughter's hair. "It should be Mr. Giles. He's been like a father to you these past years. Believe me, I'm fine with it. Now, are you ready to go?"

Buffy nodded, going over things in her head. Something old, her mother's veil. Something new, the earrings Willow had given her. Something borrowed, the bracelet Tara had hesitantly handed her, saying it had always brought her luck and Buffy should wear it for the day. And something blue. She looked down at the sapphire necklace that had once been Cordelia's. Although she'd lost most of her possessions because of her dad's problems with the IRS, somehow she'd managed to keep this one necklace. Angel had found it when he was going through her things, and thought she'd want Buffy to have it. Buffy had taken it, knowing that every time she wore it she'd remember the girl that had died so the world could live.

But today, that didn't make her sad. No, nothing could make her sad today. She was just glad that Cordy could be with her.

You make me a believer

You make me trust again

You showed me there's a pot of gold

At every rainbows end

Buffy pulled herself out of her thoughts. "Let's do this." She grinned, leaving her room and heading downstairs. Giles waited for her in the living room, and she could hear the chatter of people out on the back lawn. There were only a few dozen people here, but they were all people that mattered. A few friends of her mom's, a few relatives, a few friends, just the people she wanted to be there. She'd once dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding, with all the pomp and circumstance, but she didn't need that. She just needed Angel.

Xander came in the back door at that moment. "Sure you don't wanna change your mind?" He joked as he came over and kissed Buffy's cheek. "We could always run away to Vegas."

Buffy laughed as she hugged him. "I'll keep that in mind if things don't work out."

Xander grinned at her, then turned to her mom and offered her his arm. Joyce smiled at him and let him lead her out to be seated.

They heard the music start up, and Willow smiled. "I love you." Even as Buffy was saying it back, Willow walked out the door, resplendent in her dark green dress.

Giles smiled gently as he offered her his arm. "A Watcher walking his Slayer down the aisle to marry an ex-vampire. If I wasn't already fired…"

Buffy giggled. "Well, look at it this way. You're not a Watcher anymore, and I'm not a Slayer either. Those things are no longer necessary. We're just normal people."

"There is that." Giles replied as they started to walk. "There is indeed that."

Only love

Sets you free

And if it's up to fate

Then you're my destiny

Buffy walked down the aisle slowly, her eyes never leaving Angels. He looked so amazing, standing there in the gazebo they'd rented, with the sunlight pouring down on him. Although she'd seen him in the sun many times, she'd never get used to it. Something she'd only dreamed could happen was now a reality.

Now I know

Now I see

Anything could happen

if you just believe

Angel stared as Buffy walked down the aisle. He'd smiled when Willow came in, and noted with a smirk that Wesley stared for a few seconds at the plain girl he remembered from high school looking so pretty. Yet now he thought of nothing but Buffy. She was beaming at him, and any fears or doubts he might have still harbored deep in her heart melted under the heat of her eyes. They were about to be married.

I believe in you

I swear that forever from today

No one will ever take your place

I believe in you

The ceremony flew by in a blur, the traditional words barely heard as Buffy and Angel became their own little world. Gazing at each other, holding hands, they knew that it was right. And that this was only the beginning.

And I believe our love will last always


Song: I Believe In You, From the album My Name is Joe, song written by Joe for his album, and featuring Nsync as guest vocalists for this one song.

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