Weeeee! A new fanfic is underway! I actually got an inspiration for this on the last day of school while I was taking my Spanish 2 finals….weird place to get a story idea…..anyways, this DOES take place BEFORE Phantom Planet, since I still enjoy writing "classics" (before PP fanfics). I know I have six others to work on, but I'll try to keep this one updated, at least every three weeks or so; after all, it IS summer! Woot!

I hope you all enjoy this…..DISCLAIMER: I don't own Danny Phantom or The website was just a good name for the title, but I didn't come up with it. Enjoy!

Sam Manson let out a huge yawn. It was the second week of school and she already hated her classes. Not because her classes were too difficult, but because they were too easy.

She'd signed up for easier classes for her sophomore year, so she would have more time for ghost hunting with her two best friends, Danny and Tucker. She had also hoped to get in more classes with them, since they always took lower classes than her. Unfortunately, she had only gotten one class with Tucker, but she had gotten four with Danny; life was okay.

Since she was striving for the most flexible schedule possible, there weren't very many elective classes that allowed for free time. Sam had ended up choosing HTML/Web Design. She didn't know why she chose that, but it sounded better than cooking or theatre.

Much to her disappointment, neither Danny nor Tucker were in that class. Since they had let their grades slip so much in their freshmen year, mostly from lack of time thanks to ghost hunting, they had to take more required classes.

The worst part was: Paulina was in the class. Why the girl hadn't taken dance or choir; Sam didn't know. But sitting alone in the back of the computer lab was fine with her, as long as Paulina kept away.

As Mr. Harris droned on about the importance of having hit counters on a website, Sam felt her mind wandering.

I wonder what Danny's doing. Is he fighting a ghost and I don't even know it? Is he in trouble? Maybe he is! I've got to……sloooooow down Manson. Danny's probably fine. Maybe he's thinking about me! What if……

"Miss Manson? Miss Manson?" A voice broke through her thoughts.

"Huh?" She asked, dazed.

Everyone in the class was staring at her and Paulina was giving her a smug look. Mr. Harris just glared at her. "Nice of you to join us Samantha," Sam shuddered at her full name. "Now, would you please turn off the lights so we can take notes on our project?"

Sam nodded weakly and turned off the lights.

"Now, you're all going to design your own website, from now until the end of the year. It's your whole grade, so if you choose not to make one, you fail my class. Since you need to know a lot about your subject of choice, it's best to pick something you're familiar with and you enjoy writing about……"

Sam didn't take notes, she just sat and listened. What the heck am I going to do for this? Goth stuff? No, I don't want to get too personal. Ghost-hunting? No way, people will think I'm turning into Danny's parents…

The bell rang and Sam got up to leave.

"Miss Manson, will you please stay after?"

She groaned but walked up to Mr. Harris' desk. "Yes?"

"Samantha," she still shuddered at the mention of her full name. Why couldn't he just call her Sam? "I've noticed that you're a good student in all of your other classes, but you always hide in my class. I want you to do something special for your website; something creative. Will you be up to the challenge?"

Seeing Danny and Tucker pass by the door, Sam quickly nodded. "Sure thing Mr. Harris!" She ran out to join her friends.

"Hey Sam," Danny greeted her as she came up. "How's web design?"

"Ugh, it sucks. Mr. Harris was asking me to……"

Suddenly, Danny's ghost sense went off. "Hold that thought," he whispered and ran into the janitor's closet. Sam and Tucker knew the drill, so they walked up and kept watch as their friend flew off.

"Wanna go to Nasty Burger?" Tucker looked at Sam. She was gazing off into space, apparently deep in thought. "I'll take that as a no."

Sam shook out of it. "I'm sorry Tucker, I've gotta go work on homework."

She ran off, leaving Danny to fight the ghost alone and Tucker baffled.

"What the heck am I going to do for my website?" Sam wailed to herself. She had been pouring over ideas for hours and she hadn't had one brilliant idea; one that would live up to Mr. Harris' high expectations.

Just then, she heard a knock at her window. Gazing outside, she saw Danny waving. She nodded for him to come inside. He easily phased through the wall.

"Hi Sam."

For some weird reason, Sam felt herself blushing. Knock it off Manson! "Hey, what'd you come over for?"

"Well, I just…" He trailed off and looked at Sam. "Sam, why are you looking at me like that?"

"That's it!" She shrieked excitedly. "Sorry Danny, can't talk now."

She ran over to her computer and began typing quickly. Danny raised his eyebrows. "Um, okay. See you later." He flew through her wall and to his house. Sam didn't even notice he left.