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The moment Sam walked in empty-handed, she could practically feel the smirk growing on Paulina's face.

"What's the matter?" she asked in the most pretentiously sympathetic voice Sam had ever heard in her life. "Too busy hanging with your nerdy little friends to finish the project that makes up ninety percent of our grade?"

Instead of lashing out like she normally would have done, Sam smiled sweetly in return. "Actually Paulina, you're right! You know me; can't get enough of Tucker and Danny."

Sam knew, of course, that Paulina was too dense to realize that Sam was also implying that she was privy to just how many hours Paulina had spent on her site in the past sixteen weeks; all two hundred and forty-two of them. Meanwhile, form what Sam could see from the girl's website on "Perfect Skin," it was really just a crudely-designed web autobiography that was destined to fail.

Regardless of what grade Paulina got, Sam knew she deserved her F and was gladly awaiting it. Saving one of her most important friendships was more than worth having to retake the lousy class in summer school. Perhaps her next website would be about the Box Ghost.

"Lenore, Max?"

Mr. Harris was calling off the names in alphabetical order, and Sam was just after Max. Nearly everyone was turning in a report of some kind, but Sam had absolutely nothing on her desk.

"Manson, Samantha?"

She cringed at the sound of her real name and stomped up to the front, trying to ignore the giggles of her classmates.

"Miss Manson, do you have your report for me?"

"No," she said evenly. "My site got taken down by hackers."

"Well, surely you had some offline data saved—"

"Nope, nothing. It's all gone."

"Well, what was the subject matter at least?" Mr. Harris asked, sounded positively baffled by Sam's calm mood in the face of tremendous failure.

"Does it really matter, Mr. Harris? I'll take my F now."

Walking back to her seat, Sam never felt more confident in her life. Her peers were stunned by her non-responsiveness to their taunts and teases, especially considering what a hit her normally stellar grades just took.

Sam simply decided she didn't care. When she told Danny his secret wasn't getting out, she had meant it. If anyone in the class—even the teacher—learned that she knew so much about Danny Phantom, they would start connecting the dots, given how much time she spent with Fenton.

Smiling down at the blotchy red 'F' marked on a slip of paper, Sam looked out the classroom door and saw none other than Danny looking in. She instantly hid the grade, not wanting him to see it in fear that he might try to do something about it himself.

"How'd that go?" he asked once the bell rang and school was officially out.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Let's just say I'll be going to summer school this year."

"Really?" his eyes lit up. "Me too. Failed math again."

Sam chuckled, wholly unsurprised by this. "Well, it looks like I'll have someone to walk to school with, at least."

"Walk?" Danny smirked.

"Oh right. Whichever mode of transportation you prefer, Your Highness."

"Flying's a little faster."

"So I've heard."

"Wanna try it out?"

"That's up to you."

"Let's have a democratic vote, then."

"Uh, Danny? Did you fail government too? Because there's no clear majority when there are only two people—"

"Danny Phantom says yes, too," Danny grinned.

"Oh that's not fair," Sam laughed as Danny intangibly pulled her into a locker and they flew to the roof of the school and beyond.

"You really do suck at math," she teased him once they were hundreds of feet off of the ground, flying at a moderate pace.

"Well, put it this way: the majority of people in Amity Park believe I'm two different people, so why shouldn't I have two votes?"

"For your information, I was going to say yes too."

Danny simply smiled at this and they continued flying for a few more minutes before reaching the Manson residence.

"So, you're not bummed about summer school?"

Sam shrugged. "I messed up. Big time. I kind of deserve it."

"Why did you make a website about me, anyway?" Danny asked curiously once he transformed back into his human half.

"You're my best friend," Sam said, not missing a beat. "I know everything about you, don't I?"

Danny blushed slightly. "I don't know, do you?"

"Well," Sam faltered, "It's not like I would put it all out there, of course. In my own defense, I only put up basic stuff I thought nearly everyone else already knew. But it was still a really bad idea."

"At least it's over now," Danny said, his cheeks returning back to their normal color. "My parents don't even seem as interested in my blood sample now that they think nothing came of it."

"'As interested'? So they're still obsessing—"

"Oh, definitely," Danny grumbled. "I just need to stay away from them during bloodier fights, I guess."

"How about staying away from bloodier fights altogether?"

"That works, too. But sometimes they're inevitable, you know?"

"I honestly don't," Sam laughed. "But it'd lead to a lot less worry and panicking for Tucker and me if you could just play it safe every once in a while."

"What's the fun in that? By the did you manage to get rid of that website?"

As if on cue, the power lines in the streets outside started buzzing. Electrical currents radiated in the air around them, causing appliances to overheat and explode, and Sam's computer began shaking as though an earthquake were occurring.

At Danny's questionable glance, Sam smiled sheepishly. "Oh...right...uh, well, there's this issue with Technus..."

"Just him? Not a problem."

He instantly transformed and flew out to meet the tech-obsessive ghost, as well as the cheers of hundreds of spectators down below.

"Danny! Danny! Danny!" they chanted, distracting him for a moment as he waved to acknowledge them, but once Technus attacked, he zoned back into kickass mode.

Watching from her window, Sam relished the fact that she was one of the privileged few to know the truth behind Amity Park's beloved ghost hero. There had been loads of speculation on her website as to who he might truly be, but nobody ever suspected Danny Fenton. He was great at the weakling act and almost never broke character; a feat Sam doubted she would be capable of if she were in his shoes.

She didn't have the heart to tell Technus how little of a threat he posed to Danny upon releasing him in exchange for the destruction of DannyPhantom. com. Seeing him struggle now, faced off against a half ghost kid with nothing more than steely determination going for him, Sam silently cheered for Danny as well.

The interesting thing about her friendship with him was that, no matter how big the mistake may be, they always managed to come through for each other in the end.

And that's something Sam wouldn't change for the world.

I was aiming for a TUE-like ending here, just with Sam, not Jazz. Note: this story wasn't really meant to be a DxS romance as much as it was focusing on their friendship. I couldn't find a way to make romance work here without severely rushing it, so I opted to go the BFF route.

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