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Chapter 9- Things I Want to Do

A man carefully shadowed in the shrubbery and tall trees that surrounded the large apartment complex ducked out of the small black Camry parked in the parking lot behind the building.

He mumbled under his breath, flattening down the collar on his smart black button up shirt. The lapel pin, a small American flag, was the only thing that brightened his dark suit. He stopped short about a foot from the propped open door leading into a mailroom and a large staircase.

He flattened his hair and breathed deeply. Standing up straight, he masked his expressions with a sexy smirk that only worked for his handsome features.

He played with the watch that he wore on his right wrist, twisting the dial until the small second hand had spun around twelve twice. He lifted the hand up to his mouth, pretending to cough he spoke into the hand.

"Can you hear me now?" he smiled at the exact quote that his technological lady had insisted he use.

He thought it was ridiculously stupid to be in the house without anything but the recorder, but it needed to be done. Instead of replaying the set "instructions" through his mind again, he paid attention to the two women who were standing and chatting easily at the metal boxes, each pausing in their talk to look him over and wink at him before eyeing each other with suspicious expressions.

He smiled at them and walked up the first staircasepast another stack of metal mailboxes. A woman he recognized, pulled down the newspaper which covered her mouth and nose. She cocked her eyebrows and smiled. He grinned back, somewhatwarily. he shook his head continuing onward, skipping two steps at a time. It was time to have some fun.

He just wished he knew who was going to have the fun.

A young woman with silky black hair tied up in pigtails paced the length of the room. Her shoes pounded the linoleum tiles but she paid no attention to the sound, as did the other person in the room.

There was no head banging music, no slurps from a coffee, no rings of a cell phone. She flung herself at the chair beside the desk and the absentminded man beside her.

"He shouldn't have to do this," she murmured playing with a loose thread on her red shirt. The man beside her sniffed and slouched farther into the other seat.

"No kidding. I should be out there with them. I wasn't anymore attached to her than them. It's not fair." He made a face. "I don't get why he gets to go in though. That's just wrong."

The woman swirled her chair around. "I know you're mad but he volunteered, and he's more experienced at this stuff than you. You know it, Marty."

"Sure but still." The woman smirked in realization.

"You're just pissed that its not you that's going in for revenge." She flung the black pigtails over her shoulders as she turned her back to him to look at the data spitting out of her fax machine. "Hmmm. That's very interesting."

The man beside her stood up stretching. "What is?" The woman raised her eyebrows as she passed the papers over to him. The man rubbed his eyes and narrowed his lowered his brow as he tried to focus his sleep deprived eyes on the facts.

"That's lovely. So she killed her too. How did he think to look at her?" he muttered, flipping the page.

"Actually I think Ducky suggested that we exhume the body for examination." She smiled brightly. "That psychology degree is making him very helpful for cases."

He frowned. "But anyway. We need to tell Gibbs. She's killed twice, she won't afraid to do it again." He grinned sheepishly. "So want to draw straws to see who's gonna tell him?" she raised her eyebrows. "What? He's god damn scary and I don't want to be the one that has to tell him that his man is unarmed and unreachable in a psycho's house."

She looked up sharply and with narrowed eyes she inhaled tightly trying to calm herself from lashing out and hitting the man in front of her.

"Let's just hope that's not true. He has to be smarter than that." She murmured reaching for the phone and the four pre-cut straws lying on the table. "You first."

Beside her in the driver's seat, an older man sat with a pair of binoculars in his lap. He wasn't paying any attention to her just rotating between looking through the binoculars and glancing at his cell phone.

She tapped her fingers against her leg impatiently. She didn't know why she honestly chose to stay with him. At least with the other duo across the parking lot, the group keeping an eye on the back way out, she would have been able to have a civilized conversation while still watching for her.

Despite her position she shivered thinking of the petite black haired young woman. How could sweet Lily have such a dangerous sister? They were like night and day.

She wasn't afraid of the woman; she had fought far more experienced and dangerous criminals in all her years with the military to be frightened of such an unstructured killer.

She was afraid for her partner. He had volunteered to go undercover without any means of communication or a weapon.

What a stupidly clever, selfless man.

It was the only way though. The evidence was only circumstantial and theories didn't hold up too well with judges. There was no way that without solid evidence or a full confession, the woman would be sent to jail for the two murders she definitely had committed. She would get away scratch free while her sister's murder was chalked up as unsolved.

And so he had to risk his life to catch her. Sure it wasn't a big deal when he was safely tucked into headquarters, but the second he stepped into the uncharted waters of Aurora's home, he was basically killing himself.

Who knew if she had an arsenal of weapons hidden under the loose wooden planks on her hallway. She wouldn't find out.

Not only had he wanted to go undercover, he needed the thrill and the safety of being a different person. He had held a convincing argument, she had been attracted to him and if he stroked her self-esteem she was bound to break and tell him.

He had already planned most of it. Feed her some bull about being sick of NCIS and needing a release. And she just happened to be the sexy available target. He would just happen to need the thrill of being daring and breaking the rules by having a personal relationship with the suspect of a murder.

So smart but so risky.

Really risky, it seemed. It had to be for the man beside her to be so silent. She knew that he was quietly sweating his decision. He had given in rather reluctantly, but he had agreed nonetheless. He was just as worried as she was. The man had evaded using a wire with his clever use of changing the subject. He did have a recorder but that didn't mean that they could tell him to get the hell out of the way when the psychotic woman came after him.

He had to be nuts to having that much faith in himself.

She thought carefully. After the fiasco with "The Frog" and the disastrous effects of Jeanne Benoit, he had taken to testing himself. He would push himself to his limits each time trying to prove himself to the leader and the entire team. Unfortunately, he hadn't needed to, they all knew he was a very capable man and clever.

Even worse was that he knew that and still felt compelled to show it. He needed to almost clear his conscious after killing Ms. Benoit that he was still capable and not affected by the results of the murder.

She sincerely hoped that tonight he would at least try to stay safe. It was no time for heroics, the only person that needed to be saved was him.

The man pushed the buzzer, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt for the last time. He absolutely had to make sure that the watch was not covered or the operation was worthless.

He breathed deeply, adrenaline already waking him up in inside, riling up the energy that ran most of the ops. This was it, the big job. After tonight, that was it, Aurora McNamara was going to be gone.

The door burst open revealing a frazzled tall woman. Her eyes widened in surprise and then her eyes lit up and her mouth curved into a smile.

She was a beautiful woman even with red paint covering a majority of her skin. The paint didn't stop his eyes from traveling to her V-neck three quarter sleeve shirt or the bare skin that was visible from just above her low rise pants every time she lifted her arms higher than his chest.

He lifted the bouquet of flowers that he held in his hand, deep blood red roses. She accepted them and not even lifting them to her face she tossed them onto the kitchen table. She slid closer to him, her arms encasing his body as she pulled him into her apartment slamming the door with her foot.

He returned the kiss passionately but couldn't help but tense as his finger slid across the serrated blade of a knife tucked into her belt loop.

The tiny blood drops fell to the floor gracefully, gently falling like heavy raindrops.

Splat splat splat.

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