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Dedicated to Marianne.

"Compassion is the basis of morality."

-Arnold Schopenhauer


'Cold Compassion'

Chapter One

Amy Rose

The snow started to fall just hours before she was about to go to bed. A few flakes at first, as the sky turned into a soft dark blue, but it soon evolved into a full blizzard. The naked tree limbs turned white, and the ground took its last breath before drowning in the sea of snow. Lights turned on, as people gathered to watch the storm change their fall atmosphere into winter, as it did every year. Amy Rose was unaware of what was taking place, for she was scrubbing off her crystal white skin as the water ran down her slim figure. Steam rose, she breathed deeply, the water leaving her skin red wherever it traveled. The water, while hot enough to burn her skin, was her remedy for an awful day. She turned her head to the water, feeling the sting as the water trailed down, sighing deeply in content. Her hair, the color of an embarrassed pink blush, stuck to her back and forehead. She swept her bangs from her face, her hand grazing over her smooth unscarred skin.

She was thinking, thinking of the boy that she both loved and hated. The boy with dark sapphire hair and a smile that was tame in its wildness. The boy with emerald eyes that was rough and beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. Never will she find a boy with such eyes; never will she even turn her head to look. She will never meet anyone with a touch that thrilled her, not with the intensity that she found herself absolutely giddy and rushing with emotion as soon as the touch stopped. Amy looked away, turning off the nozzle and grabbing a red towel that was hung out for her. As she dried herself off, she was aware that the stillness in the air had been shattered. There was something there, she could feel it by the way the air seemed to move over it. It was a feeling she could not explain, not even as she hurried to slip on a pair of pajama bottoms and a matching top. Her voice came, weak and wavering.

"Hello?" Amy called, her body flushed from the hot shower. She buttoned the last button on her night shirt, before timidly walking around the house. "Hello? Is anyone there?" she called out again, feeling a little foolish. It was when she passed her window that the pink hedgehog stopped. Her garnet green eyes watched the snowflakes in disbelief. "It's a blizzard," she remarked, before worry rose in her chest. "I'll need to sweep the sidewalk if I want any chance of getting out of the house tomorrow." Amy's neck was cold from her wet hair that was dripping slightly. She put it in a small bun, re-doing it several times because of its short length. Amy touched the soft fabric of her snow cap, before slipping it on, surprised by its musty smell. Amy could not remember the last time it had snowed this hard, she put on several coats, before digging out some warm snow shoes that she had not put on for quite some time.

The boy she loved would surely be trying to run from the cold. He was probably at someone else's house, starting a fire and finding someway to help the needy. She imagined that fine thick mess of blue hair, which always stayed perfectly in place, no matter what he did. Or his voice, alluring and velvety, enough to make her knees weaken. Amy opened the door, surprised when the cold immediately chilled her face, and as she walked out, the snow in her yard was already reaching her knees. She grabbed the shovel, trying to save what was left of the roses Cream had planted in her flower garden, she had never been one for gardening, but they were a gift. Amy quickly covered them with jars, like she had seen in movies.

Then, she went to try and clear the dirt road she would have to take tomorrow. The snow had piled into miniature houses by the time she realized she had forgotten to put on gloves. Amy looked at her cold and numb fingers, deciding she would only be a minute, before rushing back to the house. But it was when she held out her hand to grab the doorknob, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Amy turned, her eyes looking at the bundles that were carefully placed on her doorstep. Did Cream drop off more cakes? Amy wondered, before bending down, looking closer.

She lifted one of the bundles, surprised that it was covered with the smoothest silk blanket. No cake would ever be treated so carefully, she noted as she parted the baby blue fabric, only to gasp. Her limbs went numb, and she felt as though she'd been punched in the stomach by the sudden shock.

For, lying so preciously inside the blanket was a beautiful baby. Amy stilled, bending over, still holding the baby, and revealing another baby in the other bundle. Amy swallowed, somehow grabbing the other baby, and opening the door before disappearing inside her house. Her world was dark at the edges as she sat down on the floor, the bundles lying in her arms. She parted the blanket again, seeing the same babies, nestled safely inside. She touched her freezing hands, before removing the rest of the blankets in disbelief. The babies whimpered at their exposure, but soon went back into their deep sleeps. "Oh..." Amy whispered, touching the one of the child's tiny hand.

They were newborns; she could tell by the white quills that all baby hedgehogs bore, at least two weeks after birth. The babies were so small, about the size of the distance between her elbow and fingertip. So small, she mused, so precious. Amy swallowed, watching as the child she'd touched, turned its head into the blanket, its small chest rising and falling, as she took notice of the dark tan skin that was such a stark contrast to her pale skin. Amy looked, hoping for a note, a letter, anything. But all she found was the small little yellow pacifier that was tucked away in the recess of the blanket, two diapers, and a crumbled twenty-dollar bill.

Amy separated these items, before setting the baby on the floor, watching the child wince, as the other baby continued to sleep. Then, it began to whimper, and the child's cheeks went red. Amy quickly picked up the other baby, despite it being in a horrible blizzard, the baby was warm as though it hadn't taken one step outside. Amy cooed, nuzzling the white quills. This baby was dark too, but not nearly so much as the first one. Also, it seemed more fragile, in a way. "Little baby," she whispered, softly. "Sweet baby." she held on tighter, a feeling rising in her chest. "Sweet, sweet baby."

The child's eyes fluttered open, but its whimpering had ceased. Amy put that baby down, returning to the other one, who was rubbing its eyes with its uncoordinated fists. Amy bit back another gasp as she looked at the baby's eyes, staring straight into hers. The eyes were a pretty lime green color, splashed with speckles of brown, and as she looked, she could see there was no pupil. Just a shining pool of emerald green, and as Amy stared, the baby seemed to get a hurt look on its face. As it began to whimper, Amy snapped back to attention, rocking the baby.

"It's alright." she cooed again, looking at its confused face. "You poor thing, left out in the cold like that." she paused. "Don't worry, I'm here now."

The baby was soon asleep; she changed the small child before setting it on her bed, placing pillows around it to assure safety. It was a boy, she realized, as she bent down and hesitantly kissed his tender forehead. A boy, a baby boy, in her home. As she did the same with the other one, she realized the other baby was a little girl. A baby girl and a baby boy. Amy tried it out, finding that she loved the idea a little too much. Outside, her footsteps had been buried underneath inches of slush, and she knew she would have to fight the weather tomorrow, too. Her road would be blocked, of course, she still had time, and she could clear it if she worked hard enough.

But Amy simply stayed, watching the little children sleep, waiting for the smallest call so she could tend to their every need. All they had to do was make a peep and Amy was there, stroking their back or singing a soft lullaby. She moved through the darkness, determined, finding her way. When the little boy cried, Amy picked him up, cradling, whispering. "Little love..." As the baby looked outside, he seemed curious, as Amy smiled, her mouth resting on his smooth skin. She kissed him lightly.

"It's really snowing, isn't it?" Amy whispered, noticing that for the first time, she was not just speaking into the empty air. And she was not lonely, nor feeling a sense of loss. The boy she was so in love with, Sonic, didn't even cross her mind. The baby clutched tight to her, watching the snow, as she whispered soft reassurances. Amy looked with him, past the trees and the soft bruised sky, all the way to the fading yellow moon, and made a promise to take them there.

The windows were frosted, and she could not help but find it beautiful, the sparkling snow, and the feel of the baby against her as she smoothed out the wild white quills better. What would she do? She wondered, she could not possibly stay here tomorrow, Sonic would be Christmas shopping. The only time once a year he stayed long enough to be caught. But she could not possibly leave them, either. Amy breathed as the baby fell asleep in her arms once more, and she knew soon his sister would demand the same treatment.

Well, she smirked against the smooth skin, breathing in the smell of pine and fresh fruit. She would need supplies for the baby, and since Sonic would be out tomorrow anyway. He could drop off what she needed, and thus, providing a window of opportunity for interaction. The thought gave her a sense of purpose and excitement. But then, she wondered, what would she do? She was needed for missions, to save the world. How was she supposed to do that with two babies?

She blushed. Why had they been dropped off at her house? Amy wondered. Was there a reason, or was she just the first choice? She'd like to think there was a reason, especially on this cold winter day, where at any other circumstance, she had always been alone. Amy heard the little girl, and before she could wake up her brother, she set the boy down and was soon cradling the other one.

Amy put the thought out of her mind, only focusing on the lullaby she had begun to sing. Because she thought, by morning, she might have some sort of answer.

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