Disclaimer: I do not possess any featured characters from the TV series Full House, a Miller/Boyett production, and I am not the show's creator.

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Dedication: To all good fathers and father figures. Happy Father Figure's Day (or Year).

The D in Dad is For Daughter

By Jan J. (or P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

"Daddy, Daddy!" six year old Michelle Tanner called out as she careened into the kitchen.

"What is it, honey?" asked Danny Tanner as he quickly looked up from the pot of soup that was simmering on the stove.

"Teacher said that we had to ask a parent questions for homework," the little strawberry-blonde replied. "Will you please help me?"

"Yes, sweetheart, you don't have to ask!" exclaimed Danny. "What kind of questions are they?"

"Oh, about your favorite things," Michelle distractedly answered as she attempted to reach for the cookie container on the towering counter. Danny did not notice, for he had gone back to diligently stirring the soup.

"Daddy?" she tentatively inquired.

"Hmm?" he uttered.

"You like everthing that I like, right?" Michelle said.

"Of course. You're my little princess. I would do anything for you," he declared as he bent down to gently kiss the top of her head.

"Daddy?" she started again.

"Yes?" Danny murmured as he moved to get some seasonings from the cupboard.

"Can I have a cookie?"

"You may," he consented. Michelle beamed excitedly up at him. "But only after dinner." A pout plagued her features.

"Aw, nuts!" she moaned tragically.

The next morning Michelle turned in the following assignment.

Homework: Parent/Guardian Survey

Parent's/Guardian's Name: Daddy (This was crossed out, and "Danny Tanner" was scribbled next to it in childish handwriting.)

Favorite Food: ice cream

Favorite Type of Television Show: cartoons

Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid (1)

Favorite Color: pink

Below these items, a crayon drawing of a stick figure sporting a tie was labelled "Daddy."

That exact morning a bleary-eyed first grade teacher choked on her tea as she read a list of Danny Tanner's favorite things.

Wouldn't she have a story involving a certain cute TV host from Wake Up, San Francisco to tell the girls about.


(1) This is a Disney production/possession—not a creation of Little Sister's Keepress.