Chapter 9

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"Wow, this is awkward." Naruto mumbled, scratching the back of his head bluntly.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Kaito screamed.

"Um, look, I was just--"

"JUST WHAT!? KISSING HER!?" Kaito was breathing heavily. Hinata started backing away very slowly.

"Kaito, calm down." Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Calm down?" Kaito growled darkly.

"Yeah. You only met her yesterday."

"So what!? You knew I liked her, yet you lied through your teeth and I find you guys kissing. Kissing! She--"

"This wasn't Hinata's fault!" Naruto roared, which made everyone in the area turn their heads. Naruto saw Kaito's hand twitch near his kunai, but he physically shook his head and walked off calmly.

Naruto let out a held breath and turned around only to find out Hinata had left. What should he do now? Naruto glanced at the ramen shop. After a long moment, he shrugged and entered, though he had no intention of eating anything. He took a seat off to the side of the ramen bar, which was unusual for him. He slumped in his seat and stared at the going-on's in the kitchen, though he wasn't paying attention to anything.

"So, Naruto. What'll it be today?" Ayame took out her pad of paper and awaited his order.

Naruto didn't answer. He let his body language speak for itself. A concerned expression crossed the ramen shop owner's daughter. But before she could ask what was wrong, Naruto gave her a glare that spoke, "don't bother me."

Ayame frowned and went about her business. Naruto rested his chin on his hands and sighed heavily. What the heck should he do now? Go back home just to receive the cold shoulder from Kaito, or go see Hinata who would look at him strangely and ask questions he didn't feel like answering?

Greetings, Kit.

What? Silence for once?

The demon cackled evilly. I've rubbed off more on you than I thought.

This perked up Naruto's interest. What do you mean?

You're acting strangely. Almost the opposite of your usual personality.


It's something that happens to demon's. We're obviously are much stronger than mere mortals. Therefore, we have some senses that they don't possess.

What kind of senses?

In your case, you're sensing something horrid. Whether it be currently or in your future. They usually aware a demon of their death…

What? I'm going to die? And how is gaining an alternate personality a warning?

Most likely. As for your personality, it's not supposed to be this severe. You're a mere human, after all. What can you expect?

Naruto growled inwardly. Are you suggesting that I'm weak!?

Of course not. Why do you suggest this?

That's it! Naruto slammed his fists on the ramen counter, causing Teuchi (I think that's his name :P) and his daughter to turn their heads. Naruto had the sudden urge to hit something, but he restrained himself.

I need advice. I better go talk to Granny.


Kaito slammed the bedroom door behind him and threw himself on his bed, his back to the ceiling. His deep-sea blue eyes stared at his pillow furiously. A surge of emotion swept through him and he was on the brink of tears for several seconds. Though it passed, a heavy knot had formed in his throat that he tried to swallow down.

You look upset. Rang a voice.

Kaito nodded. "Look, I don't care if I'm crazy or whether you actually exist. I just need someone to talk to." Kaito announced aloud.

His 'conscience' groaned. Alright. Fine.

"You know Naruto, right?"

More than you know.

"Excuse me?" Kaito asked, not quite catching what the voice said.

Oh, nothing. Go on.

Kaito recounted everything that happened, starting with the first time he saw Hinata. The Nine-Tailed demon was bored, for he had already known what had happened. It got quite uninteresting inside Naruto, and something had to keep him occupied.

"…and here I am talking to you." Kaito finished, much to Kyubbi's relief.

I know a way you could get back at him.

"Really? Got some huge prank in mind? Are we going to break them up?"

Not exactly. There's a jutsu I have in mind.

"A jutsu?"

Yes. It's a jutsu that can manipulate someone.

"Oh, I get it. I can make him do whatever I want. It's like taking things a step further."

Correct. But there's a problem.

"What is it?"

We need to obtain the scroll. I don't know the jutsu precisely.

"Alright, so where can I find it?"

The Hokage Tower. They think it's too dangerous to be used at all.

"Well, that makes sense. It sounds pretty dangerous. But we're only going to humiliate him. Then we're putting it back. Right?" Kaito physically cocked an eyebrow.

Erm… yes, of course.

"Guess I should ask the Hokage if I can have it."

ARE YOU NUTS!? I swear, you're stupider than that kit--

" 'Kit'?"


"Isn't a kit a fox's--"

Yes, it is. It's just, um… a nickname I have for one of my very… immature friends.

"…Whatever you say. On a previous note, how are we going to get the scroll?"

You're a ninja, aren't you?

Kaito's features darkened. "Not a very good one."

Then I guess I'll just have to coach you through it. The demon sighed irritably, as if it was a pain in the neck doing so.

"You don't understand. I avoid fighting for a reason."

What kind of ninja avoids fighting? Kyubbi could only imagine Naruto's reaction if he'd ever heard something like this… Wait a second! The kit doesn't matter to him. In fact, he is about to betray him. So why was he…?

"Me. I don't know why. I just don't like the fact of fighting for no reason."

Hippie. Kyubbi accused.

"Am not!"

Kyubbi didn't want to play the childish game of exchanging "am not's" and "and to's" Though Naruto probably would… Kyubbi swore at himself.

"Kaito?" There was a knock at the door.

"Um, yes?" The boy chirped.

"Are you okay? Do you know where your brother is?"

"I'm fine. And I haven't seen Naruto." Yulia opened the door and stepped into her son's room. Kaito was now sitting up in bed, his legs crossed. Naruto's bed was a mess as usual, while Kaito's was made. No surprise there.

"Are you sure? I could swear you were talking to someone in here."

"I'm the only one in the room. I don't talk to myself." Kaito laughed nervously after this. Yulia's face suddenly darkened and she looked down.

Uh oh. What did I say? "What's wrong?"

Yulia took a seat next to him on his bed. "You see, I wouldn't know that. I hardly know you or Naruto at all."

Kaito put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "It's not your fault." It was Naruto's. He was born second. He caused Mom to go into the coma.

"I know it isn't. But you two had lives before I just walked in and declared myself your mother. Neither of you had a say in it."

"We don't mind. I'm just thankful I was able to meet you. And Naruto's probably wanted a mom for a long time."

Yulia's mouth twitched, as if she attempted to smile. "That's what confuses me. Not once has he ever called me his mother."

Kaito froze. "Really?"

Yulia nodded. "He acknowledges that I'm his mother, but he doesn't actually announce it. It's almost as if he's ashamed to be my son."

"Why shouldn't he be? You're a jonin,after all."

"I hope he does."

"Don't worry about it." Kaito made a mental note to make Naruto call Yulia "Mom" once he learned the Manipulation Jutsu.


"I don't know what to say to you, Naruto." Tsunade replied after hearing his story.

Naruto sighed and hung his head. He'd only told Granny Tsunade the parts with Hinata, him, and Kaito. He didn't mention what Kyubbi had said to him. In fact, no one knew of Naruto's ability to communicate with the fox. Absolutely no one.

"I think you need to ask yourself a single question." Tsunade raised a single finger, reminding Naruto of the time he fought her. "Who do you care about more? Hinata? Or Kaito?"

Naruto looked back up. "I don't know."

"Are you tired or something, Naruto? You don't seem quite yourself today."

Naruto nodded. "Didn't get much sleep last night." He stood up to leave before he remembered something. "Granny Tsunade?"

Her eye twitched, but she answered his question anyway. "What?"

"My mom, does she have the same last name as I do?"

Tsunade shook her head. "No, she doesn't. She secretly married your father, and took his last name, Kazama. But in public, she uses her maiden name, which is Uzumaki."


"Your father had many enemies, Naruto. He believed it was for your own protection that you and your brother didn't carry the dangers of his family name. It was a sacrifice, but he wanted you two to be safe."

"Another question."

Tsunade sighed irritably. "What is it?"

"When Mom was, you know, pregnant with me and Kaito. Did she know that she was having twins?"

Tsunade shook her head. "You were a surprise."

"Oh." Naruto looked down again.

"Naruto," He shot his head up, his expression blank. "That doesn't mean you weren't supposed to be born. You're as much of a blessing as your brother."

A small smile found its way onto Naruto's lips. "See you later, Tsunade."

The Hokage's eyebrows raised. "Bye Naruto. And get some sleep while you're at it."

The blonde boy nodded and left the room.


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