Shadow the Hedgehog: Another Parody

T.A.R.N.S.: At my brothers insistance, I'm posting this story up. Just what this site needed; another parody of the Shadow the Hedgehog game. Don't worry, I still remember everything else I have to do.

Caleb: Important!! Shadow is out of Character.

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It started one peaceful day as Shadow was standing under a tree in the middle of the highway.

"Hey buddy." A passing motorist told him. "Get your tree out of the middle of the highway."

"I didn't plant it here," Shadow told him. "I'm just standing under it. You get your car out of the highway."

"Cars belong on the highway." The motorist retorted. "Oh, never mind. You've already made me late." With that, he got back into his car, and turned and drove away.

Shadow looked at the tree. "Although, it does make you wonder how the tree got here." Just then a group of swirling red clouds appeared above the city. "Interesting weather we're having today." Shadow said. "I wonder if the media knows about this."


"And now, here's Chad with the weather."

"Thanks Bob." Chad said. "Currently we're seeing red swirling clouds of doom over Westopolis. We calmly urge you to RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!! And in an unrelated story, there's a tree in the middle of the highway. It kinda makes you wonder how it got there. We now return to your regularly scheduled parody.


A group of aliens fell from the cloud, wreaking havoc wherever the landed.

"Humph." Shadow said as he started to walk away. "I don't have time to deal with these stupid aliens. I'm missing my favorite soap opera."

Suddenly he heard a voice. "Shadow." He turned and saw a hologram being projected by a flying eye.

"Dad?" Shadow asked with tears in his eyes.

"What, NO!" The hologram said. "…well, yes, but you're not supposed to find that out until later."

"Okay." Shadow said. "Forget I ever said anything."

"Shadow," the alien repeated. "As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Bring me the seven Chaos Emeralds as promised."

"Wait," Shadow said. "When did I promise to give you the Emeralds? Oh wait, I think it's coming back to me now."


An eight-year-old Shadow the Hedgehog skipped into the throne room of the Black Comet.

"Hey Dad," He asked. "Can I go play with the neighbor kids?"

"Did you clean your room like I asked you to?" Black Doom asked.

"Aww, Dad. How about I'll find you the seven Chaos Emeralds?"

"Okay, very well. You go play with the neighbor kids, I'll have one of my many servants clean your room, and you will deliver to me the seven Chaos Emeralds on the day of reckoning."

#end flashback#

"THAT IS NOT HOW IT HAPPENED!!" a bunch of birds flew away as Black Doom screamed.

"Oh, did I project a flashback?" Shadow asked.

"Yes. And it was duly disturbing." Black Doom said.

Someplace far away, and currently unimportant to the story…

"What was that, Sonic?" Tails asked.

"Hmm. It sounds like Shadow is in trouble with some parental figure." Sonic said. "Let's go see!"

"Hey, look at those red clouds." Tails said. "That's a meteorological impossibility."

"Never mind the clouds, look at the aliens coming out of the clouds." Sonic said. "That's what's got me worried."

Anyway, back to the parody.

"Now go, bring me the seven Chaos Emeralds." Black Doom said.

"Alright, gees. You have a whole army but you need me to do your dirty work." Shadow said.

"Don't back sass me young man!" Black doom shouted. Shadow stuck his tongue out at Black Doom.

"Why, if I wasn't a hologram projected by a floating eye, I would punish you!" Black Doom said angrily.

"Oh no, not punished!" Shadow laughed as he walked away.

"Whatever." Doom's eye flew away.


Shadow was walking through the streets of Westopolis, looking for the Chaos Emerald, when suddenly he heard screaming. Actually, it was one person screaming.

"AAAHHH!!" Sonic screamed as he flew through the air and landed in a face plant in front of Shadow.

"Hey Sonic. Did you trip on a rock while you were running, I hope?" Shadow asked. Sonic pulled his face out of the asphalt and spit out a mouthful of rocks. "No," he replied. "I was thrown. By that guy." Sonic pointed to a tall, menacing alien standing next to them.

"Don't take another step." Shadow warned the alien. "If you do, I'll be forced to use…The Force." The alien took another step. Shadow used the force to knock the alien back into a building.

"Uh…" Sonic said as he stood up. "I think that's copyrighted."

"Aww, I was just about to get out my lightsaber." Shadow said. That being said, Shadow Chaos Controlled over to the alien, did two chaos spears, punched him a couple of times, and then kicked him while he was down.

"Shadow," Sonic said, "no hero kicks the villain while he's down. Well, except me verses Eggman, but other than that…"

"Wow Sonic," Shadow said sarcastically. "You are such an encouraging hero."

"Thank you." Sonic said, completely missing the sarcasm.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find the seven Chaos Emeralds." Shadow said, and then he turned and skated away.

Sonic shrugged, and then raced away to the city to try to stop the aliens. "OW! Who put this tree in the middle of the road?"

End chapter one


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