Okay so I wrote this last week and I feel compelled to put it here. . . .mainly cuz its my only finished GA/MerDer story. . . .I think. Actually, I may have more. Anyway, I posted this at the GA board and people cried, so beware!

Derek walked in to the attending locker room, exahusted from the day he had. He never meant to call her a whore. It just hurt him that she was with other guys. The look on her face hurt him. Her speech, her eyes. He wished he could take it all back. She didn't deserve to be called a whore. She didn't deserve it. Meredith deserved better.

He opened his locker and pulled out the folded up letter from atop his clothes. He recognized Meredith's tiny handwriting.

Never again will I hear you.
Not in the sense of you being Derek and me being Meredith.

Never again will I miss you.
Not at night when I'm alone.

Never again will I fall to you.
I am fine on my own.

Never again will I kiss you.
You don't deserve them.

Never again will I want to.
Because of all the pain you put me through.

Never again will I love you.
You act too perfect for me to love.


Derek folded the letter up and tried to ignore the tears running down his face. He deserved that. He wished he could apologize to her. He'd give anything to be with her again. To hold her in his arms, to taste her kiss, to run his fingers through her hair. But he knew he wouldn't be able to. Never again would he be able to.

I may be bribed into writing more of it. . . . .