Since my orginal fic. Dragon Ball G was deleted long ago, and I of course lost it as well. I thought I would give it another try with my improved skills. I hope this will be a satisfactory suppliment. Also if anyone out there might have saved the fic to a file... email me.

Chapter One.


Gohan quickly phased away from the punch Vegeta had thrown. A smile on the young half breeds face as he continued to pummle the sayain prince.

"Come on Vegeta. I know you can do better than that.", Gohan said with the smirk on his face. The prince grunted slightly.,

"Keep talking brat." It had been a long seven years since the Cell games. Since the day young Son Gohan had become the protector of the earth. And the strongest known warrior in the galaxy.,

"One day I will show you what real power is.", Vegeta grunted out with a huff in his voice, his breathing flowing rapidly. Gohan and Vegeta had been training together almost every day since Goku's noble decision. A fact that suprised both of the sayains, as well as the rest of the Z-Warriors.,

"I'm still waiting Vegeta.", Gohan stated with a smirk still on his lips. Though the two had fought a million times both still felt compelled to train together, the two strongest fighters in the universe, and unbeatable combination, even if the Prince wouldn't admit it. Gohan quickly blocked an incoming right hand and slammed a hard kick into the princes midsection; causing Vegeta's gold hair to fall to black. Gohan smiled as he floated to the ground and turned down the gravity in the training room.

"You're getting there Vegeta.", Gohan said lowly as he began to walk from the room.

"One day Kakko-brat."

"I'm always around.", Gohan said with a smile and a nod of his head. The door closed behind him as Vegeta finally let himself fall to his knees.

"Damn kid."


Gohan walked into the small cottage on Mt. Pauzo with an apple in his hand.

"Where have you been young man!", his mother Son Chi Chi asked in her normally loud tone. Gohan winced slightly at the tone. He knew his answer would only irritate her more.

"Training with Vegeta."

"How many times have I told you I don't like you hanging around with that animal?"

"Um. Alot.", Gohan answered as he leaned back and scratched his neck while smiling. The infamous Son grin. The only weapon available against Chi Chi on the rampage. As usual the ploy worked causing Gohan to sigh in relief.

"Well, I've decide to do something special for you next year. You'll be going to School."

"What?", Gohan asked in a monotone. His face going suddenly slack., "Like, public school?"

"Yes.", His mother answered with a nod and no nonsense tone., "I've already talked with Bulma about it. She think's it's a great idea."

"But mom. I need to train, what if something like Cell comes back?", Gohan yelled playing his last card., "I need to be strong enough to beat it so Goten won't have to fight."

"You can train on weekends. Life is more than fighting Gohan. You need to understand that."

"My entire life has been fighting.", Gohan said with a slight growl., "Fighting has kept everyone on this planet alive. I need to be ready. I can't let anyone down again."

"I do understand what you're saying Gohan. But my mind is made up. The new semester starts in two months."

"Ok, you win. I'm going flying for awhile.", Gohan stated with a sigh, knowing he couldn't win.

"Just be back for dinner."

"I will.", the demi Sayain said as he turned and walked out of the cottage.


Gohan landed on the lookout without a sound. A smile on his face as he watched Dende and Piccolo walk from the citidel to greet him.

"Hey Gohan," Dende yelled with a smile., "Congrats on the school thing."

"You know about that already?"

"Of course, I watch you life more than most.", Dende answered with a shrug.

"Great. I've got my very own stalker. And he's the Guardian of Earth."

"Funny wise guy. I just know you're the most powerful warrior on the planet. If something bad were coming it would hit you first."

"Can't argue that logic.", Gohan said as he patted his friend on the back.

"What do you need kid?", Picollo asked in his gruff voice, causing Gohan to smile slightly.

"Don't I even get a hello?"

"Hey kid. What do you need?"

"I was wondering if I could use the pendelum room for a little while.", Gohan stated as he moved between the two and began walking toward the large citidel., "With this school thing coming up it's really going to cut down on my training time."

"No problem Gohan. Any certain time or opponent?"

"The stronger the better Dende.", Gohan stated with a chuckle. Dende was always willing to help.

"I've got just the thing.", Dende said with a devious smirk. Gohan immediatly dropped the chuckle. Dende also have a mischevious streak.


Gohan walked from the pendelum room with a limp and torn gi. But suprisingly there was a smile on his face.

"Good one Dende.", Gohan said as he limped over to the young Namek to be healed.

"I couldn't think of a fighter strong enough to help you train. So, I made you fight you."

"Good idea. Even if it does hurt like hell.", Gohan said as he felt the heat from Dende's healing powers. A power that always came in handy., "I've got three months before school starts. I just don't know what to do."

"Well, there is something I wanted to talk to you about.", Dende said with a slight smile.

"I'm not going to like this am I?"

"Actually, I think you will. The Kai's and other Guardians have placed a little bet. You see, we each bring our strongest warriors. Living or dead, and have a tournement."

"Really? What's the prize?"

"Um, I get a few million ounces of the waters of Nirvana. Which, trust me you'll like."

"Well, I guess I'm in. I have nothing better to do.", Gohan answered with a shrug.

"Great. I'll get in touch with King Kai immediatly."

"Is dad going to be there?"

"Most likely.", Dende answered with a smile. He liked seeing his friend happy, smiling.

"Alright. This is going to be great.", Gohan yelled as he stood completely healed., "I have to tell my mom. When do we leave?"

"We have to meet the other's on Grand Kai's planet in a week. I suggest you train."

"Not a problem I'm going to find Vegeta.", Gohan said with a smile as he flew into the air and off the lookout.

"It was nice of you to use the Dragon Balls.", Mr. Popo said with a smile on his dark face., "I think Gohan will do well in the Otherworld tournament"
"It doesn't really matter Mr. Popo. I just thought he might want to see his dad again."