This Little Sun God of Mine

Summary: What would YOU do if your crush is crushing back on you... and your old still-not-over-yet crush is hitting on you... and every human's wet dreams was molesting you? Well, that's what Naruto had to figure out before the situations he gets himself in drive him insane.
Setting: High School mainly. and people's houses.
Genre: Romance, Humor
Pairings: SasuNaru (main), GaaNaru, NejiNaru, ShikamaruXTenmari, and other small signs of affection between other pairs.
Warnings: Beware Uke!Naruto !! And simultaneously Cute!Naruto!! (dawww! cuddles him) and Yaoi!! Loads and loads of yaoi, especially centered towards our favorite blondie!! XD Don't like don't read. Seriously. -.-
Rating: PG-13 (for now, at least kukukuku)
Estimated Length: 20+

Most likely no original characters.


It wasn't as if he enjoyed being the center of attention all the time. And he certainly didn't go around bragging that he was every girl's dream. But it also didn't hurt to feel at least a bit appreciative of himself... or a lot appreciative... but hey, self pride wasn't wrong. And if it was, no on dared to confront him about it. They might even think it's manly. Yepp, self-esteem IS manly. It was a good trait that everyone loved about him. Just another one to add to the list of how awesome Uchiha Sasuke was.

Until that new kid transferred over, that is. That hyper-active, ADHD, crazy cuckoo kid, with his annoying bright blond hair, way-too-sparkly-for-his-own-good cerulean eyes, lack of fashion (who the heck had to wear orange on at least ONE part of his body every single effing day?) ... and his personality. God, don't even get him started about his personality. It was like chipmunks on crack. Seriously. Did he EVER shut up? Was 'silence' even in his vocabulary?

But regardless of that, even if he was a complete moron and ran all his bodily functions on sugar, Sasuke couldn't care less. There were enough idiots in the school for him to ignore and on that first day he saw him, that's what he planned to do. Just ignore all the annoying people and live your high school life in pure bliss and unbelievable popularity. His goal for high school (apart from always being the most intelligent, of course). Then the blond showed up, and from that fateful day on, the life the Uchiha was so accustomed to came crashing to a mind-blowing end and became so much harder than it already was. (Hey, it wasn't easy being the most popular guy in his entire region, which included around twenty three high schools! Heck, he even had fans from other countries!)

But I guess you wouldn't truly understand this story unless I told it from the very second the blondie came, now would you? So let me just say that... you'll never hear quite a fearsome yet fluffy story such as this one, so be prepared.


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