A/N: Whew! Glad that's done! And before you all yell at me for it not being a real ending...I planned it that way. They're happy and in love, and life goes on. Theirs will. There may be an occasional post-TPDGA ficlet in the future, but right now I'm pretty much done with this universe. (And yes, actually, I know exactly what happens to them after this...I might even write it down someday!)

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Thank you to everyone who reviewed! I've tried to reply to many of you, and I wish I could thank you all individually, but for space reasons, I'm going to refrain from doing so. But all your words definitely did not go unappreciated! Thank you!

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I did a fair bit of research for this story, and I should credit some of the sites that were very, very useful to me in my quest to make Draco a wizard-rejecting Muggle copper:

http://www.rcmp.gc.ca - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police website, and all of its subsidiary sites, as well as innumerable community RCMP websites, for visual cues, in-depth info on the RCMP role in Canada, and all sorts of things I didn't know about Mounties before I started this. (A note: the red dress jacket beloved by Disney and Dudley Do-Right is actually only a special occasion uniform...they use the blue shirt and pants Draco wears in Chapter 10 for regular duty. But I couldn't let the story end without Draco in full Mountie regalia at least once!) The Metro London Police site was also a big help, although I'm afraid I don't have a link for it.

For all locations not in Canada, (especially London and Greece) http://www.mapquest.com was my friend, as were a slew of travel sites, most links of which I regret I didn't keep.

The official website of the Canadian Government, at http://www.canada.gc.ca was useful for things like Canadian citizenship law and facts like whether Saskatchewan's main export really is wheat. (It is!) I do live in Canada, but there's all sorts of things I had no idea about, and this site was a huge help.

For the little snips of Blackfoot culture and language, I made use of http://www.blackfootelders.com/language_and_phrases.htm and http://www.ilhawaii.net/~stony/buffalo.html as well as the innumerable textbooks I have at home from my days as a student of Alberta Plains Archaeology.

The Harry Potter Lexicon (http://www.i2k.com/~svderark/lexicon) was my saving grace for all things canon. Any mistakes, mischaracterizations and spelling issues are my own.

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