Harry Potter/Danny Phantom crossover

Yo, I'm Em Phantom. This is my first Fic that I'm posting, but I have written others. Hope you like it!

Summary: A "CW" hides the files for Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and Valerie to attend Hogwarts until after Dumbledore's death, also providing a file for Dani. Professor McGonagall is puzzled by the sudden appearence of the files, and seeks to investigate. Also, without Snape, there is need of a new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. Who will it be, and will he betray them like the last? Slight DannyXSam, TuckerXValerie, JazzXOC, DaniXOC, and maybe some HarryXGinny and RonXHermione.

Post HBP. Directly before Phantom Planet. Pre seventh book. Jazz is 17, Danny is 15, Harry is 17, Dani is 13.

Disclaimer: DP©BH & HP©JK

Minerva McGonagall sat silently at her new desk. Shortly after Dumbledore's funeral, the Headmasters office had opened up to her. Fawkes the Phoenix stood motionlessly on his perch, staring at her with unblinking eyes.

Presently, she was looking at a mysterious package that had arrived minutes before, The note attached only said, "The school must remain open for the futures sake, CW." Minerva quickly got over her mild astonishment of this "CW's" knowledge about the school, and opened the package, revealing six manila colored folders.

Now normally, this was no strange thing, seeing as Hogwarts got many new students every year, but there was something strange about these students.

For the first thing, not a single one would be entering first year. The youngest in the group was thirteen years old. The eldest was seventeen; already a legal adult in the wizarding world! The last four were fifteen.

The next weird thing was, well, those children were not from Brittan—not even from Europe. They were actually from the United States, which was all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! Why weren't they attending Salem's very own magic academy, which happened to be quite close, and coming here?

Minerva had a feeling this "CW" had something to do with it.

She also had another matter at hand; making sure she had a proper staff. Horace Slughorn had decided to stay and continue teaching potions if Hogwarts remained open. He'd decided begrudgingly, but Minerva was still glad with the offer.

All of the other teachers wished to remain too, so this left her in need of only one teacher—the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Many believed the job was cursed, because ever since Albus Dumbledore, the previous Headmaster, had refused to give the position to Tom Riddle, A.K.A. Lord Voldemort, each teacher had only taught a year.

Minerva knew that not many people would be willing to take up the job now that Voldemort was out in the open, but that is exactly why it was so important for that post to be filled. Defense was one of the most important subjects at the present.

She sighed at her current dilemma, and shifted one folder ever so slightly. The name "Daniel Fenton" peeked out from under the cover. Something small clicked in the back of her mind, and she opened the folder. The Muggle picture of a black-haired blue-eyed boy of about fifteen years stared back at her. The name "Fenton" seemed to ring a bell.

Fenton…? Minerva suddenly remembered hearing her cousin talking about a "Jack Fenton." Looking at the file more closely, it said Daniel's father was Jack Fenton. Last time Minerva had contacted her cousin Vladimir Masters several months ago, he had mentioned knowing a Jack Fenton at Muggle College.

Vladimir had told her how twenty years ago, Jack, a girl named Madeline, and himself had attended the Muggle University of Wisconsin and studied Muggle ghosts. They had made a proto-portal to the "Ghost Zone," but it had failed, giving Vladimir something called ecto-acne.

Vladimir had attended Hogwarts in the same year as the Potters, but he had been in Slytherin. After all seven years, he had moved to America and attended a Muggle college for unknown reasons to Minerva.

Vladimir had also mentioned Jack had a troublesome son named Daniel. Very clumsy and constantly getting in trouble.

And that reminded Minerva of something. Vladimir was a wizard, and a talented one at that. She could just call in a family favor and get him to take the Defense Against the Dark Arts position.

With that final thought, Minerva got up from the desk and walked over to a bowl of fine powder. Taking a pinch, she tossed it into the fire, allowing the flames to turn a bright green before stepping in. She cleared her throat and called, "Masters Mansion!"

There was a spinning sensation, and Minerva found herself walking out of a white fireplace. She frowned upon hearing voices behind it.

"Skulker, what's today's update?" asked a man's voice that sounded like Vladimir's, only with an echo.

"Um, well, you see… the child has acquired a new power," said another voice.

"What?!" Vladimir screamed in outrage. "That's his second one this month! What is it anyway?"

"He has gained the power of teleportation. It's another one of my problems after Clockwork taught him Omocculancy."

"Skulker, why didn't you tell me that before?" snapped Vladimir. "Continue watching him for now, I'll tell you when to act."

"Yes sir," said the other voice identified as Skulker. "But that upgrade—"

"I'm working on it; you can have it once the mission is complete."

"Fine," grumbled Skulker.

Minerva saw hints of a flash of light from behind the fireplace, followed by the sound of footsteps. She settled herself into an armchair as a pathway opened.

Vladimir was too deep in thought to notice her as he walked across the room. That was easily taken care of as Minerva discretely cleared her throat. Vladimir stiffened and glanced her way.

"Hello Minerva," he said calmly. "What brings you here at this time of day?"

"Hogwarts business," answered Minerva. "I'd guess by now you'd have heard about Severus killing Albus with the killing curse."

"There's been talk about it," sighed Vladimir. "So, what's the nature of your visit?"

"I've been having a bit of trouble trying to find someone to take the Defense Against the Dark Arts pot, and I remembered you after getting this package."

"…Package?" said Vladimir curiously.

"Yes indeed. It contained files for six children in America that would be joining Hogwarts in third, fifth, and seventh years with absolutely no magical experience," explained Minerva.

"What a strange thing," muttered Vladimir.

"The only note told me the school must remain open for the sake of the future. It was from a "CW,"" said Minerva.

Vladimir swore under his breath. "He always seems to be meddling," he muttered.

"You know who it is?" asked Minerva.

"He's Clockwork, master of time, so whatever he says is important. He also happens to be a ghost," said Vladimir. "Who are these new students anyway?"

"I only looked at one name, and it was Daniel Fenton."

"Vladimir once again swore under his breath, but then shot her a sly smile. "Minerva, I'd love to take up that position at your school. Alert me when I ought to go."

"Of course," said Minerva.

She turned back to the fireplace, and sprinkled in the Floo Powder. She returned back to the Headmistress's office and went back to the folders.

Opening them one by one, she read their names. The eldest was Jasmine Fenton, and the youngest was Danielle Fenton. The remaining were Valerie Gray, Samantha Manson, Tucker Foley, and Daniel Fenton. All resided in Amity Park.

'Looks like it's time to take a trip,' she thought.

But first, she had to recruit some members of the order to accompany her…


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